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Post by Kolyak on Fri May 08, 2015 2:07 pm

Personal Info
Name:   Kolyak
Alias:    Pest. Annoyance. (Both by the village elders who swear all he does is talk. Talk talk talk.)
Age:    Human: 150  Dragon: 5
Gender:    Male
Personality:    Kolyak is energetic, playful on all occasions except the most dire ones. He is sarcastic when irritated. Not being quick to violence makes him one of the more mellow members of his race, however his ferocity is unmatched when rallied. Although people call him "Pest" and "Annoyance", he knows they love him (or at least hopes they do). His young years show in his lack of wisdom, although wisdom will come easily if he sits down long enough to catch his breath.

Interests:    Kolyak has picked up many hobbies that others may call useless, such as whittling or heating rocks until they are red then dropping them in a stream to watch the steam. Although he does enjoy his other quirky habits, his favorite pass time is flying. Even if it is just circles around the same bare patch of ground, he could do it all day every day. Until, of course, his wings get tired and he has to take a nap.

Dislikes:    Kolyak dislikes hunting. The patience required bores him, and his restlessness often scares prey away. He hates the endless droning of his elders, even though he respects them. Fish also irritate him, probably because of a traumatic experience with salmon when he was young. Icewing for killing his mother.

Fears: List:    Trypophobia, Claustrophobia.

General Appearance

Height:    130 (Fully grown)

Scales: Ranging from a dark red on the back, to a light red around the eyes and on the belly. Sparkly. Scales do not cover the thin membrane of his wings.

Eyes: A bright orange, like that of burning embers.

Appearance: Large and in charge. Without the in charge part, that is. Wing muscles large from more-than-average use, three talons on the front of each of his
paws. Tail is spiked on the edges, getting larger towards the body. Kolyak keeps a ring of solid gold on the middle claw of his right front paw, a gift from his mother. It was stated earlier that not many things will lead Kolyak to violence. Messing with his ring is one of them.

Tribe Trainee

Tribe: Firewing

Rank: trainee

Family: All are dead. Never met his father, his mother was murdered by an Icewing.

Mate: N/A

Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: Flying, riddling, can use firebreath for longer than peers, keen eyesight and very cunning. If he actually takes the time to sit down to make a plan
instead of winging it (dragon pun intended).

Special Abilities: He can sit down for hours with his talon and a block of wood and carve something, just to whittle the time away. (pun also intended.)
Weaknesses: Coldness lowers his body temperature very quickly. Fighting in water is very difficult for him. Would rather starve than eat fish.

Combat Style: Will do almost anything to coax an enemy into a corner, or will try and leap onto their back and hold them down. If the opponent is bigger than him, he will try to tear the wings until they are unusable and circle above them raining fire down. If retreat is the only viable option, hw makes sure to take a good chunk off of his opponents tail to remember him by.


History: Kolyak was born in a mountain cave, a warm one. He spent a few days until his mother deemed him ready to travel.  A year went by uneventful, other than a major chastising for filling his den mates nest with deer dung as a "practical joke".
One night he went exploring the are around the camp, and fell into a nearby stream. A stream filled with fish. The fish blew bubbles, glubbed, and swam. Terrifying creatures. As if it wasn't enough, they kept jumping out of the water to hit him and knock him off balance. This went on for an hour before the entire school of salmon had passed. The next day he showed up at camp whimpering and refusing to talk.
A month later, whilst his mother was out hunting, an icewing took a stroll into our territory. This was in the middle of a rather vicious war with them, so the first thing that crossed the icewings mind when he kolyaks mother crouching focusing on a large deer was an easy kill. The fight lasted long than he though, Kolyaks mother fought a good fight. Her blood ran hot with fury, then with terror as she realized she had made a wrong move, a wrong turn. Her neck was wide open. The icewing took the chance without hesitation and whetted the forest floor with her blood.
Kolyak may not have said it outloud, but he knows deep down that when he meets his mother killer, the murderous dung-smeller will breath his last.

RP Sample:

Kolyak lay by the stream, admiring his golden ring on his right forepaw, a habit he had gotten into as of late. The wind blowed and brought with it the scent of fresh blood. Its succulent pungency washed over Kolyaks scent glands, rousing a deep hunting instinct inside of him. Whether it was a wounded animal or an enemy in the area, he would be tasting blood very soon.
Rousing himself was more difficult than he would have thought. I must have laid on my leg wrong he thought, trying to ignore the army of ants marching along his front left leg. Kolyak lowered his rump and lightened his steps as he krept through the underbrush, the smell of what he now was sure was prey getting stronger.
There! He spotted it, an injured buck, easily enough to feed two dragons of Kolyaks own size was standing in a clearing, blood oozing from a long gash on his hind leg.
"Come to papa" he muttered darkly, rump wiggling.
The buck looked up at this, right at where Kolyak was hiding, pupils the size of saucers. It was now or never he decided. Gathering his strength into his hind he lept with all of his might, aiming for the bucks neck intending to bite the spinal cord and end its life quickly. The leap landed, scoring Kolyak a rather large lunch to enjoy. He began dragging it back through the grass and ferns towards his resting spot by the stream, the taste of fresh meat causing his mouth to water.
This day is going to be a good one.
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Re: Kolyak

Post by Arkhor on Sun May 10, 2015 3:13 am



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