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Aftermath - READ!

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Aftermath - READ!

Post by Arkhor on Sat Jun 13, 2015 5:23 am

Alright guys for those who don't know whats gone on and for people who want clarity. I'am now the sites founder(owner) as discussed in the previous announcement this is due to the lack of security Phan had shown and lying to its members. Therefore we have taken this action for the better of the site, I know a number of you guys are leaving after this and I understand why but in time you guys will realize why we did it. I wish you all the best, we didn't want this to happen anyways. With me and the staff now running the site where not going to be changing much as we love the original lore. Only small things to add onto RP, for example we will be looking at more contests and events for all members. We are here to give you guys the best RP experiences for your enjoyment, with the recent people leaving our next task would be filling holes in positions so keep a look out for those topics and apply.

I know that after all of this we may seem like the 'bad' guys but we only want to better the site, keeping it alive and improving RP. I hope most of you guys understood the reasons and if there's any questions feel free to pm me, I don't mind if its just to let off steam rant if you so choose I won't hold it against you. Yesterday was probably the most chaotic day for the forum so I aim for this to calm down but not shut it off completely as we can still talk about it.

Thanks for reading


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