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Wayra, the Sky Goddess

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Wayra, the Sky Goddess  Empty Wayra, the Sky Goddess

Post by Wayra on Wed Apr 01, 2015 4:44 pm

Wayra, the Sky Goddess  Dragon_design_kopie66_by_saraais-d798a65

Personal Info

Name: Wayra (Way-ra)

Meaning: Means "wind" in Quechua.

Alias: Sky goddess, Goddess of the skies, Protector of the kind

Age: 27 years

Gender: Female

Protective is one of the words that first pops into your head when you meet Wayra. Proud is another one. Unlike other dragons, Wayra could care less about her look and more about her tribe. In her mind her tribe is her main focus and anything that gets in her way will be terminated. Making sure her tribe is taken care of first is her main priority. After her tribe is taken care of Wayra is a very proud dragonness with her head held high and her wings lifted elegantly. Of course like any other tribe Wayra wants to be the best of the best and she will train as hard as she can for it, which means she is very strong considering her size.  Wayra hates to be bested and tends to get a sour attitude if she is ever beat in anything. With a petite form she is very agile in the air and isn't afraid to show it.

Her attitude towards other tribes changes from time to time but almost always stays the same. Wayra dislikes the Earthwings for their gigantic sizes and their pea sized brains (No offense earth wings!). She believes that they are just gigantic slugs who do nothing other than get covered in dirt. Seawings are very......different to the dragonness because she has never swam before and tends to swerve away from their tribe because she is closer with the Firewings and Kenina. Lightwings tend to annoy her slightly but she is leaning toward allying with the Nightwings but is unsure at the moment.

Despite being very young age, Wayra maintains a surprising level of maturity. She tends to play both sides if one of her tribe members where to get in an argument and be the voice of reason. The dragonness is very stubborn and if she puts her mind to something she will go after it until it is completed. She can be arrogant at times and want everything to go her way. The dragonness is very fond of hatchlings and trainees and tends to like them better than actually dragons/


  • Flying

    Other dragons


    Her tribe

    Other tribes

    Older tribe leaders ways



    The many different powers of dragons


    Listening to elders



  • Earthwings

    Getting her wings wet

    Getting sick

    Being wrong

    Loosing her focus

    Not being able to complete her goal

    Annoying dragons


    Being bested


    Being made fun of cause of her young age


  • Water

    Dying alone

    Never getting a mate

    Never passing on her legacy to her children

    Failing her tribe

    Having to leave her tribe

    Traitors in her tribe

General Appearance

Height: roughly 19 ft tall or 6m

Scales: Her scales are a navy azure colour and are circle shaped almost.

Eyes: Golden/yellow with white mixed in


Dark navy blue scales cover her body, tucked together tightly, making it tougher for claws or swords to pierce through them. On the underbelly of the petite dragonness are alabaster scales, larger in size that the ones on her flank and back. Resting on top of her head the dragonness proudly holds up a crown of large, silvery horns, two stretching longer than any of the others. Going down the front of her chest and snake like neck are sharp spikes that protect her from any bites to her neck. Her wings are very large and stretch like feathers. Each membrane is an individual 'feather'. Long, Seawing like fin spikes trail down her back, dangerously sharp on each side. Sprouting from her bottom jaw, front legs, wings and tail the dragonness has sharp feathers that are connected with antenna like appendages. The membrane on her wings is a see through/transparent material and is very tough. Along her neck she has bright orange dots that glow/shine. Her fangs and claws are very long and white. Her eyes are golden yellow colour with whiteish marks. When angry, annoyed or sad her pupils narrow. When happy or any emotion like that her pupils widen.

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe:  Skywings

Rank: Leader

Family:  None

Mate:  None


Skills and Abilities


  • Flying
    Leading her tribe
    Protecting her tribe
    Protecting the ones close to her

Special Abilities:

  • Wayra can create a small, small army of thundercloud dragons. (Note: They dragons are clouds. You cannot kick them, punch them. The only way to kill them is a breath attack.). They follow Wayra unless she tells them not too

    She can breathe blue fire.

    She can create a storm by flapping her wings super fast.


  • Water
    Her tribe (In a protective way)
    Her underbelly

Combat Style: Quick attacks and quick slashes

History: Optional)
RP Sample: Optional.)
SkyWing Guardian
SkyWing Guardian

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Wayra, the Sky Goddess  Empty Re: Wayra, the Sky Goddess

Post by Arkhor on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:53 am


Wayra, the Sky Goddess  Otp62r

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God of Life and Seas

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