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In the valley! (Open to all!) Dragon10
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In the valley! (Open to all!)

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In the valley! (Open to all!) Empty In the valley! (Open to all!)

Post by Warglory on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:13 pm

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! A red dragon tore across the earth, chasing after a stray Gallimimus. "Got you now!" she shouted happily as she landed on top of it. She killed it quickly and easily by snapping of it's neck. She was about to take a bite when she heard a rustling noise behind her. She ran without thinking pelting away as fast as possible. Looking back over her shoulder he saw a herd of Dryosaurs were trotting nervously out of the bushes. "Oh," she muttered, feeling sheepish. "Oops." she walked slowly back over to her meal, subsequently scaring all the Dryosaurs. "Sorry guys." Hearing a distant roar, she grabbed her meal and moved into the shelter of an overhang in case she needed to hide. And she did, too. A huge Tyrannosaur, followed by four other, slightly smaller ones, stepped out into the valley. She might have been able to take one, maybe two, but FIVE? Ruby had only just become a guardian trainee. She shrank back as all five stomped over to her hiding place. The big one reached in and yanked her out into the open, before stepping aside so the next one could steal and eat her Gallimimus. She wasn't about to roar at it though, she was too busy shivering as the other four walked slowly over to her. Jumping into the air, Ruby created a small tornado that surrrounded her like a cocoon. It was small, but hopefully the T-rexes wouldn't be able to get through her shield. Now what? She thought.

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In the valley! (Open to all!) Empty Re: In the valley! (Open to all!)

Post by Gaea on Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:44 pm

(This is after the events of Return of Hatred)

Moka, still scarred as she had been before, walked through the SkyWing territory. She was a healer, but she looked like a scarred guardian. Moka, having previously been a part of the NightWings, was much bigger than the average SkyWing. Why had she been allowed to join the SkyWings? Because her powers and abilities much better suited her here. True, Moka was a vampire, but the sunlight didn't bother her that much. Water was her true weakness. The sunlight did hurt, but not that much in her true form. Moka was searching for her amulet. A rosary. It would revert her back to her normal form. Moka didn't like her true form. It was far too.... destructive. Snarling Moka slapped at some leaves, sending them flying. She growled, the sun burning her scars, and ducked back into the shade. Her stump that had once been a tail vibrated back and forth. Her size, which was 35 feet in her true form, towered over most SkyWings. She let out a grunt, walking over to a shady rock, when she heard a cry. Curious, she lifted her head to see a SkyWing trainee, fleeing from some T-Rex's. Growling, Moka stepped forward, snarling at the Rexes. They whimpered, since Moka was nearly twice their size, and ran off. Moka grunted, and walked away, ignoring Ruby. She may have been kind and friendly in her regular form, but she was the opposite in her true form.

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