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Acer Articulos, Rogue

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Acer Articulos, Rogue

Post by AcerDesertDraconic on Mon Jul 06, 2015 6:58 am

Personal Info
Name: Acer Articulos
Alias: N/A
Age: ~5 Dragon years(150 years)
Gender: Male
Personality: Acer is a graceful dragon, but a stone cold warrior. He attempts to conceal any and all facts about his early history, and is unforgiving and aggressive towards strangers. Inside, when he is alone, he is sorrowful, and friendly, but unwillingly to trust openly. If he deems a dragon or creature to be kind or trustworthy enough, he will still try to befriend them, though.
Acer is very territorial, and chases off dragons he finds in areas he becomes fond of, or hunts in.
If he needs to fight another dragon, he will. He isn't scared of combat - but rarely will he kill another dragon, preferring to make them flee.
If aggravated by another dragon, he will chase them relentlessly, being a moderately fast flier.
Interests: Acer enjoys hunting animals. flying in the open skies, and sometimes even being around dragons he trusts.
Dislikes: Acer will steer away from killing another dragon, no matter how much he might feel offended by another dragon. He despises dragons who betray him, though, or take advantage of his trust, he may even go to lengths as to kill them. He is not fond of exposing himself to others, or showing weakness.
Fears: Most of all, Acer fears the loss of a creature he loves, or has strongly bonded with. He also hates flies. Flies buzzing all around his head, getting in his food, laying their nasty eggs in all sorts of things.
General Appearance
Height: When he stands on all four, with a straight neck and tucked in wings, he stands up to 8 meters(~26 ft)
Scales: As a dragon born in the desert, he is equipped with the matching scale colour. His scales are generally a shade of light yellow-beige, the colour of sand, mottled with darker and brighter specks.
Eyes: His pupil is black, and the colours surrounding it are shades of lime green.
Appearance: Acer has a moderately large, but streamlined body, and a large, long, tail that is longer than his body and neck combined. His neck is a moderate size, in both length and width(Width is the same as width of skull, length 1.5 times as long). He wears a steel Helmet covering the top half of his head, and the upper part of his neck, that has a visor. He wears armour in other places, such as his back, front part of tail, chest, and feet. A sharp metal blade is mounted on the tip of his tail.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: He is a traveling rogue
Rank: N/A, Rogue
Family: Acer was originally found as an abandoned egg. His mother and father had not tended to him in weeks, and he was taken in by humans.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Acer is a skilled fighter(Particularly in the use of claws), and a swift flier, although weak mentally. His roar is also louder and deeper than most other dragons.
Special Abilities: Acer's egg shell was glowing when it was found. It was suspected that it was because the creature inside it radiated magic and energy. Acer's fire breath is magically charged, allowing it to nullify enchantments and scramble magical abilities or spells.
Weaknesses: Acer is weak mentally, and has many pockets and crevices in his mental stability that trigger him, or leave him shivering within the confines of his own imagination, too frightened, angry, or sad to respond physically.
He is horrible at being stealthy when wearing armour(Yeah, blame the armour!) and will attract any dragons attention attempting to sneak up on them to fight.
Combat Style: Acer usually starts off a potential combat with a shattering roar, to intimidate the other dragon or stun them. He would then launch at them, with a boost from his wings, putting his thick helmet in the front of his charge. When the opponent pushes him away or tries to wrestle him down, he would slice the enemy's side with his tail and grapple onto the enemy with all four feet, using his wings to drive his opponent to the ground, then either relentlessly slashing them or engulfing the enemy in flames.

History: Acer's story begins far away from Pyyria, in a distant land that spanned from across the waters of the world. Acer was abandoned by his parents in a cave in a desert, the smallest egg of five during the annual migration, as four was as much as his parents could carry on the migration, so they had to leave him behind.
A small village that had been settled just off the border of the desert sent out daily patrols around the area. Naturally, when they were patrolling the deserts, the glow of the cave attracted their interest, knowing that it wasn't a dragon - they had all migrated, surely.
Acer's egg was found by itself, illuminating the cave from a brilliant glow coming from inside the shell.
The humans had struck lucky, a lone dragon egg, left behind in the migration!
They gathered it up in a sack and hauled it back to the small village. A human boy lived in this so called settlement, and he was a boy with a burning fascination of dragons.
Once the patrol the egg back at the settlement, they realised they didn't know what to do with it.
Thankfully for Acer(They considered dissecting him once he hatched or eating him!), the boy stepped up and gladly adopted the dragon, with hesitation from his father.
The dragon and the human boy grew up together over the next 20 years(Oh, and the boy's name was Navine, but his story is for another thing.), and the next thing they knew, they were serving under the human leader of the area. They joined the humble human army to fight other humans.
Acer was granted his armour by the commander, but otherwise, once again in Acer's life, the humans didn't know what to do with him.
So they found a wise dragon who had befriended the humans to train him.
Sort of.
Acer and Navine later left the human Militaries and adventured throughout the world for some time, and Acer fell in love with a female Earthwing-type dragon, called Lapisia Sottowin, an orphan dragon from the other side of the territories.
Acer and Lapisia returned the village, and lived peacefully for a year.
And then war came.
Lapisia was torn between Acer and her country, but she told Acer she would stay with him till the end.
Acer was the only dragon the area of human settlements had, and the enemy prioritised him. They convinced Lapisia, tricked her, into drawing Acer and Navine into an ambush.
Navine was killed in the ambush, and bled out in front of Acer.
Acer flew, and flew.
He flew across the seas, looking for an island called Pyyria that had been mapped long ago.

RP Sample: Acer dropped down silently from the air, unburdened by his usual clunky armour. He was out hunting tonight, and he could feel the wind blowing towards him, carrying his scent away from the buck not too far away. He landed on the soft, green grass, leaning onto his front legs. He tucked in his wings and stalked his prey, tail out of the grass to avoid disturbing his target. Then, when in range, he unfurled his wings softly, and then leaped onto the back of the poor buck, grappling onto it with his claws and crushing it's neck quickly with his jaws.

Last edited by AcerDesertDraconic on Sat Jul 11, 2015 6:31 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Increased Height)

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Re: Acer Articulos, Rogue

Post by Atlantis on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:27 pm



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