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Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)

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Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)  Empty Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Thu Jan 22, 2015 2:51 pm

Excuse all of the characters. I have a high level of muse at the moment as far as character inspiration, which means lots of roleplay. I also want a character of each tribe.

Name: Dahva Liana (Originally Davin)
Gender: Transgender. Male -> female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthdate: January 18th, 2014.
Age: 1

Vocals: Young female voice, but it sounds more like a dude imitating a chick's voice. But due to being young, it sounds like a girl's voice.

Personality: Dahva is a dragoness easily prone to hatred and grudges. She is fine if you treat her kindly, and everyone else. However, should you misgender her, be rude about sexualities/genders, or anything else, she'll develop and immediate hatred towards you. Other than that attitude, she can be quite kind and silly. She enjoys joking around and just plain having fun and helping others out. And, other than that, she tends to be a night-owl and ignore anything anyone much older says.
Appearance: She is a pale, pale yellow dragoness. Baby yellow. This yellow glimmers slightly, giving the appearance of a reflective service. Along with that, her eyes are amber with darker orange hints. They also tend to change colours. Reason why is stated below.

Height:  10 Feet (3.0 Meters)

Special Abilities: Dahva has the ability to change her eye colour depending upon mood. Followed with this, she has quick flight and the ability to blind her foes with light. She can also spit a sort of pure light that, despite the fact that light is not "matter," hurt terribly.

Fears: She fears water and things that can "put her out," so to speak. This includes tightly packed places.

Likes: - Flying
- Adventures
- Chats
- Hunting
- Both genders! :3  (see what I did there?)

Dislikes:  - Rude/sexist dragons
- Any sort of discomfort
- Older dragons
- "Idiots"
- Water

Backstory: Dahva had appeared when two dragons, lovers, had been sitting by a lake. Light hit the lake every so perfectly, and mixed with the nearby magical energy, which caused a dragon to form. She had then called those two dragons her parents, and from that day on, she lived with them, in their tribe, which she later learned to be the LightWings.[/color]


Characters: Solstice, Sora, Peitaa, Ariki
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Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)  Empty Re: Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)

Post by Arkhor on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:31 pm


Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)  Otp62r

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Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)  Empty Re: Dahva the Living Mirror (LightWing)

Post by Ariki on Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:33 pm

Thank you!
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