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The Final Trial (Firewing Trainees, Spectators from any tribe, And a Firewing Arena Master) (WIP, GO TO PLOTTING)

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The Final Trial (Firewing Trainees, Spectators from any tribe, And a Firewing Arena Master) (WIP, GO TO PLOTTING)

Post by Bel on Fri Apr 24, 2015 3:59 pm

Today is the day.  I have anticipated this since my first year of being a trainee, and I'm certainly not going to miss out on the chance on being considered an official fire wing champion.  The tournament itself is not for about 8 days, though, but this is more stressful then the tournament.  Today is the day they announce the names of the competitors, and their respective teams.  A great board is posted after announcements are made within each tribe themselves, with each name, team, and bracket of who your going to face.  I, along with most of my barracks and class, am expecting my name to be called.  

Everyone is seated within a large ceremonial hall, with a handy setup of largest in the back, smallest in the front.  Naturally, I am seated very close to the front.  My mother and brother are both way in the back, while my father is in the staff section, being a scholar for the tribe.  The ceremony is actually one of the shortest we have, being that barracks are postponed for that day, as well as a lot of other jobs.  This is a BIG deal.  I keep myself collected, anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin.  Finally, the head of out trainee program, steps up to to tell just who got in.  He says almost the exact words from the last time this ceremony happened, and it sends chills down my spine.

"Hello members of the fire wing tribe, I am the head of this program of bright trainees.  Each of you are here today waiting for this tribes trainee who will join one of the biggest fire wing tournaments of all time.  Each of you are eagerly expecting a name to be called, and in this box, holds that name, inscribed on a slab of obsidian hand made by the tribes finest vulcans. And now, to put an end to all this waiting, This years participant in the Firewing Champions tournament is...


And just like that, I became the biggest face of out tribe, everyone in the room cheers for me, and I quickly get on the stage to receive my obsidian slab, skillfully inscribed with my name, and make a small speech of course.

"I am honored to be chosen as the representing this tribe within the Champions Tournament, and I look forward to seeing you there.  I will bring honor to the tribe, and I will become the next champion"

Loads of  cheering follow, I can see my parents and brother looking proud in the stands.  

"And finally, I reveal to you all, the board of representatives."

I get a firsthand look at the board, some names I can recognize, others don't even faze me.  Most of team seems to be quite interesting, although I don't really recognize anyone in particular.  The teams meet in the fire tribe Kingdom tomorrow, and I wonder.

Who exactly will my other teammates be, and who will be my competitors?

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