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Hello Friendly Dragons!

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Hello Friendly Dragons! Empty Hello Friendly Dragons!

Post by Kolyak on Thu May 07, 2015 6:59 pm

My name is Bjarke and i am new to this site and to role playing in general. Never before have I done something as interesting as this. I hope that i can meet (what i am sure will be) an amazing community and all of its equally amazing members.

P.S Does anyone know where i can go (on this site or not) to receive training in the art of role play? Much thanks!
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Hello Friendly Dragons! Empty Re: Hello Friendly Dragons!

Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu May 07, 2015 9:27 pm

Hello  there and welcome to the site! I am Areo, and also a lot of other dragons X3. I hope you have found where to post your character and all that jazz. If you need any help, I am here although not a moderator of any sorts ^-^. I welcome you to the (Yes amazing) Community of Dragons Roleplaying Forum!

Now about the Roleplaying training...

If you've ever taken school, which is required, and had an Language Arts class, also required, then I'll bet you've written a story in first, second, or third person. All you do is choose one of those and take off! Here is an example of how I RP;

As I landed in the clearing I realized I wasn't alone. strange shapes formed in the fog, trying to scare me. I growled, getting ready to attack whatever was coming. "You better show yourself!" I said, baring my teeth at the unknown foe. I narrowed my eyes as the shapes took real form, and out of them came dragons, all of which I knew. 'What are they doing?' I wondered, straigening up my stance.

Now as you can see, in a story you control every character while in here you only control yourself. Which means you can't talk or move for another dragon. But, if you post after a dragon was talking you could say, I listened to the dragon talk before entering, or something like that. And you can also Roleplay in third, like 99/100 of the people do here XD.

Also with that, there is no powerplaying. And that is where you go and take over someone's character.

I jumped on him, pinning him to the ground and heard him yelp in fright.

I aimed a jump on him, hoping to hit and pin him, waiting to hear his surprised yelp.

And your posts don't have to be super elaborate like mine was. But the more detail is better and moves the plot along better, people don't like one line posts in rp topics. In topic like this though, it's fine ^-^

If you need anymore help, you can just pm me through my profile and we could even practice Roleplaying.

Hope to see you around-
               The Finest Rogue, Areo Dynamic
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Aero Dynamic

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Hello Friendly Dragons! Empty Re: Hello Friendly Dragons!

Post by Kim on Thu May 07, 2015 9:41 pm

Kim looks at Areo's attempt to show the new person how to roleplay.

Wow, Oreo that was... Descriptive. Anyway, welcome! I haven't yet added my signature but I am, Kim,Zoeya,Erza,NightStrike and ElextroPhoenix So yeah, I have a lot. It takes about three lines to list them all with their colour codes.

New to Roleplaying?
No probs. Like Areo said, don't powerplay. It's exactly like writing a story, which I used to be more used to, but changed as powerplaying was banned. So yeah, I ended joining for two reasons, I love Dragons and I love to roleplay. To avoid copyright, I would credit the artist that you took your avatar from, or drawing them yourself. I draw my own profile pictures.

I usually write much more than what I'm about to show you. Most people write in third person, and I do. I have a unique writing style to all the others though. How?

Kim was quietly roaming through the dark forests of NightWing territory, hoping not to be discovered, because, you know, everyone in hiding always roams around the place where they're going to be captured. She heard a rustle of leaves. "W-who's there?"

Ahh, the sarcasm is real.

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Hello Friendly Dragons! Empty Re: Hello Friendly Dragons!

Post by MoonWing on Fri May 08, 2015 5:15 pm

NEEEEEEBIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Yaay! So hey im MoonWing. And you are Bjarke i can see. Well my alts are: Vexilas, Guryon, Cradore, Kurai, and Cheese. I dont know if i got all of them, but eh. And your new to roleplay? well i cant help you there, im not good at that. So hey and welcome to Dragons Roleplaying Forum!

"Deafness, Blindness, Muteness. Everyone thinks of them as weaknesses. But they only make you stronger”
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Hello Friendly Dragons! Empty Re: Hello Friendly Dragons!

Post by Akreious on Fri May 08, 2015 6:01 pm


anyway introductions! I am Arcke the Awesome Wing! Have you read our New Members Guide yet? if you have not, it's in the tab to the left! If you need any help ask almost anyone, specifically Moderators and Administrators. Technically I AM staff, but technically only. As you can see I am not formal... at all. About the training of roleplay, you can ask someone to be a "Mentor" I guess.

Prototype picture of Arcke by Shiningwater! Thank you for drawing Arcke-Kun!

Theme song for HIPHOP Arcke! ( warning it's weird and annoying )

And the star of the show... LEATHER PANTS!!!
Leather Pants:

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Hello Friendly Dragons! Empty Re: Hello Friendly Dragons!

Post by Frostflare on Sat May 09, 2015 1:41 am

Yo! It's nice to see new members around here! I'm Frostflare, an Icewing, and I have come to greet you! And make it rain cookies!
*Makes it rain cookies*
They are in all types of flavors, so enjoy!
Back on topic.
Welcome! I hope you have a great time rping here and have fun! Basically the gist of it right? Well, good luck!
*Flies out on nyan cat*

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So , who wants to party? Mwhahaha 
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