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Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

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Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:30 pm

Alright, guys. I've been thinking about this for awhile now, and Hyruu had just said in chat that someone should make one. So, that coaxed me into making it at last.

This topic is for posting ALL of your alts and where and when you roleplay. Be sure to edit the post when something has changed.

My info is below. I put the account's name, then the character's name, including first and last, and then their tribe + rank.

Characters: SolsticeEquinox (Solstice Equinox Wolf) - IceWing Healer & Ice Goddess
Melody (Melody) - IceWing Citizen
Sora (Sora) - IceWing Hatchling
Vera (Vera Serene) - Soon-to-Bee Trainee, NightWing
Aquamarine (Aquamarine Diamanti) - SeaWing Royal Guard/Guardian
Rose (Rose.) - SeaWing Demigod Hatchling
Ariki (Ariki Ren) - EarthWing Citizen
Vyur (Vyur) - FireWing Guardian
Shiavee (Shiavee) - SkyWing Tracker
Nizza (Nizza Dewitt) - Rogue Hatchling
Artemis (Artemis Selene Levitae) - Rogue Teen
Star Brilliance (Star Brilliance) - Rogue Adult

And then, here is my roleplaying info:

I roleplay on all of my accounts. I mainly do chatbox. I will roleplay on Solstice in chat at any time, and in private threads to heal someone. I will mainly do the private threads, any threads I'm called in to, or any important IceWing topic. I will very rarely roleplay on her in a public roleplay. As for the rest of my characters, I'll do anything. Tribe forum, open to all, chat. But again: chatbox is my main place. If you want to make a topic/plot with me, go ahead! <3


Characters: Solstice, Sora, Peitaa, Ariki
Goddess of Ice
Goddess of Ice

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Hyruu on Wed Jan 28, 2015 5:43 pm

My turn then ^^ This is going to be a bit more difficult to search for everyone's names than what I had thought of, but well.

Hyruu - Lightwing Trainee/Tracker
Loque - Nightwing Trainee/Tracker
Asher - Icewing Tail Nommer (aka hatchling)

Roleplaying info :
I'm always eager to roleplay on topics, but am a bit shy about chat rping or entering public threads (even though it doesn't mean I don't like doing so).

Characters : Hyruu, Asher, Loque, Mei, Aakesh, Seyn, Rhune, Nara, Nisha
LightWing Hunter
LightWing Hunter

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Elkas on Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:25 pm

Here are all my alts
Elkas-Starwing hatchling
Jadespine-Earthwing guardian
Rubytail-Skywing guardian trainee
Barracuda-Seawing vulcan
That's all the alts I currently have. I mostly join chat to, well, chat, but sometimes enter or create topics that fit my character. I do participate in a few private threads.

My other characters
Barracuda Jadespine Rubytail Scourge Eveningsong

[10:42:40] Elkas : Wait,
[10:43:13] Elkas : I HAVE BEEN CLONED! D: everyone grab your spud guns.
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LightWing Hatchling

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Celestia on Wed Jan 28, 2015 11:24 pm

Me likey. This could help the staff here out a lot as well as the members.

I might just have to program a little custom search engine so you can look up a specific person and it'll pull up the info in this topic instead of having to scroll through each post to find them.

Astral(Goddess of the Moon and Stars): Good luck rping with this one. Not easy finding rps she can join. Most of the rps are just family.

Aari(Demi Goddess and SeaWing Trainee): Currently captured by dem evil humans. RP with this character is closed until further notice.

Kenina(Queen of the FireWings): This character is my most available for rp at the moment.

Contact and RP:
Skype is the easiest way to contact me you can find it in my profile. PM is the next easiest. You can also find me on the chat from time to time.

I'm open to any rp but I prefer you come up with some sort of plot line rather than totally wingin it.


[15:53:21] Apolis : Yes, semi gods shall be treated with the uttermost respect of course!
[00:33:27] Abyss : Happy coming outta yer mum day~
[01:31:17] XaJjang : 90% of this site's "Metagaming" or "Powerplaying" is the opposite.
[01:31:26] XaJjang : It's jsut really badly worded posted, or jsut bad posts in general.
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NightWing Hatchling

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Arkhor on Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:12 am

Sweat Time for all mine XD

//Main// Arkhor (Semi God, God Of Tides - Mate - Oceana)
Devi (Male Lightwing Leader - Mate - Open)
Nebula (Starwing/Rogue - Mate - Pulse)
Blizzard (Icewing Vulcan - Mate - Melody)
Dusk (Earthwing Trainee - Mate - Planned Plot)
Zyailor (Skywing Tracker - Mate - Open)
Monsoon (Demi God - Nightwing Trainee - Mate - Open for future)
Degzauth (Nightwing Guardian - Neutral - Mate - Open)
//Shared Account with Atlas// Volcanis (Firewing Guardian - Mate - Planned)

Contact: Mostly open to anyone, my skype is on my profile for those who are interested. Pm is fine too.

Available for all types of RP, whether its chatbox or forum feel free to ask, I'm pretty good with coming up with plots and just likes to RP Razz


Alts: Nebula, Blizzard, Zyailor, Dusk, Monsoon, Devi, Degzauth, Rohkar, Lucy
God of Life and Seas
God of Life and Seas

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Neru on Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:21 am

Meeeeeeee!!! GET READY. XD ANYWAY, to start off, you can contact me through PM, or you'll find me on the site, as I'm here a lot. If I trust you, I'll give you my Skype or my personal email, which is another way of getting to me. I doubt you'll need to though... I can't imagine who would want to contact me outside of here, but whatevs. Okay!! Here are my alts:

Nickname: Wispeh, Wispy, etc;
Rank: IceWing Tracker
Children: AuSurath ((Adopted))
Mate: Open

Nickname: Hik, Kari. Those are the two he's gotten.
Rank: LightWing Guardian
Children: None
Mate: Closed, planned.

Nickname: None, really...
Rank: SeaWing Healer Trainee, Demigod
Children: Naaawww, mannnn....
Mate: Open

Nickname: Nery  
Rank:NightWing Hatching, but is a StarWing by breed.
Children: Nope
Mate: Open

Nickname: Zephy, Zeph.
Rank: SkyWing Semi God, God of Lightning and Storms
Children: None
Mate: Closed, Planned

Nickname: Asai
Rank: SeaWing Female Leader
Children: None
Mate: Closed, planned

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Vale on Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:02 am

Oh Boy.

Tribe: Lightwing
Rank: Vulcan
Gender: Female
Family (Mate, kids, etc.): Nope.

Tribe: N/A (Considers herself a Seawing)
Rank: Goddess of Emotion
Gender: Female
Family (Mate, kids, etc.): Nope.

Dusk(Sub-accoutn to Shine
Tribe: Nope.
Rank: Rogue
Gender: Female
Family (Mate, kids, etc.): Shine as a sister

Tribe: Nightwing
Rank: Head Tracker
Gender: Female
Family (Mate, kids, etc.): Nope

Tribe: Nope
Rank: Rogue
Gender: Male
Family (Mate, kids, etc.): Part of Ark's first clutch

Tribe: Icewing
Rank: Hatchling
Gender: Female
Family (Mate, kids, etc.): Blizzard's Kid

In addition, I do have an Earthwing hatchling (Yet to be made), CopperHead(I'm giving her away) and Dororo (Also giving away)

Contact: PM.
RP: I'm open to any RP as long as I find it interesting, and I will use all of my characters respectively. I will do private as well as public topics. You can ask me to do just about any sort of RP, propose a private topic via PM, I might just join a topic that makes sense, etc. I would like to be more active, so throw topics at me. Smile

"Shut it and let me work."

My Bio: http://www.rpgdragons.org/t1610-vale-sooty-beauty
Other Accounts:Shiningwater, MoonShade, Asaya, Lye, Radiance, Sterlynn
LightWing Vulcan
LightWing Vulcan

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Natrix on Thu Jan 29, 2015 9:41 am


Boreas - IceWing - Guardian - Probally inactive.

Apollo - FireWing - Guardian - Trying to get out of inactiveness

Jupiter - FireWing - Guardian - Active

Delphin - SeaWing - Tracker Trainee - Very Active

Terra - EarthWing - Guardian - Trying to make active

Scorpius - NightWing - Tracker - Please RP with me Sad

Arctus - IceWing - Guardian - Active atm.

I pretty much RP in any thread. Add me into any topics, I'll join them especially my NW and EW account, along with Delph. :p

SeaWing Hatchling
SeaWing Hatchling

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Serena on Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:32 pm

OK, so I might as well do this.

Nickname: Crys
Tribe: Icewing
RanK: Scholar Trainee

Nickname: Lex
Tribe: Lightwing
Rank: Vulcan

Nickname: Sky
Tribe: Skywing
Rank: IDK yet... (Probably Tracker)

Nickname: Drop or Drop the Cough (<--Her make fun of nick name)
Tribe: Seawing
Rank: Demi God Hatchling

Nickname: Sera, Rena
Tribe: Nightwing
Rank: Guardian

Contact: PM or Email goes to people I can really trust

Rping: I am really shy when it comes to forum roleplaying, but if im invited or asked to join I usually will. If am NOT roleplaying on a forum and it says I am online, im usually in the chat box, reading something, or editing something. <3 every dragon on here, ty for reading.

Serena's theme Song:
NightWing Guardian
NightWing Guardian

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Dinnozo on Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:54 pm

Sting: NightWing Tracker
Dinnozo: SeaWing Demigod
Cicero: FireWing Black Op Spy
Allistair: NightWing Black Op Assassin
Equinox: SkyWing Healer
Saphira: SeaWing Healer
Rylatha: EarthWing Hatchling

I rp as long as I'm not busy...
SeaWing Vulcan
SeaWing Vulcan

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Re: Post Your Alts + Roleplaying Info!

Post by Sponsored content

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