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From Under the Earth

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From Under the Earth Empty From Under the Earth

Post by Barracuda on Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:58 am

This is something I'm writing, for fun. I may or may not finish, below is some basic back-story.
There are three basic civilizations of lizard-people, or, as they prefer to be called, Dranor, counting the Deepworlders, who are a main part of the plot.
Home-Caves and underground areas
Cities-Fangguard, Clawsreach, Darkhaven, Rockshold, Forgehold, Deepfall, Sunderhaven
Appearance-Small and lean, only 5-7 feet tall, they are the smallest of the Drano, they are quite fast. Colors are Black, Brown, and Gray. They have tough scales with extra hard pads on their feet. They often crouch and run on all fours. They have small thick spikes on their back and are well-muscled. (For work in the forges)
Orlant (ruler)-Thaln
Mount-Giant bats
At war with both Middleworlders and Overworlders
Resources and trade-Ores and gems, they have a monopoly over jewelry and armor.

Home-Oldwood (forest)
Cities-Oakfall, Leafwood, Sunhaven, Ravensperch, Maplehaven, Canopy Fort, Leafhold.
Appearance-Large and muscular, they have long claws for climbing trees. Long spikes run down their backs and they often walk on two legs. Normally green, black and sometimes yellow, all have markings resembling those of leopards. They are, on average, 8-11 feet tall.
Orlant (ruler)-Calor
At war with both Underworlders and Overworlders
Resources and trade-Wood and wooden products as well as paper.

Home-Caves and underground areas
Cities-Thunderhold, Lightningsreach, Sunhold, Skyhaven, Cloudheart
Appearance-At about 14-17 feet tall, they are the largest Dranor species. They are also the the only species with wings. Overworlders often come in whites, golds, blues, and dark purples, they are very powerful despite the fact that they need to be light to fly. They do, however, hate going underground. Their wings are always feathery and white.
Orlant (ruler)-Drael
Mount-Chinese dragons
At war with both Middleworlders and Underworlders
Resources and trade-Maps and purified water. Have access to some wood.

The war
Soon after taking power, Drael decided that the trees belonged to him because they were above the ground which belonged to the Middleworlders.. Young and ambitious, he declared war on the Middleworlders when he refused to give them their land. The Middleworlders, worried, started to to claim the caves, which the Underworlders defended. Infuriated by both species, the Underworlders started attacking the Middleworlders in both a show of strength and to regain stolen armor. After a while the Overworlders started to realize that they needed more armor. They managed to steal some from the Underworlders, who sent a battalion of bat riders directly aimed at Cloudheart, where the armor was most likely to be. That was the start of the war.

If you have any ideas, let me know, I am welcome to help in most forms.
And now, (finally) the story.

Before the war

Thaln stalked into the meeting place, she was the last to arrive. She HATED walking on two legs! However, this was a diplomatic meeting, and her people were already looked down on. Walking onto the cliff ledge on all fours would not exactly help this. "Ah." Drawled Drael. "Here at last." Thaln didn't take the bait. She remebered Alaki's words to her when she was at her first meeting as his successor. "The other leader will lay traps for you, Thaln, they will try to provoke you into a situation in which you look immature." that was the meeting in which she had been announced as next in line for the throne. Drael was announced as Hallier's successor soon after. Thaln was doing her best not to slouch, as was common for her species. "What have you called us here for, Drael?" demanded Calor. "I have called you here to claim territory that is rightfully mine!" Drael answered. Uh-oh, Thaln thought. She did not like the looks of this. "I am claiming the trees! They rise above the ground and therefore belong to us! At sunset tomorrow I will send soldiers to take the canopies." Drael finished. "We have cities in the canopies!" Calor said. "We will fight back! You will not claim our land." "Then," Drael responded, "It is war." Then he rose up into the night sky. His feathery wings turned silver by the moonlight. "You should chose a successor soon, Thaln. You are getting older, and the war may yet extend." Thaln sighed. Calor was right, but she didn't think she had seen someone who would make a good leader. Calor left, and she stepped into the nearest cave, her dark black scales matched the walls. She wondered how far this war really woould extend.

I am also Elkas, Jadespine, Warglory, Eveningsong, Echostorm.

[18:18:21] * Arkhor slaps cuda with his tail
[18:19:14] * Barracuda "You DARE?" shoves Ark into the disappearing Volcano
[18:19:36] * Barracuda volcano-vanishes
[21:13:33] * Angel throws Barra out the window
[21:13:56] * Barracuda becomes the window
[20:47:03] * Barracuda give Baldi a bubble gun and a party hat.
[21:46:16] XDemonBloodWolfX : wheres the wiki?
[21:46:27] Barracuda : It is you, Demon
[21:46:34] Barracuda : You are the wiki
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From Under the Earth Empty Re: From Under the Earth

Post by Warglory on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:50 pm

(This is Cuda's alt, in case any of you were wondering, why this weirdo was posting here.)

I couldn't believe it. I was going to battle against the Overworlders. This war had carried on for many years, and had reached us. But we weren't surprised, we had almost all the armor there was. I mounted my bat, Scaleus. He was wearing his armor, it was iron, like mine, with a bit of Lapis-Lazuli for design and around the edges. He grunted as I climbed on. "Hey Atrika!" The person next to me yelled. "Why did the general choose you? You're MUTE!" Mute. I hated that word. I knew I couldn't speak, but they didn't have to tease me about it. My father was the general, and I knew he was disappointed about who I had turned out to be. But I hated how poorly I was treated. I the soldier who had just said that. When I saw him, I groaned inwardly. It was my annoying brother. I also happened to hate him, too. He was always making me look bad and acting perfect. I hated a lot of other things too. I have a whole list, actually. I add quite a bit to it every year. It's very long. A few things may have been repeated. Those are the things I really hate. Scaleus was one of the few things I liked. I was deep in thought while my father gave a long speech about what was going to happen, what the plan was, nobility, why we are going to win, etc. Then, all off the sudden everyone cheered "TO BATTLE!" I joined in the fist raising, but not the cheering, I couldn't speak. My brother snorted. I was worried. This was my first battle ever, I really hoped I wouldn't lose. We yanked our bat's reins and flew off towards the floating islands.

My other characters Jadespine Elkas
[20:18:15] * Rubytail gives Asailia a window and a mouse pad
[20:18:35] * Rubytail "make a robot out of these things!"
[20:06:53] Rubytail : BOW TO THE MUFFINS!
[20:33:16] * Rubytail gives Au a bubble gun and a party hat
[20:33:39] Rubytail : Take these, for they shall help you on your journey
[22:12:22] Warglory : I'm a toaster, you can't slap me!
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