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Everything Isn't What it Seems Chapter 1. Dragon10
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Everything Isn't What it Seems Chapter 1.

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Everything Isn't What it Seems Chapter 1. Empty Everything Isn't What it Seems Chapter 1.

Post by NightFlare on Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:19 pm

((Okay, for those of you who have no idea what Fullmetal Alchemist is, or have never watched it, go watch it now! This story will make no sense if you don't!))

It was midnight, 2015, January 17th. A cold night in Japan. A military base was stationed there, going through drills. It would seem pretty average for a military base. Nothing seemed out of wack. Everything looked normal. Tanks plowed up and down the base, training. Jets sat in the warehouses, unused for years. Men talked seriously about things and got drunk. Seemed normal. Well, it would seem normal had it not been for the mysterious room that anyone who wasn't a specialized scientist or below general were not allowed to enter. A top secret experiment was being held down there. An experiment that would change how humans thought, forever.

A creature, draped in black, ran through the corridors of the secret room. She looked human enough, except for the fact that her body had a slight glow to it, almost as if animated. Her eyes darted back and forth between the glowing, yellow cages, filled with creatures that looked as if they were made of sludge. The creatures made whining, groaning noises, almost as if being tortured. The creature tried not to look at them as she continued her task at hand. Luckily, no one had discovered her yet. But they would soon.

She turned a corner, her eyes avoiding all the cages. She passed a glowing room with a dragon-like creature chained to a glowing rope, and they were cringing and screaming in pain, but the girl ignored them. She was too busy. She needed to find someone very important to her, and quickly. Whispering, she said to herself, "Oh, young lord, where could you be..."

Suddenly, she passed a room with several tubes that held the sludge-like dragonian beasts. Her eyes widened when she spotted one of the cages, and she removed a shurikan from her belt, throwing it at the glass, shattering the window and jumping in the room. The creature let out a scream when it saw her, a warning, and suddenly an alarm went off. The girl, ignoring the alarm, pulled out a bomb and attached it to the tank, causing it to explode. The creature slithered out, gasping for breath. For a moment its body morphed, and changed until it, too, had taken on the form of a young man. He let out a gasp, and looked up at the girl.

"Lan Fan! I told you it was too dangerous to come back for me! What will the humans say when they find out?" he said, gasping as the oxygen of the room filled his sore body. He had been trapped in that Tyroxite-filled cage for a while, and the gas had seriously started to mess with his head. It was kept at a level that wouldn't kill him, but had still been extremely painful to live in such a small space in that form.

"I'm sorry, young lord!" she said, helping him stand, "I couldn't leave you in this slaughter house." She then took his hand, "Come on, we've got to get out of here before they find us!" Ling Yao, the one Lan Fan had just rescued, held his head, trying to get the Tyroxite out of his system. Everything was still really blurry for him. He then nodded, and followed Lan Fan, unsheathing his two swords in case they ran into trouble.

Sirens blared in their ears, and the two wince as they came into contact with the awful aroma of Tyroxite, a substance that felt like a normal rock to humans, but was incredibly toxic for them. They continued to run, ignoring all the other cages crying for help. They knew that if they stopped to help anyone, they'd just be caught again. They coudln't afford that risk. But as Ling ran, he suddenly stopped, veering off in another direction.

"Young lord!" Shouted Lan Fan, stopping suddenly in confusion as she watched Ling speed off.

"Lan Fan, don't worry about me. Find a way out yourself, I'll be right back!" He shouted, before continuing on his way.

He suddenly veered to a stop besides a cage with another black creature. The creature let out a cry when it saw Ling, and Ling slashed his sword across the surface of the glass, breaking it. It released a toxin aroma, and he had to cover his nose and mouth to avoid getting dizzy again. The creature fell to the ground, panting as it attempted to resassemble itself into a more humanoid form. It coughed up blood, gasping for fresh air, as it took on the form of a teenage boy with blond hair and a prosthetic arm and leg.

"Ed, are you alright?" Asked Ling, helping the alchemist to his feet. The sirens blared in their ears, and they could hear humans approaching. Humans with more toxic chemicals, whom weren't afraid to kill them.

Ed held his head, gasping. "Yea... I think I'll be soon..." he groaned. He felt like fainting. But if he did that he'd die. Glancing around, Ed's eyes widened when he spotted humans approaching. Tapping Ling on the shoulder, he said, "Alright, enough talk, we need to get out of here. Now." Ling nodded, and the two off, leaving the humans to organize themselves.

"So... you have any idea how long we've been trapped in here?" Asked Ed as they ran.

"No idea. I'm just glad we're escaping. Not sure how much longer I could have lasted exposed to that much toxicity." Ling replied.

They soon caught up with Lan Fan, and she looked relieved when they were both okay. Suddenly, Ed had a panicked look on his face, and he looked at Ling, "Wait, where's Al?" he asked. He couldn't leave his brother in this torture chamber! He needed to go back and get him!

"We can't get him now, Ed, it's too dangerous!" Ling shouted. They were so close to the exit now, if they went back, they might not escape at all. As Ed was about to argue, five humans, each carrying shock sticks, appeared out of nowhere. Lan Fan ran forward, throwing a shurikan at one of the humans, and kicking the other in the stomach.

"Run now!" She shouted at Ling and Ed, wrestling with one of the humans so they wouldn't shock her iwth the Tyroxite powered tools. The two looked momentarily shocked at the ambush, and didn't , until Lan Fan pushed them towards the exit.

"Out! Now!" She shouted, before one of the humans stabbed Lan Fan with the toxic tools, causing her to collapse in agony, the poisonous gas coursing through her veins, a pain that burnt like the sun.

Gasping, LIng shouted, "Lan Fan!" But they couldn't waste any more time. Grabbing Ling, Ed used alchemy to open the locked door, and the two ran off. When equipped with ores that toxic and dangerous, it would be a suicide mission to stay and fight. They needed to regain some energy from when they had been trapped and tortured to death. Several humans gasped as they ran by, probably lower-ranking soldiers who hadn't been aware of the experiment under their noses, but the two ignored them.

After a while of running, they made it outside, gasping. That had been terrifying. Ed stretched, groaning. "Ah, it's been so long since I had a breath of fresh air." sighing, Ed glanced over at the military base, which was whirring and making lourd noises. Ling sighed.

"Well, now that we've escaped, we just have to find a way to avoid humans..... kind of hard... considering the fcat they dominate this planet...."

(Dayum, this story already makes no sense. Sorry if it seems a bit rushed. Let me explain a few things. Tyroxite is a toxic ore that occurs naturally on earth. It is extremely toxic to the species that Ed and Ling are, to the point where they get dizzieness and headaches just by standing too close to a concentrated one. As for the species, they are creatures called Taekons, something I aint gonna explain. Basically, they are creatures that exist as anime characters in the real world. Nuff said. If you want an anime, or your real life self, in this story, SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER HOLD Yo pEACE! And yes, that is the reason they ran away instead of fighting. The ore is so toxic that, combined with the fact they were trapped in gasified tanks of Tyroxite, they would be extremely weak. FIghting would be a suicide mission.)

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