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Rayla has Returned! (Probably)

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Rayla has Returned! (Probably)

Post by Alphonse on Sat Apr 11, 2015 4:42 pm

Hello my loyal potatoes! I, queen of the oranges, has returned! I, as in Rayla/Alphonse/Nightflare/Everybody else! Yea.... stuff happened, and I had to leave without warning. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET A JOB, PEOPLE! *flails*

Anyway, I have come to ask if anyone has any idea WTF happened while I was gone. Apparently the Earthwings no longer exist, for whatever reason. Can somebody plz tell me what topics are mandatory for me to join so I can join them? I am confuzzled. Wimper

Also, I am creating an EXTREMELY complicated story involving Rayla's past, if you haven't already seen in. It is not canon 1) Because apparently Aari has been kidnapped AGAIINNNNNN! And 2) Because Celestia would never allow half the stuff that goes on in there! So, yea, enjoy XD

Thirdly, I am gonna open le topic with le Nightflare. Her reputation has dropped significantly! I MUST RAISE IT AGAIN! *"You raise me up" starts playing in the distance* So yea, I'll make a topic for her cause REASONS!

Also, again, I'm busy, so I won't always be able to reply to stuffs. It may take me from as short as two days to two weeks, so..... yes. Derp

ANY QUESTIONS? NO? YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT! *Flails dramatically as creepy music plays in the background*

P.S. Why is music always so creepy when played backwards? What the H

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