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One Path, Numerous Conclusions. (Private; Vulcan)

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One Path, Numerous Conclusions. (Private; Vulcan)

Post by Iskander on Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:51 am

The hatchling was waddling around Vulcan's cavern, still trying to get the hang of walking. It was so hard! He couldn't walk five steps without tripping on something! The hatchling unevenly tried to walk straight forward. At first he was able to slowly walk about three steps before tripping on his limp tail. He rolled onto his neck with his rump in the air and tail slinged over to touch his nose. He growled and grumbled loudly, already getting frustrated. He still wasn't given a name yet, but it's not like he knew what names were. The hatchling tried to get back on all fours.. in the most satisfying way possible.

Firstly is his left hind leg, then his right, next he tried lifting himself up with both forearms. Which he did.. eventually. He looked at his tail and started wiggling it around with ease, tempted to chase it.. but was only focusing on one thing! Mastering the arts of walking! He got a rather determined expression on his maw as he started to waddle around again, eventually, ever-so-slowly evenly walking. But on several outcomes he tripped over his tail again.
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SeaWing Guardian

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Re: One Path, Numerous Conclusions. (Private; Vulcan)

Post by Vulcan III. on Fri Jan 09, 2015 4:59 am

Vulcan came back from his anvil, having spent some time to craft a necklace for the new queen. Coming into the main room, he could see the hatchling he picked up trying to walk. Chuckling, he went down on all fours, trying to gt the attention of the young Earthwing.
Hey, just watch, ok?
With that, he slowly started walking, showing the hatchling how to walk.
I still have to think about a name for him...well, I probably get one in time.
Vulcan III.
FireWing Vulcan
FireWing Vulcan

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Re: One Path, Numerous Conclusions. (Private; Vulcan)

Post by Iskander on Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:38 pm

The hatchling paid close attention the large dragon's movements. He didn't take him quite seriously until it hit him... what if this method was the method to master the arts of walking?! He must try it!

Annnnd... with that line of thinking, the hatchling nodded and got up onto his fours steadily. He waddled until he tripped over his tail, again and again. But he tried over and over until he was finally able to walk steadily at a good pace! He was walking! After his bad experiences with tripping, he raised his tail from being dragged along the ground and smiled. He looked up at Vulcan with a "Look at me go!" kind of face. He got his hopes up and tried to run. He tripped over nothing this time. He giggled and sneezed. How awesome was this?!
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SeaWing Guardian

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