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Avian the Benevolent

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Avian the Benevolent

Post by Avian on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:05 pm


Name: Avian Ultima

Nickname: The Dragon of Balance. He was given this nickname as he prefers to be somewhat an all-round skilled dragon and intends to learn every skill, whether he is good or bad at it. He likes to be prepared for any situations that can cause hardships in the future, and thus knows simple survival skills, basic chemistry, astronomy, engineering, magic, social skills, medial skills, etc. He's basically a Jack Of All Trades.

Tribe: The Flaming FireWing, a powerful race comprised of the 2nd largest breeds of Dragons. He was accepted into the tribe under specific conditions and task that was given to him, thus, he has no inherited connections with them.

Rank: FireWing Tracker, yet, he is also capable at the use of defensive methods, as well as offensive combat, making him some what of a Knight.

Age: 38 years old

Gender: Male

Family: Descended Parents, formerly Russian Dragons, both was killed fighting a deadly infamous dragon during the great Northern-Eastern War.

Mate: N/A

Draglets: N/A

Appearance: He has mainly Red scales covering his back inherited from his father's bloodline, and Blue scales on his belly inherited from his mother's bloodline, as his face, skin and wings are green colored, inherited from both his family's bloodline traced back to their dragon ancestors, which were purely green in the ancient times. He is usually dressed in Leather Armor with Metal plates reinforcing it, as well as a backpack which carries his food and water canisters, as well as materials and ingredients for creating things. He wears a utility belt with carry his gear, which consist of shurikens, magic scrolls, smoke bombs, and other useful items for battle.

Personality: He's kind of the quiet and casual, and is against violence. He's very cautious and protective of his friends/allies, and he makes sacrifices for the well being of others, thus, he is called a Benevolent Dragon. He's the kind you can trust permanently, but his personality can snap at the death of someone he cares about, and become a cold and heartless killing machine. He will tell the truth only if it will keep his friends out of harm's reach.

Strengths:  He enjoys swimming in rivers and deep creeks, which he would find when he wasn't in a tribe, and was wondering when lost. He's good at the using of weaponry and armor, making somewhat of a Knight, and usually wields a one-handed sword. Despite his way of speech or his use of vocabulary, he can calculate, what would usually require a formula and extreme calculations, at a fast rate without even realizing it, and can calculate trajectory, projection, reflection and ballistics easily, the list goes on.

Special Powers: He's capable of both Ice Breath and Fire Breath, the Icy breath came from an enhancement he acquired via magic ritual. His Icy and Fiery breath are powerful more than the average dragons. He can also spray searing hot water by drinking and heating it with his inter flames, as well as fire a shockwave of compressed air, which needs to be charged up for about 2-4 seconds. He can also use magic, being that he was blessed by an Angel and a Demon in the forest he was born in.

He's also capable of a powerful transformation into a "Daemon Knight" which is a powerful being that summons power from an ancient entity(soul) created by the binding of an angel or demon that is another side of his soul. This entity is usually dormant, but is activated by an "Emotion trigger" which is activated when Avian's will to live is broken or his desire for the death of enemies is at maximum level, transforming him into this Knight of Destruction. However, this is a double-edged blade, as it drains Avian's vitality in exchange for his boost abilities, such as tenfold increased strength and speed to out run or 'out fly' a SkyWing. It is also possible that Avian's soul will switch to it's alternate side, turning it into a dark and chaotic personality, which is extremely similar as if it was another person in Avian.


Weaknesses: He's a clumsy and accident prone Dragon. During Combat, he gets wounded a lot, and he is easy to manipulate through the harm/danger of his comrades and friends. He's also vulnerable to all elemental attacks, including fire. His size is that of a SeaWing, thus fighting another tall Dragon with the use of a direct Assault would be suicidal for him.

History: He was born during the attack of an infamous and large deadly rogue dragon which his father and mother fended off along with other members of a pack. They managed to kill the Attacker, but were badly wounded, and many died on spot. He was left with a pack of Dragons from different tribes, but the adult dragons were too busy with caring for their offspring, instead the pack leader took little care of the Draglet. As he slowly began to grow, the other Dragons assisted him and taught him their individual skills such as swimming and stealth. Wanting him to have a better life, he set off on an adventure to find out the history of his parents. He was put in danger and was lost for several years. At the age of 31, nearly dead from depletion of food and water, he managed to arrive in the home of the FireWing tribe. They took him, and employed him as a Tracker/Guardian Hybrid for the tribe, which is a position he gladly accepted, saying to himself "The adventure is its own reward." Excited for adventure, he had high hopes for the future!

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Re: Avian the Benevolent

Post by Phantom on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:07 pm

Ice and fire breath hmmm? Well... like I've said, if you're gonna be like that, make your ice powers weaker, cause you're in the FireWing Tribe.

Besides that, great job!

And please pick a tracker or guardian or whatever.


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Re: Avian the Benevolent

Post by Avian on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:08 pm

I'm tracker, it's in the Description, but I'm "capable" of both tracker duties and guardian.

EDIT: Whoops, I meant it's in the History.
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