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New Nightwing Ranks!

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New Nightwing Ranks!

Post by Oculus on Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:45 am

First topic message reminder :

The following ranks are listed based off of military or civilian branches.  For Trainees to advance, they must attend a boot camp.  To advance from Guardian/Tracker into something more specialized, you must go through personal training with a designated and approved trainer, and if seen unfit, will remain Guardian/Tracker until a later time.  

Orange Classes only have to take orders from Oculus, the rest must take orders from their superiors.

Military ranks:

*Note:  Armor will have colored stripes to match rank, e.g Imperial Guard will have purple, Enforcers blue, ect.

    Messenger: The job of the messenger is to keep the Empire up to speed on situations.  The Messenger is the news bringer, the one that helps deliver vital information that keep the Empire safe and thriving.  Fast wings and endurance are a necessity for messengers.  Extreme loyalty, dedication, and hard work can earn a lucky messenger the title of Royal Messenger, used by the Emperor personally for their secrecy and always delivering.          
    Scout: The scout provide vital information on upcoming terrain for the approaching army, helps strategize the best route to take, and reports on the positions of enemy armies, preventing disastrous ambushes.  Speed and being nimble are required for avoiding detection and not being caught.
    Spy:  The spy are the devious and crafty type, working their ways into the heart of the enemy, learning their secrets, and delivering them back to the Empire without being detected.  Only the sly and quick witted are capable of fulfilling the role of a spy, and they must show a will of iron to never break in the worst case scenario of being caught.
Sumus Electi
Assassin:  Only the best of the best can become the dreaded Assassin.  These dragons answer to only one person, and one person only, Oculus.  Once a mission is assigned to them, it is considered as a complete mission, as failure is not in their vocabulary.  Sometimes called ghosts, these 'soldiers' are practically invisible, either protecting someone from the shadows, or observing their prey.  When attacking their prey, they take them out with a clean kill, before disappearing into the shadows unseen.  Few can make it as an Assassin, as their duties are wide, and are considered the most feared in the Night Wing Army.  If your name is marked by them, it is not a matter of if they will get you, but rather when.

    Police:  The police are in charge of maintaining the borders of the Empire, and keeping the crime rates down inside the Empire.  They are trained to be disciplined and to take out threats, hopefully avoiding lethal force and capturing any criminal.
    Enforcer:  The Enforcers are the elites of the police, capable of taking down many threats to the Empire.  They are most commonly deployed along the borders, keeping rogues out as well as many other dangers.  They are known to deploy lethal force to protect the Empire.  Only the strong can serve as an enforcer, and they are very disciplined.
    Soldier:  The Soldier makes up the core of the NightWing Empire Army.  They go through much training, like the Enforcers, and work as a unit to take out the threats to the Empire.  Disciplined and strong, they serve their Empire dutifully, and are rewarded with paid breaks when off of training and during peacetime.
    Imperial Guard:  The Imperial Guard are the personal army of the Emperor.  They are the strongest, most disciplined troops the NightWing Empire has to offer.  Only the best have a chance at making it as an Imperial Guard.  The Imperial Guard are considered honor guards not only for their status and duty, but for their skills too.
    Royal Guard:  The Royal Guard are seen as Captains of the Imperial Guard, being the best of the best of the best.  They are the wall between the Emperor's life and danger.  Each Royal Guard is selected from the Imperial Guards, and only after strenuous training will be indoctrinated to the Royal Guards.

    Combat Medic:  The Combat Medic is someone who is willing to face danger to save the wounded.  They deploy their knowledge of medicine to quickly patch up a fallen warrior to take them back safely to where they can receive more proper treatment.  Combat Medic's are usually protected by their fellow soldiers, but are not afraid to get into combat if needed, but treating the wounded is always priority #1
    Siege Engineers:  Siege Engineers are the masters of contraptions, building anything from anti air weapons, anit projectiles, to things to destroy fortresses.  The Siege Engineers are primarily used to counter any human contraption flung at the Empire's army, and to break down pesky forts.


Civilian Ranks:


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Re: New Nightwing Ranks!

Post by Valdys on Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:40 pm

Ah, right. Thanks!

Sometimes all you need is a dragon..
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