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Searphineara Zorac

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Searphineara Zorac

Post by Kaora on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:40 pm

Personal Info
Name: Searphineara Zorac
Alias: The Fire in the Night
Age: 27 years
Gender: Female
Personality: She seems like a normal dragon on the outside, but on the inside she is a wreak. She seems calm, uncaring but if Cordath comes into view, hear, or smell, she will shoot over to him like a bullet. If someone tries to interfear with her, she will plan to trick them into coming to her lair, where she will then slowly get rid of them. She is very mischievous and can be found burning things. She, when she goes off, will seem calm but will have a deathly smile on her face and will start twiching.
Interests: Think/be around Cordath
Torturing dragons
burning things

Dislikes: Coldness
Cold wind
anything that would ruin her 'perfect' scales

Fears: Having a big ugly scar someplace you would notice it
Having her eyes missing
Cordath dying

General Appearance
Height: 97 feet
Scales: Her back is black like it had been scorched, the front of her legs are orange, almost like it has armor on, her underbelly is orange and smooth, and the rest of her is red. Her scales are almost diamond shape; like this
Eyes: Emerald green
Appearance: She is a stunning dragon to look at, with her black back and bright orange features. Her diamond-like scales are always shinning and have some sort of glimmer to them. Her eyes are like glass and such a  beautiful green you could die for.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing
Rank: Tracker
Family: Her parents are dead but any siblings she had might still be alive.
Mate: She doesn't have one, but has one on her mind, Cordath the Firewing scholar who is mates with Lynx.
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She can be good at tricking dragons into following her into her trap, especially when she wants to torture them.

She is good at hunting but usually eats it or brings it home, she takes a bit back to the tribe.

She is a strong flier, but compared to a Skywing she is at least 15 feet slower in a full out speed.

Special Abilities: She emits a dim orange glow around her, does nothing but gives off light and heat.

Weaknesses: Cordath will distract her very easily, if he is there she will abandon anything she is doing and rush over to him.

Mirrors or anything that will reflect her image will also cause her to abandon her current work.

She can go into a daydream very easily, especially about Cordath.

Combat Style: She likes to torture them and let them die in a slow, aginizing, death.

History: When she was 5 she murdered her parents, downed one and left one in Icewing territory, where he died not only from the cold but form another Icewing. When she entered training she caught a glimpse of the dragon of her dreams, Cordath. He was so cute! She made a little fireproof doll of him and has it in her room to this day. She has sought him out, even though he still has Lynx.

RP Sample: As I wandered the lava struck and dead land of where I live, I began thinking of the handsome dragon that would be waiting for me one day. Cordath was perfect! He made spells, how wonderful is that? He probably was coming to me right now! Ah, the day he realizes he wants, needs me.
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Re: Searphineara Zorac

Post by Arkhor on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:32 pm



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Re: Searphineara Zorac

Post by Cordath on Fri Apr 24, 2015 12:52 pm

Cordath has a stalker? haha cool

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