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Evil NightWing training [Private Kirian]

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Evil NightWing training [Private Kirian]

Post by Xangor on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:23 pm

First topic message reminder :

It was a quiet and peaceful day, but there was darkness in the air due of the black fog. Inside Xangor's territories, Guardians and Trackers were accomplishing their tasks with a sense of discipline and zeal into work. Some NightWings were trying battle tactics, studying different environments and learning how to take advantage of hidden places to launch ambushes. Being Xangor's group not well seen because of its badness, their lands tended to be more isolated from the NightWings society, near the mountains. Despite that, Evil NightWings were a powerful force and they had a great influence on the tribe's activities. The Good NightWings, the dominating force, had troubles to keep in check the opposite subsociety.

A black NightWing, one of Xangor's followers, was overseeing the tribe's activities from the top of a cliff. Her name was Raven. She was a female. She has been informed that one of Nimbus sons was willing to join their group, Kirian. Nothing was known about Nimbus hatclings. They lived in complete isolation. It was a big honour for the Evil NightWings to train Kirian, because they worshipped Nimbus. Furthermore, Kirian was also a demi-god. So he was stronger compared to mortal dragons.  Raven turned towards a direction, wondering when Kirian would arrive. There was a little issue. It was very hard to see a little dragon like Kirian. Maybe Kirian would be able to see Raven. She was a standard NightWing.

// Raven is a secondary character. //


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Re: Evil NightWing training [Private Kirian]

Post by Kirian on Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:54 pm

Kirian sighed, nodding his head to Raven. He'll try once more just to get this attack right.
Kiri dashed behind a rock, a little ways apart from the dummy. The magically moving thing trotted slowly, yet at a constant speed. Every now and then it would halt, searching its surroundings for anything suspicious. Keeping track of all of its movements, Kirian stayed put where he was and out of sight by the training doll.
After a few more moments of observation, Kirian slowly came out of his cover and crept forward. This time he was sure to stealthily take this dummy down.
As if on cue, the dummy froze in place, shifting its head around, looking in different directions. To Kiri, this was a bad sign, he didnt know what would happen next if the thing found out he was there. Slowly, Kirian reversed his steps, trying to get back behind the rock. Luckily, he made it just in time as the dummy glanced his way. The living object of course acted suspicious, yet continued on with its patrolling.
Kirian felt his heart beating, for some odd reason. This was only some fake doll that moved around, so why was he so nervous? Was it that he didnt want to fail again? That if he did fail, he may be considered the weakest and most idiotic hatchling of The God of Death and The Goddess of the Moon and Stars? Frowning with self-hatred, Krian shook his head. This was only step one of stealth killing, yet he already thought about the consequences and of what others may think of him.
Gathering the courage, he glanced out from behind the rock. The dummy was heading away from Kirian's hiding spot. Perfect, he thought, Now's my chance. Steadily, Kiri crept once more away from his cover. Keeping to the shadows, he made his way to the dummy, unnoticed. Readying himself for the attack, he breathed in. Hope this works... Kirian leaped at the target and stretched his claws out, now gripping onto the things neck. He then swiftly bit the dummy's throat, and eventually tearing its head off.

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Re: Evil NightWing training [Private Kirian]

Post by Xangor on Sun Feb 15, 2015 10:44 am

Raven smiled satistied at Kirian's performance. This time it was a perfect murder. The dragon's dummy fell on the ground defeated. He has listened her advices. He's talented. If he would keep training hard, Kirian would grow into a expert murderer and soon do the trial to become a official NightWing Tracker. "Nice work." She praised Kirian, but her voice was already becoming serious again. She wanted to proceed with the next step of the training, intending it was going to be a hard training. Luckily, night was arriving, so it meant everyone was going to interrupt their activities and prepare to sleep. "Now we'll deal with a different situation. It would happen the enemy would spot you." She explained. "However you would still manage to surprise your enemy. Quick-thinking is the key to kill your enemy." Then Raven proceeded to give a demonstration. Another dummy has magically regenerated. However this one was completely different from the others. The dummy was always in extreme alert, so it was hard to get it by surprise. Raven disappeared inside a shadow, approaching the dummy to attack it. The dummy reacted surprised, raising its paws in an attempt to protect itself. However the dummy wasn't fast enough. Raven promptly tackled one of the dummy's paws, causing the enemy to leave the neck exposed. She took her chance to successfully murder the enemy with her usual killing move. Then she glanced at Kirian. "When you get spotted, your enemy has rarely enough time to set up a defense. You might breath fire to confuse your enemy." She suggested while another dummy appeared. Like the previous one, it was a smart dummy. It was doing a perfect patrol, constantly checking its shoulders and every corner of the battlefield, even the ground. This dummy didn't changed attitude, so it meant Kirian will certainly be discovered. "Now your turn" She commanded.


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