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Laceris Spiritus

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Laceris Spiritus

Post by Jansi on Fri Apr 24, 2015 9:54 am

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Personal Info

Name: Laceris Ala Spiritus

Alias: Fire lizard, Spirit, Laci

Age: Five in dragon years

Gender: Female

Personality: Laci is generally very sweet, though she hasn't figured out most of her life quite yet. She likes to act like a boy, and do boy things, like fighting and getting dirty, and she doesn't really like hanging out with girls all that much. She is slightly shy, and is very quite, but she also likes to express herself through her art, doing things like painting, carving, and drawing. She is also very talented in these skills. Another thing that makes her different is the fact that, she has always been highly fascinated in other tribes. She sometimes likes to pretend that she is apart of the other tribes as well, and loves to act in general. Once you get to know her, she becomes your best friend, and she will never leave your side. Laci is fiercely loyal to Kenina, even though she is only a hatchling, and likes to act like Kenina a lot. Laci is a very diverse girl, and doesn't mind trying new things. This includes religions. She knows that Kenina loves Astral, but Laci finds all of the gods equally interesting, and wants to learn more about them, as well as the history of Pyyria.

Since Laci is still a young dragoness, she doesn't know that much about the problems of the world. Despite this, she wants to travel all over, find new lands, meet new friends, maybe learn new languages? Speaking of languages, Laci likes to speak in gibberish sometimes, telling all her friends that she's speaking in a foreign language. She also loves to climb, much more then she does flying. She thinks flying is for dragons who are too lazy to use their muscles. Laci doesn't really like spending time around the tribe, and usually likes to climb up to a high volcano and be alone. Again, she is still only five, so this is difficult for her. So, no climbing yet, that's just what she thinks about in her mind, every night before she goes to sleep.

Because Laci lives in the hatchery, having no mother, she gets a lot of attention from the mothers of the tribe. Laci doesn't like the other females, and will usually hiss and scratch at them if they get within clawing range. Her fire is very weak, so the mothers will usually just awe at her, thinking she's adorable. Laci doesn't like the females, and doesn't get along with any female hatchlings in general. She will usually isolate herself in a corner of the hatchery and read a book or something. She is incredibly smart and talented for her age. Every now and then, Laci will go out for a long hike, but the FireWings will usually bring her back. Because of this, Laci can be cranky. So when she isn't shy, avoiding all dragons, she's hissing at them, scratching their faces and clawing their eyes out.

Like mentioned before, Laci is diverse, and she does like to follow the customs of the other gods. However.... this can get her in trouble sometimes, since following gods such as Nimbus, Phantom, and the other god of Destruction, isn't widely appreciated. Especially Nimbus, since he broke up with Astral, making a lot of FireWings who followed Astral hate him. But Laci does this behind the backs of the other dragons, as she doesn't care what happens to her. Her philosophy is that, if you are open to new things, then your spirit will live an awesome life!

Laci also has a deep interest in magic, as she had no idea how it works, and she is trying to practice it by herself, but even the most basic spells usually fail, since she doesn't have a tutor to teach her about how magic works.

Interests: Hiking, exercise, reading, studying, learning about the different dragon gods and religions, practicing magic.

Dislikes: Female dragons, mother dragons, dragons who annoy her, anyone who disses what she loves, flying, fighting.

Fears: Laceris is deathly afraid of her actions being limited, her freedom being cut off, and being forced to do something she hates. This is why, as much as Laci loves Kenina, she refuses to go anywhere near the queen. This is also what has prevented Laci from running away from the FireWings, since she is afraid another tribe will see her and try to take her freedom away, as well. She also has a fear of the NightWings, because they are infamous for legends of mind control, and because she is afraid of their new dictator, Oculus.

General Appearance

Body Proportions: Laci is a generally very slim dragoness, and very muscular, as to be expected from a FireWing. She is very skinny, though, because she doesn't eat very much. She is about fifteen feet tall right now, maybe sixteen, and has a very long body, about 30 feet long, including her tail. Her width is incredibly skinny, yet is strongly built and muscular through work outs. Sometimes, when Laci fasts, you can see the ribs.

Scales: A set of fiery, crimson-and-dark-orange scales line Laci's flesh, her belly a dark crimson color, where her back is a lighter orange. The tail slowly becomes a darker orange, until the very tip is pitch black. The scales are very closely packed together, making them look just like skin, and making it difficult for dirt to pack together inside of them. The scales on the top are smooth, rounded in shape, whereas the ones on the crimson underbelly are ragged, piercing out like a shield of armor, and are used for defensive purposes.

Eyes: Hazelnut brown.

Appearance: She has all the features that have previously been mentioned. She has small, wide spikes that run down her neck, and slowly get smaller, thinner, and longer as they progress to her tail. Her tail may look fluffy, with orange fur, but there is actually a hidden, final tail spike, jutting out, hidden behind the fur, and many dragons will mistake this fur for a harmless tail, when it is actually a dangerous weapon.

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe: FireWings

Rank: Hatchling

Family: None, but feel free to adopt her!

Mate: N/A

Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: Laci is very smart, as she studies frequently, and doesn't care where the books have been published, giving her a variety of different attacks she could use, all borrowed from the different tribes. And, like all FireWings, she is resistant to fire. She does have a.... sort of resistance to magma/lava, but this isn't as trained as her mind. She also works a lot to make sure her body is in top training condition, so that she may one day impress Kenina. She is also a quick puzzle solver. Another thing she is good at is working alone, and being very quite when around other dragons, as she usually tries to focus on them, and blocks out all the rest of the noise around her.

Special Abilities: Since she is just a hatchling, Laci has yet to unlock much of her true skills, and wouldn't do well if she were to get into an actual fight. However, she is learning to use magic, and she can shoot small blasts of fire at her enemies. The fire appears in a gas, sort of. If breathed in, it can cause your throat to hurt, and make your eyes water. This skill will become more advanced as she grows up, but this is the only power she really has as far as fighting wise. She could always call for help, but that would get in the way of her pride.

Weaknesses: Laci is just a hatchling, so she is still very weak. And she is also very skinny, and her bones can be broken easily. Even though she studies fighting, she has never actually had a tutor, so she has never actually attempted to try fighting before, unless it was by herself, or with someone that knows what they're doing. Laci, however, is taller then some dragons, such as SkyWings, and could probably over power a small SkyWing, as he claws can hurt. But Laci is also hesitant with these kinds of things, as she doesn't like pain.

Combat Style: Spray them with her fire mist, then run off, if they are bigger then her. Claw them, bite them, and use her fire mist if they are smaller then her, though she doesn't meet very many dragons who are smaller then she is.


History: Born to two pure-blooded FireWings, Laci is a pure FireWing as well. When she was only four months old, both her parents were killed in wars, though it is still unclear who killed them. This left Laci in the nursery, forever to be fostered by the mothers there, though she never did get a foster mother permanently.

Because she was so young, Laci doesn't even remember what her parents were like, and so she isn't really bothered by it. However, if she is feeling exceptionally sad, and has no mother to confess her worries to, she will sometimes cry herself to sleep.

RP Sample: 'Tis Rayla, y'all know how I roleplay.
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Re: Laceris Spiritus

Post by Arkhor on Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:04 am



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Re: Laceris Spiritus

Post by Cordath on Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:43 am

Cordath the war wizard wants to adopt her

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Re: Laceris Spiritus

Post by Celestia on Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:15 am

One can't be a "slim dragoness, and very muscular" its the difference between an Olympic runner and Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you wanted to say you were still strong I would have put in that your muscles or very lean and deceptively strong for your body shape. But whatever.


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