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Veilfire - Dragon Age RP, no app, no word count

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Veilfire - Dragon Age RP, no app, no word count

Post by Gotham's Reckoning on Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:16 pm

No App • No Word Count • Player-Driven • Canons & OCs, All Factions Welcome! • 18+

The throne of the gods stands empty.
A portal to their forgotten world has been opened-
but who will fight through the demon horde and claim the seat?

A group forms in the shadow of the Temple of Sacred Ashes,
to fight the power of the Breach. Leadership and loyalties are uncertain.

The templars are divided, the mages without discipline.
The Grey Wardens have gone silent. Blood-sucking wraiths walk Thedas.

Is it possible that these are all related?
Someone- somewhere, knows.


Gotham's Reckoning

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