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Gonna be busy for a while

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Gonna be busy for a while

Post by Fraya on Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:11 am

I'm currently getting ready to move house. for the next few weeks I will be working on getting packed. i'm letting you guys know so that if I disappear that you know i'm still gonna be around.

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Re: Gonna be busy for a while

Post by Celestia on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:05 pm

I'm also moving at the end of this month. *high fives Fraya* I don't have a whole family's worth of stuff though so its a lot easier for me.

Eventually I'll have kids to yell at for not cleaning their room.


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Re: Gonna be busy for a while

Post by Frostflare on Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:08 pm

Ok, well bye! WE will be here when you come back and we will save the last cookie for you!

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Re: Gonna be busy for a while

Post by Akreious on Thu Jan 08, 2015 11:04 pm

awww! Fine, you may have your "Breaaakk", just get me a suviner! Wait.... nevermind, COLOURFUL!

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Re: Gonna be busy for a while

Post by Serafina on Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:50 pm

In another week or two i will be back on the site like normal

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Re: Gonna be busy for a while

Post by Serafina on Tue Feb 03, 2015 6:52 am

sorry i didn't come back as soon as planned and to be honest i don't even know if i should come back. ah sheesh i'm drifting away from rping again and even now i'm starting to cry. i can't handle giving up but it's happen before, to many times before. i'm stuck, my rps never get anywhere. maybe im too stuck in the past hoping for a site that died to come back so i can finish up with my character. if i come back i fear my characters will become to close again, only for them to disappear into the depths of my mind unable to finish what they started. all that one character does is live in my mind and any character i create never compares to him. i sound like a child. anyway i'm not going to delete all that, i wrote it so i can deal with it. i want to come back, finish my two character i have yet to create and rp with you all and but dammit dragons are so much harder to find a direction to rp in then horses, i guess thats Dragon Wing speaking out. damn stallion never letting me go nor i him.. hey you guys think i could create a horse hybrid thats what he was a dragon horse. thats kinda stupid to ask i all ready know that i can't. there i go acting like a wimpy kid again.
hey what do you guys think should i come back, even if for a while i'm probably gonna be lost on what to do if i do anything at all. if i'm worth having back, i guess i will have to throw away that stupid fear of mine and just put my heart into my characters otherwise nothing will ever happen. i swear these damn characters of mine need to back off a bit my mind is way to creative, i swear i'm going crazy at times because of them sheesh.
That reminds me don't take any of that to seriously i'm just ranting to myself. i have no friends but those i make with my characters so i guess if i rp them long enough like i did the horse i mentioned earlier i tend to cling to the relationships they make. i'm being serious i have no social life but those my characters do, the friend i make are the ones that come to me and even then they never stay, my feelings are never really true since i'm always hiding behind a smile and friendly persona, maybe thats why i'm so attached to my characters because they are my life.

okay, snap out of it girl. i'm just ranting out my frustrations. i finally moved house i have been at the new place for a week, theres 5 horses in the area and its great having my favorite animal surrounding me. now if i could just get one for myself to put my attention in to things would brighten up a lot. i can't help out with the ones across the road the person who owns them wants to do it herself. i know when to back off. if i can work with horses i know i would be a hell of a lot happier than i am now. i'm gonna throw myself into my university studies and back into rping. i have loved horse for as long as i can remember and have enjoyed rping since i first start when i was 11 or 12 now that i'm 18 i really need to start leaving the past behind me and grow up, grow up as in lose my mistrust of others. to think that mistrust i gained as a 6 or 7 year old would stick around this long. i must finish my remaining characters, make it through my first uni course and get back to rping instead of wishing to get back to rping.

sorry for dumping this rant on you guys i mean i have barely been here a month not counting the time i wasn't here because of moving house. which i have almost completely finished unpacking and putting everything away, okay thats a lie theres still a pile of stuff needing to be put away. Im back i'm just going to have to find a direction for all of my characters to go. hell my life has no direction to it. i'm gonna post this now before i get too ranty again. my thoughts keep coming out as i type

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