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Ragnaros, the Firelord

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Ragnaros, the Firelord

Post by Ragnaros on Tue Jan 27, 2015 11:45 pm

The Firelord:
Personal Info
Name: Ragnaros
Alias: The Firelord
Age: 50-60
Gender: Male
Personality: Ragnaros was once a famed warrior, general of the old Firewing army. Known for his warrior spirit and his merciless execution of enemies, he was admired and feared. In his best days, he was a proud one, always seeking out for glory on the battlefields. Maybe not one of great patience, going as far as shredding everyone in his way, friend or foe, while his short temper always got the best of him. But now, after what happened to him, he became something best described as a beast. Something only living for survival. A being only driven by his rage, his anger always directed towards someone or something.  But deep inside his mind, there is the Firelord, the glorious warrior of the Firewings.
Interests: Fighting over everything, training and hunting, burning his enemies down, war
Dislikes: Water and Ice, not being able to do anything, peace
Fears: The greatest fear of Ragnaros is a very primal one. The only thing he fears is being forced away, being robbed of his freedom. Being bound to shackles, forced into a cage, anything you can think of.   

General Appearance
Height: 135 ft
Scales: His scales are pitch-black, looking more like cooled lava then actual scales with equal toughness.
Eyes: Glowing yellow, but changing with the heat inside his body.
Appearance: Ragnaros is a very robust dragon, his scales turned very hard in the course of time. His whole build being very robust as he trained himself physically very much. His tail is bigger than the standard one, being able to smash trees. The end of the tail being covered in large, spiky scales hard enough to pierce through dragon scales. His arms, as well as the back of his head, are covered at the sides with spikes, making battling with him in close combat difficult, to say the least. His head is adorned by two horns, although his left one is broken and reinforced by metal plates thanks to the vulcans of his time. In the same way, his lower jaw got reinforced by various metal alloys, being broken in one fight with a member of his own tribe. His wings being mostly red, with a single talon on top. The burning inside of his body can be seen between his scales, the angrier he becomes, the hotter his body will be.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing
Rank: None at the moment
Family: Not living anymore
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Ragnaros is exceptionally good at physical claw-to-claw combat, his strength surpassing most of the Firewings and being on par with some of the stronger Earthwings. His experience with wars and fights made him analyzing the flow of a fight and finding flaws in the opponents strategy (not meaning that he will win every fight. Simply by having more force than him it becomes exceptionally easy to beat him). Other than that, he possesses the usual strengths of the Firewings
Special Abilities: He realized at an early age his short temper and quickly learned to utilize his anger and rage into a combat ability. The more enraged he becomes, the hotter his body becomes. With that factor given, he starts fighting more furiously, caring less and less about his own safety for the sake of shredding his opponent. As he most likely engages in claw-to-claw combat, his claws also heat up with building rage, becoming more and more dangerous with every moment passing. Since his agility also depends on his body temperature, he starts fighting at a faster pace, his whole performance getting more agile.
Weaknesses: However, this doesn't mean he is completely without weakness. Since he relies more on his physical capabilities than anything else, every form of ranged combat leaves him almost helpless, his only option being charging at his foe. Also, his fighting in cold regions is limited in a way that he needs 3x-10x the time to build up rage and heating himself up. The biggest problem being his rage. If he can't find anyone to unleash his rage at, it won't simply leave but rather stay, building up more and more until it bursts out in a huge wave of heat and flames, leaving him exhausted and, more often than not, unconscious.
Combat Style: His fighting style is elemental claw-to-claw combat, less focused on technique but more on efficiency and simple strength.

History: Later
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Re: Ragnaros, the Firelord

Post by Celestia on Wed Jan 28, 2015 12:46 am



[15:53:21] Apolis : Yes, semi gods shall be treated with the uttermost respect of course!
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[01:31:17] XaJjang : 90% of this site's "Metagaming" or "Powerplaying" is the opposite.
[01:31:26] XaJjang : It's jsut really badly worded posted, or jsut bad posts in general.
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