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Vesta - The Quick (DONE)

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Vesta - The Quick (DONE)

Post by Vesta on Mon Apr 20, 2015 3:40 pm

Personal Info
Name: Vesta
Alias: The Quick; The Loyal
Age: 450 human years (15 Dragon years)
Gender: Female
Personality: When first encountered, Vesta is quiet and reserved, normally keeping to herself. If challenged, on the other hand, it seems as though a spark lights within her body and she will go to great extents to win. This female, though she loves to win, will never cheat. Only by hard work and dedication will she have earned her reward. Vesta is very protective of those she holds dear. If harm were to come to them, she would hunt those who did them wrong,  just to deal out a fitting punishment. As for herself, if someone did her wrong, she would try to amend, not wishing to deal with violence. While loyalty is etched into her mind as the word to always follow, so is the belief to state her opinions when she deems it necessary. Only if she believed her leader had their head on straight and they knew what they were doing would she follow without question. If she was wary and felt that they were on the wrong path, she would leave to find a new way. Vesta, shows her true self, only when she flies; not at any speed though. Her top speed, when all she can see of the ground is a blur, is when she shows herself. When this happens, she grins and laughs, all the while, her heart is  beating a thousand times a minute from pure excitement. Also, as a Firewing, her anger can run out of control at times, overwhelming her to where her logic is no longer in control.
Interests: Competition, flying, testing her skill, gaining knowledge (new techniques, etc.), incandescence.
Dislikes: Water, friends being hurt, lies, cheating, anger, being underestimated.
Fears: Not being able to stop the death of those she loves.

General Appearance
Height: 35 feet
Scales: All along her head, wings, back, and top of her tail show scales of blood red. However, the insides of her wings are a light tan. Vesta’s chest and underside of her tail is a darker tan. This dragon’s tail tip splits out into three points, all being a dull yellow color. Her scales are fit like that of a human roof, laid down flat, and overlapping one another. Down her back and tail, though, are red spikes. On her head are scales that shoot out to a point, almost like a crown in some ways.
Eyes: Cyan
Appearance: Vesta has teeth white as pearls and sharp as knives, though they are not extremely long. Where her wing bones come together is a single black claw. Her nails on both feet and hands are stronger than diamonds and as black as night, being also as sharp as her teeth. Vesta’s bones and muscles are thick and strong, especially in her wings as well as her tail. Her armor consists of shoulder and chest plates that connect just behind her wings and below her arms. These almost blend in with her own scales,  as they are of the same colors and follow her pattern. Her shoulder plates come out to points, like the scale atop her head. Her chest plate, however is smooth and rests perfectly on her upper body. Her chest plate is able to defend her from any incoming physical attacks as well as some elemental attacks, such as fire. Along with this, it can lower the amount of damage she takes from water attacks, but no more than a quarter.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWings
Rank: Tracker
Family: Her family is of Firewings, but their true identity is unknown.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Vesta is built for speed, as she is the smallest a firewing could be, but she can still fight. Aside from this, her senses are at the peaks of her young life, enabling her to track even the smallest of creatures at the greatest of lengths.
Special Abilities: Through her three spiked tail, she is able to shoot either magma or fire, however only one at a time. Also, since it takes some energy, a little less than the energy needed for breathing fire, she cannot switch immediately. Along with this, when Vesta is enraged, her wings catch fire. Only then is she able to achieve her maximum speed.
Weaknesses: This female is weak to water, as she is of the fire element. Also, when she is enraged, she tends to lose her sense of both logic and reason. Plans go out the window and she is just a blur of fire and frenzy.
Combat Style: Vesta has a few fighting styles, changing them according to her opponent. If her challenger was mainly based on physical attacks, then she would get in close to use her claws to rake their scales, teeth to pierce their wings, and tail to either cause more physical damage or to scorch their bodies using magma or fire. However, if they were mainly based on special attacks, then she would keep her distance, using her fire breath and tail to inflict damage while occasionally zipping in close to slash at their wings with her claws. If neither of these work, though, then she would watch how her opponent fights, dodging each strike, until she feels it is the right time to come in strong.

History: Darkness shrouds the lands of old, a blanket of cover for those who revel in the night. Providing light up above for all who need it is the moon. A perfect white encases the glowing ball floating in the sky of deep blacks and swirling purples. As the hours pass, the Queen of the Night begins to droop in the endless sky, falling from her throne. Then, suddenly, the Queen vanishes, revealing the King of the Day, the sun. Showering the lands with golden rays of light and warmth, the sun positions himself atop his throne where the Queen had been once before. The darkness that now covered as a blanket is destroyed, showing the leaves of green, each with their own dew. The creatures of the night retreat to their homes, while the creatures of the day venture out into the world -- some of which are dragons. Dragons roam the lands both day and night, ruling by the King and Queen’s side. However, each family, each tribe, has their own unique set of rules and will go to great extents to make sure those rules are kept pure and true to all who live by them. Especially in the little family of Firewings, isolated from all others. So, here, where the dew drips from the leaves and night shrouds all in mystery, lies a group of loyal Firewings. Within those is a female, ready to give birth to a beautiful dragon, whom they will later name, Vesta.

Vesta, though of the same blood red color on her back and tan along her chest, was unique to all in her home. She was the smallest, however, she was very quick on both feet and wings. This was one of her natural abilities, acquired from her mother. Later, her parents began to notice how fast she moved unnoticed by others. So, by the time she turned one, she was required to train as a Tracker. This gave her great joy, as she learned to evade the dragon eye as well as the eyes of prey. Three years she trained as a Tracker, without end. But by the beginning of her fifth year of life, her father told her that she must learn to fight as well. “Our tribe,” he said, his musky voice thundering down upon her fragile body, “our family, must be protected. You, the younger generation, must learn to not only provide, but also protect.” She nodded in understanding each time he spoke. “Loyalty to our family should and will be your top priority, as you will protect it with even your own life.” Vesta’s father held a deep sense of pride, one that he valued more than his own well-being. If he had to kill her for this family, he would have. “You begin your training at dawn.” He said once more before flying to the den. There, she was left, alone. The she-dragon wandered around their territory, the place they called home, thinking about all he said. ‘My own life?’ She thought. Biting her tongue slightly, she sat down, her scaly tail curling around her feet as she pondered. Ten minutes passed, and she still sat in silence. “Hello.” Said a voice. Vesta jumped, not recognizing the voice she heard. “Who’s there?” She said, fearful. “Don’t be afraid.” It said again. “I’m just here to help, to talk if you will.” Being young, the female sat back down and scanned her surroundings. “F-fine,” she stammered, “but, if you attack, just know that my family would be able to track you down.” Then, out from the shadows of the trees, came a dragon unlike anything she’s ever seen. It had eyes of bright purple, encompassed by scales of midnight black. “Who are you?” She asked, curious. Chuckling from her comment, he showed his teeth of white and responded. “My name is Orfeo and I am a Nightwing. I have traveled far, hoping to find more of my kind, however, I have had no luck. What is yours, fine maiden?” The female blinked. ‘Maiden?’ Shaking her head of her thoughts, she replied. “My name is Vesta and I am a Firewing. It is nice to meet you, Orfeo.” He nodded and turned his head away from her den. “Come with me.” He said, simply. Then, almost as fast as he came, he left, running into the thick trees. Hesitantly, she followed, catching up with him easily. He led her to a cave, one that he had apparently been staying in. He spoke about his homeland and of how he came to her lands. “You see, I was ban-” Suddenly, a roar sounded above the trees. It was her father, telling her to come home. Nodding to the male, she turned. “Wait! Will I see you again?” Without looking at him, she replied. “Yes, I’ll be here after practice tomorrow. Just wait for me.” With that, she ran to her father’s call.

~Time Lapse~

Nine years passed and Vesta was now fourteen years old. Her training was now over, even after her father extended the time. Ever since she met Orfeo, she had been sneaking out to his cave each night just to talk. They exchanged memories, hopes, ideas, almost everything. They grew an unknown bond which could never be enhanced by other means. As it was forbidden. Now, she only hoped her father would change the rules just this once. Over the past few days, though, her courage has been gone, forcing her to avoid the question. However, one morning, when the sun was covered by grey clouds, she felt an overwhelming sense of bravery. Stalking up to her father, she cleared her throat. He jumped, not realizing she was right beside him. “Oh, goodness Vesta!” He exclaimed. “You startled me. What is it you need? Some sparring time with your old pa?” Shaking her head, she took a deep breath of air and began. “May I…” she paused, “...get your permission to mate?” Turning to face her entirely, his eyes widened at hearing her request. A slight smile crept upon his lips, in joy or in laughter, she could not tell. “Mate? Of course, but I had no idea you had time to think about such trivial things.” She nodded. “Yes, mate. With a friend of mine, Orfeo.” Dropping his smile, he bent his neck down to look her eye-to-eye. “Who is Orfeo?” She gulped, her frame half the height of his. “He is a Nightwing.” Anger. Anger was all that showed on his face. “What is a Nightwing doing here and what are you doing speaking with him!” Furious, he knocked her to the ground, her head slamming on the rock originally below her. Her eyes began to wet, but she could not speak to explain. He took off in the direction of the caves and searched the skies. After regained herself, she stood and dashed into the dimmed light to find her love and warn him. Landing in front of the caves, she knew she was too late. Fire licked at the sides, incinerating any life that was there. The cave was closed, rocks blocking the only entrance she knew of. Standing there, her head low, she heard her father’s voice behind her. “It was for the best. You know the rules.” Her eyes of cyan seemed to darken as she looked to him. “Prepare...to die.” She whispered, only loud enough for him to barely catch.

Enraged, she lunged at her father, only a blur of red. He crashed to the ground, just as she had, his head slapping the rock. It stunned him just long enough for the female to bite his shoulder. Only piercing the armor, he felt but a pinch. Propelling himself into the air, he flew, hoping to get a better chance. ‘No.’ She thought as she vanished practically into thin air. Appearing behind him, she rose her tail to his back and hit him with magma from the three prongs. He screamed in pain, not used to her attacks. She moved to his front to see his pain, to see his agony. “You caused this.” She said simply, pure anger rushing throughout her body. In her eyes, he saw utter hysteria, utter chaos. “Ah!” She yelled. Blood splattered the trees and ground as she raked her claws through his right wing. Down he tumbled till he hit the stone below. His wings no longer moved, and his eyes no longer saw. Just as the sky, his eyes were clouded and dead. She landed on the ground, her body heated. Seeing her father, she just stood there, motionless. Vesta’s heat decreased, as did her anger, and soon, she realized what she had done. “I killed my own father…” She muttered. “....but how?” Panic began to set in. Quickly flying back to her home, she told her mother what had happened. Furious, she called a meeting of their tribe. “From this day forth, Vesta, my daughter, will be banished from our lands.” Vesta kept her head low as she lifted her wings and flew from her home. She never did know if her lover truly passed, though now, she will never know.
RP Sample: Darting into a nearby cave, the female dragon hid. Her wing was injured by rogues hoping to do some kind of black magic with her body. Though doubtful, she had no intention of finding out their capabilities. Vesta kept her wings close to her body, hoping to avoid both pain as well as discovery. After finding a crevice within the dark cave, she thought about these rogues. She remembered that as she was falling, she saw what they looked like and noted their colors and sizes. Two were blue, one about 50 feet tall, whereas the other was about 25 feet. ‘Seawings.’ She thought. The third was extremely small, about 13 feet, she guessed. It had disproportionate wings and was entirely covered in golden scales. Instantly, she thought, ‘Skywing.’ Vesta knew she was in trouble as soon as the two water dragons attacked her, but it was worse with the skywing. Now, not only is there her main weakness times two, but also, there was a fighter probably better than she was. Along with this is the fact that she can no longer fly to safety, away from the three rogues. “I’m a complete goner.” She whispered, unknowingly. Suddenly, she felt a tail move over hers. The female quickly moved and almost crashed into the rock wall. “Who’s there?” She stuttered. “Shh…” Said a voice. “...don’t be afraid.” Vesta’s heart skipped in her chest, making her anxious and fearful. “Come with me…” It whispered in her head. “...come with me and you will be safe.” Vesta’s mind cleared of all thoughts. She no longer knew where she was or why she was here. She only knew to follow the voice that spoke to her. She followed each instruction, turning corners right and left, and soon, she was back in daylight in the middle of a forest. The dragon’s mind was released and her memories of the voice after it took control of her were gone. She had no idea how she was able to get through the cave or of who was with her. Disregarding these thoughts, she walked on, now safe from the rogues.
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Re: Vesta - The Quick (DONE)

Post by Pyrrhus on Sat May 02, 2015 8:47 pm


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Re: Vesta - The Quick (DONE)

Post by Atlantis on Sun May 03, 2015 6:02 am

Approved ^^


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