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An Army Rises (Open to Night Wings)

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An Army Rises (Open to Night Wings)

Post by Oculus on Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:26 am

First topic message reminder :

Get in line cadet!  I will teach you pathetic sods if I have to start from the ground up!  You will learn to crawl, then to walk, then to fight, you undisciplined scum!  Now GET IN LINE and put your armor on when its handed to you!

Welcome to boot camp, the starting place for all beginning military personal.  I shall be your worst enemy here.  You will learn to hate me, to despise me, but darn it, you will become the best soldiers out there!  This topic shall be the training and armoring of the common soldiers that make up the core of the army.  Trackers and Guardians all begin their training here, but even if you are already a Guardian or Tracker, you may still wish to be trained and disciplined into becoming part of the strongest army in all of Pyyria.  The common armor is now being mass produced by the vulcans in the NW Empire, made of steel.  While it is strong armor, it is not the highest quality, but it will definitely stop a dragons claw from raking scales off, and definitely a pesky arrow.  So, join all who dare to become part of the strong Imperial Army!


Please make an effort to post over 50 words, single liners are annoying.  If you need to expand, add senses, like what your character hears, feels, smells, ect.
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Re: An Army Rises (Open to Night Wings)

Post by AuSurath on Fri May 01, 2015 10:02 pm

(Honestly guys, right now, get in a pushup position, lower yourself so that no part of your body is more than an inch above the ground, and only your hands and feet are touching the ground, and go crawl a mile. Oh wait, first put 40 pounds of metal weight around you, and go do it. Like Flare said, THIS TASK IS NOT SIMPLE! And Flare, EVERYONE should fail it. No one should be even able to do it. And Serena? You really want to 'prank' around in a military style rp? Don't get mad when things go badly.)

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[00:49:00 01/02/2016] Rii : not unless Baldi is here to bother
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Re: An Army Rises (Open to Night Wings)

Post by NightFlare on Fri May 22, 2015 8:04 pm

(Bump? Oh and Oculus, remember, Night's been training for sixty years. I'll admit, with armor weighing her down, no enchantments, it would be incredibly difficult, and she may fail. But you have to take into consideration her age and backstory. Wink Anyway, I'll edit mine in my next post.)

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