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Rylatha's Story of Heritage

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Rylatha's Story of Heritage

Post by Rylatha on Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:16 pm

Hi, I decided to write a story about Rylatha's parents. I will continue to post chapters. For now, the Prologue.


Benny didn't do much. He didn't have much friends. He was just an EarthWing Scholar, very popular around the Tribe for different reasons. Mostly because of his handsome looks.
Benny was the size of a FireWing, only about 120 ft. tall. His scales were grayish-green with emerald flecks underneath his wings. His eyes were very unusual. They were the color of fire: burnt orange with scarlet flares. His pupils were blade-like. He had a brown mane on his neck along with a kite-shaped feathered tail tip. His feathers were brown like his mane, and his scales were tough and plated like armor. The females of the Tribe went crazy for him. He had the perfect looks and personality.
Oh, personality? Benny was happy-go-lucky, and he never said a negative comment about anyone. He complimented all who crossed his path. But his happy nature didn't stop him from being a powerful wizard. He was quite skilled in healing spells, along with ones of destruction.

One day Benny was nosing around in the forest. He was exploring. He had always been adventurous, and even in his whole lifetime, he never seen the whole Lush Forest. He enjoyed the singing of birds, and just the idea of nature itself.
He was poking at a nesting bird when he heard a crashing sound through the leaves. He spun around, staff raised, and his jaws were open in a hiss. But, what he saw was a pretty female dragoness. She was the color of sand with bark-covered speckles flecking her body. Benny was overthrown by her sapphire blue eyes. He couldn't help but stare.
"What are you looking at?" the female hissed. She leapt to her paws and shook the dirt off her pelt. She stopped to stare at Benny. "Hey, aren't you that Scholar that my friends won't stop gawking at?"
Benny nodded, tearing his gaze from her. He just looked at his paws. "Yes," he spoke in his deep, slightly accented voice. "But you shouldn't criticize them..."
"Oh, so you think yourself as handsome too?" the female snapped, feeling shame for this Scholar.
"No," Benny replied, shaking his head. "You shouldn't blame them for their opinions. That's my say."
The Dragoness stared at him. As if softening, she said, "I'm Jolecia."
"I'm Benny. You 'wanna come for a walk with me?"


And that's how it all began... Very Happy

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