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Vyur of Fire

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Vyur of Fire

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:34 pm

This is my final character in the spree.

Name: Vyur (Vee-yer) Shana
Gender: Genderfluid. He was born a male, obviously, and tends to stick to that gender, though may occasionally call himself female and use those pronouns.
Sexuality: Panromantic demisexual

Vocals: His voice is hard to tell with a gender, though he mainly sounds male. (That's how he's begun to talk)

Birthdate: March 12th, 1996.
Age: 19

Residence: FireWings
Rank: Guardian

Personality: He is a jerk to anyone who dares defy him, though he is extremely flirtatious to those he is willing to date. He is rather what one would consider an arrogant fool. Despite this trait, he is somewhat intelligent. He will, however, go off if you hurt anyone or insult anyone, no matter what or who it was. He is rather calm at most times, usually smooth when acting around others. And finally, he is a real love-bug once you get to know him. He's kind to hatchlings, will hug his friends, etc.
Appearance: He is a dark, dark red, to the point of black.. with the slightest hint lighter on his underbelly. Tightly packed together scales. His back and tail have small spikes. And he has the most stunning blue eyes, which stand out extremely well against his scales.

Height: 42 Feet (12.8 Meters)

Special Abilities: He has the ability to shoot spikes that are flaming from his tail. This is also followed by the natural ability to shoot flames and lava. And added onto this, he can heat up his body and burn anything touching him, even to the point of heating himself so far he catches fire.

Fears: Water, ice. Other-wordly beings. Ghosts. Darkness. Being crammed into a small space.

Likes: - Fire, obviously
- Hanging Out
- Hatchlings
- Taking care of everyone
- Flirting

Dislikes: - Water
- Ice
- Dragons who reject him
- Dragons who don't respond in conversations or are silent

Backstory: He had grown up as a purebred FireWing, with his parents in one of the great volcanoes of the tribe. They eventually died, leaving him to live on his own and work through the tribe.


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Goddess of Ice

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Re: Vyur of Fire

Post by Phantom on Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:14 pm

Accepted Wink


In war, there is no prize for the runner-up.

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Re: Vyur of Fire

Post by Aakesh on Fri Jan 23, 2015 5:22 am

These special abilities are literally exactly like Edan's

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Re: Vyur of Fire

Post by Sponsored content

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