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Serbani • LightWing Tracker

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Serbani • LightWing Tracker Empty Serbani • LightWing Tracker

Post by Serbani on Sat Feb 21, 2015 9:13 pm

Serbani • LightWing Tracker Red-dragon-wallpapers-3d
Personal Info
Name: Serbani
Alias: N/A
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Personality: Serbnai is probably your average happy go lucky dragon. She almost always stays optimistic and it is quite hard to find her in a bad mood. She absolutely hates fighting or anything related to it. Her caring and welcoming personality allows Serbani to make friends quite easily and she enjoys talking to other dragons and presenting her ideas. Even though Serbani is not a fighter she has a determined edge and when presented with a competition she will always jump at the opportunity. She does not give up easily. She love to help other when she can and is also quite adventurous, loving to learn and see new things.
• She enjoys nature and spending time alone in the jungle to admire the world around her
• Competition. If there is a race or a contest Serbani will step up to the challenge and she always has a drive to win no matter the circumstances.
• Serbani also enjoys hunting and that is why she chose to be a tracker in her tribe.
• She also loves to read and learn new things no matter what they are.
• She highly dislikes rain and storms because it takes away from her sun time
• Serbani cannot tolerate rude dragons and hates when she has to talk to them
• She also does not like fighting in any matter
Fears: Serbani has mild claustrophobia and hates being in confined spaces. She also has a bit of aquaphobia. Not the fear of water itself but the fear of drowning which is why she doesn't like flying over large bodies of water.

General Appearance
Height: 63ft
Scales: When not feeling specific emotions strongly her scales are red, white, and black, along with purple fur.
Eyes: Purple/Blue
Appearance: Though her scales consistently change color reflecting her mood, Serbani's markings stay the same. She boasts a tribal pattern along her body and has a crest of feather and fur on her head and neck. Her wings are also patterned and have feathers on them. She is a smaller dragon and is quite lean and lithe.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: LightWing
Rank: Tracker
Family: Her family is unknown as she was abandoned as a hatchling.
Mate: N/A but open
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She is very fast and lithe which is great for her hunting and her rank as a tracker. SHe is also quite friendly which helps her make friends easily when they may be needed.
Special Abilities: Serbani is able to enhance her speed in certain circumstances, usually if her or one of her friends lives are at risk. This is very hard for Serbani to do and it does tire her out when she does do it. It can only last up to 30 seconds too.
Weaknesses: Serbani is not very good at fighting at all and does not prefer it. If she is forced to fight she will but if she has the choice she will almost always back out. WHen she does fight and uses her special ability it also makes her week after it is used.
Combat Style: When Serbani has to fight, she prefers to fight in the air where she can use her speed to her advantage.

History: Serbani prefers not to tell it to anyone.
RP Sample:
Serbani closed her eyes and smiled as she stretched out her muscles. She had just woken up from her sun-time and felt full of energy. With a small yawn, the content blue dragon jumped off the tree she had been sleeping on. She let herself fall and her scales slowly changed to a gold color, expressing her excitement. At the last moment before hitting the ground, Serbani unfurled her feathery wings and rose up above the tree line. She peered down at the jungle below her, looking for an evening snack. The she-dragon grinned as she spotted a parrot resting on a branch in the tree below her. Though birds weren't necessarily Serbani's favourite food she hadn't seen anything else yet. She narrowed her eyes, locking on the rainbow colored bird, and tucked her wings into her side, letting herself fall towards the bird with lightening speed. As she neared, Serbani extended her front talons and grasped the parrot on her paws before it even knew what was coming. The gold-blue dragon landed on a tree close by and killed the bird, quickly getting to word at getting it's feathers off.
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Serbani • LightWing Tracker Empty Re: Serbani • LightWing Tracker

Post by Aura on Sun Feb 22, 2015 3:18 am

This gets an unofficial seal of approval from the alchemist dragon Green Alien Cheerlea

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Serbani • LightWing Tracker Empty Re: Serbani • LightWing Tracker

Post by Atlantis on Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:09 am


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