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Rissa, The Emerald Blaze

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Rissa, The Emerald Blaze

Post by Rissa on Sun Feb 15, 2015 8:01 am

Personal Info
Name: Rissa
Alias: The Emerald Blaze
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Personality: Rissa is usually a somewhat carefree dragoness with the mindset of an older hatchling. She doesn’t fully understand the real world and the way other dragons may think, and (unlike some social hatchlings) therefore tends to prefer talking in smaller groups. She is curious about the littlest things, constantly asking questions in her mind, but doesn’t usually let that show through her emotions. She can be very sarcastic at times, and when interrupted from something that she’s doing without good reason, she can become hostile beneath her sweet voice (but she tends to avoid attacking any dragon unless they take things a bit too far & avoids attacking her fellow Tribe members). Despite the nature of her mentality, she takes her assigned tasks very seriously, be it assigning tasks to others or going out into the field, herself. Whenever faced when something, she gets the job done without faltering. If she makes a mistake in any way, she will become more panicked (amount of panic depends on how bad of a mess up); if things become too overwhelming, she may grow clumsy and defeated. Despite remaining a walking, talking storm cloud for the remainder of the day, after a few hours of sleep, she’ll return to her normal state of sarcastic and carefree.
Interests: Rissa is a dragon of many interests. For one, she doesn’t mind leaving the underground caves to stretch her wings for a bit and loves to make new friends. She enjoys warmer temperatures to lounge in. She is also very fond of finding new challenges to overcome as it has become a sort of… hobby in her eyes.
Dislikes: Rissa doesn’t really enjoy when she’s up above the clouds as she wouldn’t be able to see the earth below, being overly-crowded, and she really doesn’t like when she herself messes up on her job. She doesn’t really take it lightly when a dragon intentionally prevents her from sunning without any meaningful reason.
            >Losing (Or just not being good enough for the Tribe)

General Appearance
Height: 51’ 2.5”[Feet’ Inches” (Let me know if I got these mixed up please)]
Scales: Rough, more prominent brown scales that smoothen out around the eyes, nose, mouth, and ridge. He scales around her ridge consist of green at the edges
Eyes: Bright emerald green
Appearance: Rissa maintains a thinner structure and has fairly nice wings that match her coloration: brown, but they fade into green tips, similar to the ridge that runs from her forehead to the tip of her tail, and she also has a horn on either side of her head.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: EarthWings 
Rank: Tracker
            >Jayle::Step-Mother::Whereabouts Unknown
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Rissa is a speedy dragon especially on land, most likely due to her build. Her accuracy is top-of-the-line, and she knows how to calculate and use angles to an advantage. She slips through forests with ease, blending in better with the oak, mud, or spruce shades of brown and green.
Special Abilities:
Venomous Flames: Rissa, being partially FireWing, can breathe fire. However, her flames are unlike those of the usual FireWing. Hers aren’t quite as strong as a true FireWing’s but is a combination between fire and venom, giving it a green coloration and double the trouble if both manage to take an effect on the victim dragon. Instead of simply burning, they also can infect a wound and mingle with the bloodstream. The most this usually does is makes the victim bedridden, either more commonly from illness or the rarer paralysis in a wing, a leg, or occasionally two appendages. Major amounts of the venom can lead to loss of scales, the corrosion of flesh, and eventually death if not treated properly to get the venom out of the bloodstream.
             >Although she is well-trained, Rissa can become irritated at the slightest mistakes in her calculations. While this doesn’t happen very often, when it does she can become confused and thus lead to clumsiness.
             >Oddly enough, Rissa is only immune to her own mixture of fire and venom, and can be affected by all extreme temperatures (but would rather be hot than cold) and may not regenerate as fast in mud as what would be regular for her size.
             >She doesn’t do well when having to be crowded with what she considers to be very large groups (5+ Dragons) and when doing so can come to: a) a loss of words; b) stuttering; c) stress and headaches.
Combat Style: Despite being a tracker, Rissa has developed a fighting style if the time ever comes that she may need it. Whenever caught in combat Rissa prefers either being alone or a small 2-3 dragon group when in combat, as she isn’t cluttered as much and can find the proper angle to attack without becoming crowded. She is very fond of attacking first, being able to find the correct positioning without the interruption of a wary foe. Additionally, she is would often use her flames as a way to weaken an opponent’s armor (scales/metal; anything that can heat up and burn) and insert the intermingled venom into an open wound to cause illness. However, as she is a merciful dragon, if the opponent feels the effects of the venom before the end of the battle (not an entirely normal thing, but not uncommon…) she will usually refrain from killing him and would help him back to his Tribe or break his wing to ensure her victory.

History: Will complete/add a bunch more details later
Basic Summary: Rissa’s father was captured died before her and Firnin’s hatching to blood loss and starvation, blood loss, or a combination of the two in human captivity, where he was improperly cared for. Her mother, who was in the FireWing tribe was distraught by this and so as soon as she found out, she gave two of her three eggs to an EarthWing guardian, Jayle, who had her doubts. On the day they hatched, Rissa and Firnin’s step-mother gave them the names specified by the FireWing, and helped to raise them. Unfortunately, the last of their known FireWing kin passed on soon after she discovered that the egg she had kept had been a bad egg and fell ill. When Rissa and Firnin became trainees, Rissa was to join the ranks of the Trackers, but also grew an interest in the combat done by the guardian trainees. She began staying up later with Jayle, starting out with simple self-defense techniques… and then shortly after beginning this, she discovered her Venomous Fire and Jayle found it right to teach the Tracker-in-Training a combat style of her own if the time should come that she would need it. When Rissa became a full-blown member of the tribe, she had developed her own way of fighting, using her agility and custom abilities to suit herself. Shortly afterwards, Jayle vanished without a trace, leaving Rissa and Firnin on their own.
RP Sample:
The forest of the EarthWings’ territory was quiet. The only noise audible were the crickets chirping and the soft, sweet melodies of the birds that had awoken. Orange light glistened off the raindrops that had fallen on the leaves and the morning dew of the grass as the sun rose over the horizon and began yet another journey through the sky, its daily routine. The last of the moon vanished away, swallowed by the opposite side of the void. It would not be seen again until the sun’s journey drew to a close and it was time for the world to rest. The peaceful forest shimmered as the sun continued to rise; nothing could make such a scene any better.
However, everything gets better in due time. Mere moments after the moon’s disappearance, a mythical dragon soared through the colorful sky, the final piece to any artist’s masterpiece. The dragoness looked to be of EarthWing appearance, with natural brown and green coloration. She was smaller than most, but cut through the sky with a rather slender build and less resistance than what larger dragons would receive. The sunlight shone off of her own scales as she dove for a landing in a rather sunny portion of the forest, folding her wings back for speed before spreading them to their full extent for a brief glide and a soft landing. She took a moment, trotting in a circle, before laying down and taking in the heat being delivered by the rays of light. After a few moments, she found herself swapping to various positions, from coiled up into a ball to on her back with her neck stretched to its full length; she finally grew comfortable laying on her stomach, head resting on her front feet and wings laying partially extended to her sides.
And as soon as she took up that position, she was brought to attention by the loud wingbeats of another dragon overhead and the loud roar that followed soon after. The sunning dragoness looked upwards, eyes locked on to the large, turquoise dragon that had decided to block her sunlight by flying down in front of her. The dragoness sighed, heaving herself to a sitting position, “Do you mind? I was trying to enjoy the sun.”
“Impudent weakling, do you not know who I am?” the turquoise dragon snorted, eyeing the small morsel, “I am Roriqus the Great! I have killed thousands much bigger and stronger than yourself; you should fear me!”
“Huh,” the dragoness rolled her eyes and replied with a sarcastic tongue, “You sound more like Roriqus the Narcissist to me… Oh, hey, is your brother Roriqus the Liar? I hear he lies a lot about his achievements in life just to earn the fear from others.”
“I suggest you keep a hold of your tongue, short one.”
“Short? Pfft,” the dragoness snorted, “There are many dragons who are smaller than me... Perhaps you should watch your own words, sir. And actually, you don’t know who I am and where you are, but let me fix that into your skull. You are in EarthWing territory. I am an EarthWing Tracker, but I do know a bit when it comes to combat. Even if you manage to overpower me, I have an entire Tribe to back me up. You are alone. As for who I am, well…”
She chuckled a bit, opening her eyes to reveal the hostility hidden behind her sweet voice, “I am Rissa, the Emerald Blaze.”
**Note: This is me taking the time to write out a lengthier post. There have been many times in the past where I just put a simple paragraph or so. Not too short, not too long.**

[Feel free to let me know if I messed up anywhere. It would be much obliged as I will probably end up coming back to turn the history into a full out biography (And I’ll let you all know when I do)]

Last edited by Rissa on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:14 am; edited 1 time in total
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Re: Rissa, The Emerald Blaze

Post by Cosmos on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:34 am



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Re: Rissa, The Emerald Blaze

Post by Celestia on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:58 am

You realize at night you wouldn't be able to see a thing right? Only the NightWings have night vision good enough that they aren't completely blind in it. Rather they can see pretty well.


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Re: Rissa, The Emerald Blaze

Post by Rissa on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:06 am

Ah, true. Thanks Astral, I'll go back and fix that.
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