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Let's Be Buddies!

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Let's Be Buddies!

Post by Lori on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:06 pm

So, we seem to know eachother well, but how about we get the basics down, to know more?
DON'T WORRY, I'm not going to ask about private information. Just things like favorite color, video game, hobby, etc..
So! Here we go!

My Accounts(only the ones with bios): Allistair, Sting, Cicero, Rylatha, Equinox, Jemith, Sorkori, Dinnozo, Saphira, MoonFlare, Dubstep Spectrum
Favorite Color: Yellow!
Favorite Movie: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Favorite Song:
Favorite Video Game: Skyrim
Favorite Music Genre: Dubstep
Hobby: Writing or playing games
Favorite Movie Character: Gandalf!

I dunno what else to add, lol.... You guys can add whatever you want for yours!


'Gala was born with the powers of a wild tractor, a feared species indeed.' ~Lao in the Chatbox on 3/27/15
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Re: Let's Be Buddies!

Post by Zephyros on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:32 pm

Well, this looks like fun ^.^ Here's mine:

Accounts: Wisp, Adra, Hikari, Neru, Asailia, Natsu, and Zephyros.

Fovorite Color: This shade of blue.

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter FOREVER

Favorite Song: 500 Miles by The Proclaimers

Favorite Video Game: Smash Bros

Favorite Music Genre: Hmmm Classical, and Anime soundtracks are what I listen to the most.

Hobby: Writing, Reading, Cosplaying, painting

Favorite Anime: Fairy Tail ^.^


Which one do you believe is more dangerous?

Alts: Adra, Hikari, Neru, Wisp, Asailia, Natsu
God of Storms and Lightning
God of Storms and Lightning

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Re: Let's Be Buddies!

Post by Aero Dynamic on Fri Mar 27, 2015 3:42 pm

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite movie: 1 How to train your Dragon
2 How to Train Your Dragon 2 (This is a dragon role paying website anyways)
3 Big hero 6

Favorite song: Photograph by Nickleback (It was when I was younger)
Favorite Video game: 1 Minecraft
2 Skyrim
3 You Don't Know Jack

Favorite Music Genre: Pop, rock, classical, Movie soundtracks

Hobby: School, reading, video games, animals

Favorite Movie character: Goes with movie Wink

Favorite school subject: Uh, Math, duh

Favorite book: Wolves of the Beyond/ Wings of Fire

Favorite Youtuber(Just a random subject): IHasCupquake
Aero Dynamic

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