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Ares, Bringer of War!

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Ares, Bringer of War! Empty Ares, Bringer of War!

Post by Damian on Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:26 pm

Ares, Bringer of War! Ares10
Personal Info
Name: Ares Equinox Wolf
Alias: The Wolf Dragon (So original XD)
Age: 3 1/2
Gender: Male
Personality: His personality isn't fully developed yet, because of his age, but he is generally described as rude and aggressive towards his brothers and sisters, especially his human sister, Valerie. He is very rough when it comes to playing with his siblings, and likes to roughhouse. Despite his rude and naturally arrogant nature, Ares is very friendly towards his mother and father. He especially likes hunting and hanging out with his father, since they are both similar heights. Ares has never really fully understood dragons, and likes to hang out with wolves instead, since he is closer to their height.
Interests: Playing, hunting, and practice fighting with his father. Hanging out with the wild wolves near their home. Roughhousing with his friends, and making fun of his sisters.
Dislikes: Being around those who he thinks are weaker then he is, kind-hearted dragons that aren't his mother, and dragons who are bigger then he is.
Fears: Being swallowed up by a volcano and being burned alive (Ares has some morbid thoughts XD)

General Appearance
Height: About three feet tall. (Will be about fourteen-fifteen feet (Or about four meters) when he's fully grown)
Scales: He only has scales on his wings and tail, which are draconic. Those scales are a dull gray color, with a diamond-shaped pattern. His fur is also a gray color, and covers the rest of his body, its texture silky soft on his underbelly, but everywhere else is rough and knotted.
Eyes: Dark blue
Appearance: Gray wolf with grayish-silver dragon wings and tail. His wings are about twice the size of his body, and he has haunting, glow-in-the-dark blue eyes. Every now and then he can make his fur grow ice crystals on it, from his mother's IceWing heritage. He also has a black spot around his right eye, a feature that makes him unique, in his opinion.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: I stay with the IceWings, because that's my mother's tribe, but I'll probably join the SkyWings!
Rank: Hatchling!
Family: SolsticeEquinox: Mother
SilverWolf: Father
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He is quite strong for his age, and he is probably the strongest - brute strength wise - of all his siblings. He tends to charge into things without thinking, and is very arrogant. Arrogance can be your savior, in the right situations. His size also helps him, if he gets into sticky situations that he could easily squeeze out of. Because he is half wolf, he also has an intensified sense of smell, stronger then the average dragon.
Special Abilities: He hasn't discovered any yet.
Weaknesses: Fire, because he is half IceWing. And his size and arrogance are also as much a weakness as a strength.
Combat Style: He's still a hatchling. He doesn't NEED a battle strategy. Unless you count calling for mom and dad to save you XD

History: He was born. The end. Cheeky
RP Sample: I am an alt of Rayla Green Alien Cheerlea

Damian♂ - IceWing Guardian(Age 17.5)
Rayla♀ -  Demi Goddess Rogue(Age 40)

Virgo♀ - IceWing Queen(Age 14)
Yalaruh♀ - SkyWing Hatchling(Age 0.6)
Qualzexcta Jaguasa Dermain♂ - SeaWing Guardian(Age 21.5)
Nightflare♀ - NightWing Citizen
Virsha♀ - EbonWing Trainee(Age 10)
Rektani Lozain♀ - EarthWing Instructor(Age 65)
Xia♀ - EarthWing Intertribal Affairs Adviser(Age 28)
Jansi⚥ - FireWing Keeper of Heritage(Age 26)
Uranus♂ - LightClaw Warrior/Slave(Age 16)
Alphonse♂ - Rogue(Age 17)
IceWing Trainee
IceWing Trainee

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Ares, Bringer of War! Empty Re: Ares, Bringer of War!

Post by Atlantis on Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:37 pm


Ares, Bringer of War! Atlas3

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SeaWing Scholar

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