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[Plot Overview] What Happened To The Earthwings?

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[Plot Overview] What Happened To The Earthwings?

Post by Cosmos on Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:56 am

(This topic is mainly for new members who are interested in joining the Earthwings, or wanting to know what happened to them. I find this a great story-telling plot, honestly. So, newbies, if you're looking for reasons it's hard to enter the Earthwings, read below. This is kind of a lore, really, so enjoy if you already know what's happening.)

Out of all the kingdoms Pyyria bared, the Earthwing kingdom was the one that held the most human populous. The humans and EarthWings never truly had a problem with coexisting with one another. The Earthwings managed their own kingdom, and the humans managed their own little space. The Earthwing kingdom was so large that little spaces taken by humans never took a toll on them. The two species were never friends, just neighbors.

It wasn't long before the increasing hostility and numbers of mankind were proven notable according to the Earthwing scouts. Human villages grew larger, but not large enough to concern the kingdom's well being. However, the amount of human villages scattered around the kingdom was a completely different topic. And at the same time, the Reign of Terra (RoT) tunnels were dug. Originally, the RoT operation was to get the tribe a fearful or respectable name among the dragon tribes. The operation never seemed to work out, however. So, the tunnels that were dug all over Pyyria remained abandoned and only used to access certain areas in the Earthwing kingdom.

It wasn't long after the RoT was abandoned that humans attacked the Earthwing King, Cosmos, and his troops on patrol near the human voyages that were taking place. These large groups of humans were out stealing The King's and his mate's eggs. Even his adopted daughter, Rylatha, blind, was temporarily captured before being freed by surviving troops. When it came to the eggs, only few were retrieved and the others... only the gods knew where they were. Despite the desperate searches his kingdom and mate had made for the royalty, they were never found.

Moving on past the dreadful conflicts, the king embraced the hatred for mankind for harming his people/troops, taking his daughter, and stealing his children. He sent out any troops available to destroy all human villages found in their kingdom. And as ordered, human villages were destroyed one by one. It was satisfactory by the grieving tribe, but Cosmos was never satisfied. He'd never get his children back, and that hatred were forever grow inside of him.

A long time later, peace was restored within the tribe with no human activity that concerned the tribe itself. His remaining eggs had hatched and his first born daughter prior to his mating with Rektani, had adopted children of her own and gotten a mate that had possessed godly power.

But, when his kingly duties forced him absent in the time when the humans had returned to the kingdom to wipe out the earthwings. Without their leader or anyone guiding them to safety, the tribe was sent to ruins and their people, to graves. And the human conquest had ended, in the pools of Earthwing blood on their spears and swords.

When Cosmos had returned, he was only greeted by the small few who was able to survive the dreadful disaster. The hatred Cosmos had possessed only grew stronger, and turned into the will to protect the remnants of his people.

Thus, many voyages were taken place to find a new home where the remnants of the tribe could thrive without disturbance. The other dragon tribes thought the Earthwings were wiped off the face of the planet, and Cosmos kept it that way. If they were extinct, they wouldn't be involved in political conflicts, wars, etc. They wanted to be gone. So, he enforced a rule that they'd be hidden, and no speak with anyone outside the tribe without consent to maintain their secrecy.

Soon, they built an underground haven. Big enough for the largest of dragons to walk in. Years had passed, they became a strict tribe covered in armor. They used the RoT tunnels to aid them in navigation as well. With Rylatha proven to be the Goddess of the hunt and beasts, the tribe used her beasts to get them food without being suspicious. Life was hard, but it would suffice.

Now the morale was raised, and they are ready to face new conflicts for the first time in three years.

[After The Fall]

With a perfectly functional haven underground, it is rumored to be the safest place is Pyyria. King Cosmos had retired to a wise-one and gave his status to his son, Baldirak. With the tribe high in spirits, they began to go outside occasionally to celebrate their success. New generations being able to live like the lost ones did, and the older survivors being able to feel the sunshine again, the EarthWings are ready to charge into whatever may provoke them. Life is still hard, and the other tribes have yet to find out that the EarthWings still live, but their legend continues...


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