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Into the Abyss (Private; Nightwings)

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Into the Abyss (Private; Nightwings)

Post by Virath on Sat Feb 14, 2015 7:02 pm

Sploosh.. Splash.. Sploosh.. Splash..

Virath kicked around the head of a rouge dragon in a pattern of puddle-to-puddle as he walked around the dead swamps of the Nightwings, chaotic nightwings in particular. He whistled with his bloody lips and stained teeth. He hummed and whistled and giggled and hideous giggle before the kicked the head a little too far, watching it roll over into a dark crevice. Virath stopped whistling and only peered down into the darkness. He could hear the dismembered head bounce off against the sides of the crevice, the sound echoing until it became silent. The drop must've been long since he never heard it hit the ground. Virath only peered over in silence, a expression of shame on his face. "I didn't even get to skin it yet! It would've made an excellent trophy! An astonishing one! Heh!"

He complained as he ended his comment with a sinister snicker. But after a small pause of staring into the dark crevice, he immediately lost interest in the thought and walked on. His wings unevenly folded to his sides, the blood drying on his lips, and his talons tainted with the odor of death. A true nightwing he was! Yes, yes, indeed! Varith began to snicker again with a cold smirk. "It's so silent here! I wish there was something screaming or bleeding nowadays! I want to rid of this peaceful relationship between these dragon tribes! Yes! That is what I'll do! Hahahaha!" He began to laugh uncontrollably. Even if he was alone, it's like he had seen the funniest thing in the world.

Varith felt his limp tail drag against the bloody mud. It was damp and icky, and smelled terrible. But Varith never minded it. The smell of suffering was one he rejoiced in. He walked up to the thickest, most lifeless tree he could find and leaned against it. It was slanted backwards and blocked sun and moonlight out from the other trees. A unsettling shadow was beneath that tree. His uncontrolled laughter faded into a hideous giggle as he smirked and glared up at the moon, his body up against the tree. His scales scraped the bark and made a screeching sound knowing how dry and had that try was. He winced as he giggled, merely thinking of his sick thoughts. "One day I must skin Gemini! Yes! She'd make a fine rug! Or cape! Or antique! Yes! I'd make sure to cut out her vocal chords last! Her screams would make me scream and rejoice myself! Heh!"
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NightWing Citizen

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Re: Into the Abyss (Private; Nightwings)

Post by NightStrike on Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:28 am

NightStrike heard something in the distance. She heard the rumbling laugh of a Nightwing Dragon. A dusty black citizen was laughing insanely in a swamp. She approached further without being seen.

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Re: Into the Abyss (Private; Nightwings)

Post by Virath on Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:26 am

Virath glared around with a smirk on his face. He scanned the area carefully before his giggle faded into a low, sinister, snicker. He narrowed one eye and widened another which gave a wicked expression on his face as he stared into the darkness of the swamps. "Are we going to play hide-n-seek little lizard? You're so fun! And you have disgraceful hiding spots! HEHE! I don't know where you're hiding, but it sure seems horrible if I can hear you!" He laughed and laughed. He unevenly leaped from puddle to puddle into the darkness of the swamps. In a search for the dragon. In a search for blood.

Virath loved playing games like these! A conversation could slowly shift from a normal chat to a disturbing game. Ones he always won. Virath started humming a melody that was very off tune.
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NightWing Citizen

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