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The Dragon God and Goddesses Religions

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The Dragon God and Goddesses Religions

Post by Celestia on Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:39 pm

First topic message reminder :

Goddess of Gods
Astral( full God) Goddess of the Moon and Stars:
Name of Religion: Astralogy

Astralogy is the following and worship of the goddess Astral and her ideals. She is known by many names. The goddess of the moon and stars, the goddess of space, the goddess of heaven, the goddess of physics, the goddess of knowledge & wisdom, and the goddess of light and dark.

There are two kinds of people who worship Astral. First are those who value knowledge and second are those who value the light and sun or anything else that resides in space.

Rules and Customs:
1. You may worship other gods as long as you follow my teachings and customs and their teachings and customs do not conflict with mine.
2. In wisdom and in knowledge there is power.
3. One should seek as much wisdom as they do knowledge.
4. Be aware of all things, for the greatest evil in the world is the unknown.
5. Respect your elders both in age, wisdom, and knowledge.
6. Always have an open mind as evil is very good at hiding in what you think you know.
7. Those who worship me must be humble. All dragons deserve fair treatment regardless of competence in any area.

A special type of stone which is very rare. It comes in many different kinds of colors and are translucent and gem like in appearance. This stone harvests light and stores it. When the sun drops the stone glows. The more light is stored the brighter the glow is. The stone will glow with the same color as the stone itself. A special kind of plant called a sun vine can be woven into a bag which can store moonstones. This seals the light inside so they don't lose their charge when the sun is down. In this way you can make them last much longer and shine much brighter with extended charging.

These stones are said to bring luck, wisdom, and knowledge, but only if it is charged with light. These stones are used in many of Astralogy's rituals. It is also said by keeping one on you (charged of course), you have a better chance of meeting Astral herself.

Knowledge Circle: The knowledge circle is a circle of Moonstones of varying color. Those who study or think within the circle will learn things much faster. Each color stands for something different. The circles can be mixed with all sorts of colors but the more of one color there is the better your learning is for what that color stand for. A circle made of multiple layers of rings can be used as well.

Red: Magic, the rarest Moonstone color
Blue: Social or people skills
Green: Nature
Yellow: Creativity
Purple: Wisdom
Black: Alchemy
White: Neutral, which is suppose to help with wisdom and knowledge just in general. This is the most common Moonstone color

Astralogy actively encourages the discrimination of LightWing because their leaders do not follow the religion, even though Astral is the source of their power. It is believed that all LightWings should follow Astralogy.

The realm of Astralogy:
Unlike some other gods, Astral's realm doesn't exist in a separate dimension. Her realm exists in this dimension. Her realm is simply but all of space. Surviving in space is no problem for since she has control of it all. Those she brings to space she can also keep from dying if she chooses.

The Three Gods Of Creation

The Three Gods Of Destruction
Nimbus (full God) God of Death:
Name of Religion: Nimbism

Nimbism are for those who value the balance of death and life. "Murder" and "Psychopath" do not apply to this religion. In fact, the Great God Nimbus encourages you not to treat it like murder or to consider yourself a bloodthirsty psycho.

Nimbism offers the protection of Nimbus, and his gratitude. Though, a living sacrifice is needed to get the protection of Nimbus. With Nimbism, worshipers believe in the fair scales that measure life and death. Nimbus can be considered both the God of Death and Life, which will vary the types of followers he has. Nimbism accepts every type of individual, categorizing them as "Good", "Bad", and "Neutral".  

The God Of Death, Nimbus, can be interpreted in different ways. Some may see him as their guardian, and savior. Some may see him as a wicked and cruel person worthy of respect. Others see him as a Peaceful god bringing and taking life to others. In the end, Nimbus is the spinner of fate. He marks the ends of the beginnings of your lives, thus, mourners may call upon Nimbus during funerals, rituals, and other ways of farewells, in high hopes that he will greet the departed soul to his realm with a warm embrace.

Rules and Customs:
Customs And Beliefs
1. In the end, Nimbus is the spinner of fate. He marks the ends of the beginnings of your lives, thus, mourners may call upon Nimbus during funerals, rituals, and other ways of farewells, in high hopes that he will greet the departed soul to his realm with a warm embrace.
2. Those who frequently submit sacrifices to Nimbus will be given a favor committed by Nimbus.
3. Funerals are common within the religion of Nimbism, each time, wanting Nimbus to embrace that soul or vice versa.
4. To influence the misfortune of a hated individual, thou must pray. Once is enough!
5. "If thou does not have confidence in thou power, strength, and success. Thou must know that thy Nimbus does."
6. Nimbism favors jewelry collected from areas those who've passed on, believing that it reflects the souls of others in that piece of jewelry.
7. "The amount of blood you've caused to shed will not weigh the value of your life on the scales of balance."

1. Do not kill in the name of Paradox! Killing for the sake of chaos and insanity is a crime against Nimbism!
2. Must not worship Paradox.
3. Bring down the proud who try to cast off the chains of fate. As the instrument of Nimbus, it's encouraged that you should and must punish hubris where you find it. (Specifically for his evil/chaotic followers).
4. Hold little to no pity for those who have passed, strangers that is. For death is simply a matter of the ends of life. Not greatly enforced.
5. Youth is the core of Nimbism. Cherish it and do not waste it! It's a beautiful thing and none shall treat it like dirt!
6. No matter how you interpret Nimbus, follow his teachings! Good, bad, neutral, your choice!
7. Respect must be applied to Nimbus. Your respect for other superiors is your decision.

Realm Of Nimbism:
In the Realm of Nimbus (Has many titles. Valhalla, The Underworld, The End, Hell, Afterlife, Etc.), there are two places souls may be bestowed to. The Pure, those who have lived a worthy life with no major crimes will be sent to the Pure, where you can live your Afterlife as a soul that may wander within and beyond the realm of Nimbus freely. Though under Nimbus's control willfully. Then there is the Dark. Those who have committed severe crimes against Life itself and have lived tainted lives shall be sent to the Darkness to relive their crimes as victims, in the process feelings pain, sorrow, grief, and suffering. Depending on the severity of their crimes and how bad of a individual they were.

In general, Nimbus's realm is a place where both the light and darkness seep in. With several areas with different features across the realm. Swamps, forests, voids, abysses, etc. It's like any other place only a bit more dark.

Soul Jewelry:
Those who wear jewelry favored by Nimbus (Shiny gems, blue, necklaces/earrings/wrist and leg-bands. Etc.) show loyalty to Nimbus. Not required, just a feature. This Jewelry represents the Wisdom of life and death and the understanding of the scales of balance. It represents the morals you will come to learn and understand sooner or later.  Though, different colors represent different things about yourself.

Red: You've shed blood before, and is willing to submit sacrifices. Does not mind death.
Blue: Favors Nimbus's teachings of the balance of life and death and other morals.
Black/White: In the end of thy's life, is wanting to be sent to The Pure/The Dark.
Yellow: Favors youth and will cherish life.
(These are just other features)

Kelarth(full God) God of Fortune:
Name of Religion: Kelarthism

Description: To those that will follow it, Kelarthism offers the teachings and ideals of the God of Fortune. There are two Fortunes, good and bad. With a lending paw from Kelarth, you may manipulate either as you see fit; for yourself, or for or against others. Kelarthism also teaches, that while its namesake controls these Fortunes, ultimately, every dragon makes their own luck.

1. Your use of the Fortunes have few limits, but there are some. The restrictions: You may not use either Fortune to kill another Dragon. On the slim chance you are granted such power, you may not use a more potent form of the Fortunes to affect your entire tribe or another. The Fortunes are perched on a delicate scale and are in a constant fight for dominance of it. Depending on how the scale is balanced, an exception may be granted to the rules governing one's use of the Fortunes, so long as permission is given by Kelarth.
2. So long as this religion does not contradict another, you may worship the other Gods/Goddesses.

Customs: Kelarth's worshipers celebrate him by holding two festivals--one for each Fortune.

The Festival of Good Fortune: Taking place in early spring, Kelarth's worshipers gather at his temple and provide offerings thought to bring good luck. Some may even provide objects that they made especially for the event. After the offerings have been given, those gathered then, either as a group or one at a time, pray to Kelarth in hopes he may visit during the festival. It is then time for the feast to begin. The festival ends with the unveilling of the new statue which will sit in the temple until the next festival. The statue depicts Kelarth as a peaceful god, bringing good fortune to all.

The Unfortunate Festival: This festival takes place two weeks after the Festival of Good Fortune. Like it, Kelarth's worshipers gather at his temple and provide offerings. But these offerings are usually scrolls, on which one has written their desires for bad luck. The worshipers then pray to Kelarth, asking that he allow them use of his power or that bestow bad luck on their enemies. As with its sister event, the Unfortunate Festival then provides a feast to the followers of Kelarthism and ends with the unveiling of a statue. This statue depicts Kelarth as a harbinger of destruction.

To show his gratitude for these festivals, Kelarth will grant the wishes of two worshipers from each. He will also reward one member of every tribe--even rogues--with a medallion, a common object. It will grant the owner a single use of Kelarth's power to cause widespread good or bad fortune. However, its use is limited to that individual's tribe only. For rogues, they may use it to affect either only themselves or two other individuals--those individuals may belong to a tribe. The medallions are given only once every few years (3-5).

Fortuitous Feathers: Rumored to come from the God of Fortune, these feathers--should one be lucky enough to acquire one, as they are quite rare--allow the owner abilities that usually must be given by Kelarth directly. There are three colors, each providing a power the others do not. All three feathers bind themselves to their owners: Once touched, the feather belongs to that dragon, its powers available only to them. Any attempt by one dragon to use another's feather is rendered useless

Black: The black feathers represent good fortune. For its owner, this feather creates a Fortune Shield, much like the one utilized by Kelarth. However, this shield generates only good fortune.

White: This feather represents bad fortune. Like the black feather, it creates a Fortune Shield, except that it generates only bad fortune.

Gold: The rarity of the gold feather is greater than that of the black and white feathers. They also have more power. Like the other feathers, it gives its owner a Fortune Shield. Unlike the other feathers, the Shield generated by this feather exactly mirrors Kelarth's, giving access to both Fortunes. It also allows the owner entrance into Kelarth's realm without need of his permission.

Kelarth's Realm: Mirrors the mortal world in appearance. But it is an alternate reality where visitors may experiment freely with the Fortunes without fear of conseqeunce on Pyrria. Any excessive good fortune or havoc wrought in Kelarth's realm has no affect at all on the mortal realm. So one may, for example, break the first rule of Kelarthism. There is, in the center of the realm, a place which connects it to Pyrria: a temple. Here one may preform one action, with either Fortune, which will be reflected on Pyrria. However, they must first convince Kelarth to allow this.

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[01:31:26] XaJjang : It's jsut really badly worded posted, or jsut bad posts in general.
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Re: The Dragon God and Goddesses Religions

Post by Storm on Wed Dec 23, 2015 3:25 pm

How can Storm become a god? I would want him to be the god of weather.
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Re: The Dragon God and Goddesses Religions

Post by Shiningwater on Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:03 pm

The gods (at least the full ones) are usually older "senior" members (But not necessarily, I think), or people with a lot of experience RPing and generally know their way around the forum like the back of their hand. And there are only ever 6 full gods, 3 gods of creation, 3 of destruction, and there aren't any openings right now.

For a semi-god, applications have to be open and you must be accepted. Demi's are the children of full/semi gods, so you'd have to talk to one of them if you wanted to be a demi god.

Another staff member can feel free to correct me, I'm not absolutely certain on everything because of inactivity (I'M TRYING TO COME BACK I SWEAR) but this is everything I know on the subject.

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Re: The Dragon God and Goddesses Religions

Post by XaJjang on Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:23 pm

Anila (Full God) Goddess of EVERYTHANG:
Name of Religion: Following of The Tree

Description: Many names exist for her religion, but the most common term is "Following of the Tree." Anila is a Goddess who believes all life is precious, and for those that follow her, they are devoted to returning back to the Earth from which her powers lay.

Followers of The Tree listen to Anila without question. They are devoted disciples who will strike down all that wrong her. With a single word, they will carry out their goddess's orders. Together, they believe all lives are equal, be them dragons, reptilians or other non-dragonic creatures. However some have taken to a darker side to the teachings, and believe that all who do not listen to their true god are not living, and are thus worthy of death.

To follow their god is to be lead to a path of salvation. It is believed that when you have served your duty, you will die to become a tree, or are born again to serve Anila in your next life. Both outcomes are what her devoted many believe in. They believe that to follow in the path of the tree, is to see the true world. Some are believed to see past lies and illusions.

This is the place for Anila to relax, try and destress herself from the tasks of the mortal world. Here, she can create different things, ice sculptures, practice fire mimicry, anything she wants without the fear of her accidentally destroying the realm which the mortals live in.

To get there, they have to go through a void step. To mortals, their minds simply cannot understand the initial process which they undergo to arrive at her realms as they step through the void. Due to the this, when they peer into it, or step through it, for the duration of when they travel (which is just a few seconds), they see either the latticed black and red sheets, or a green misty weirdness. This is because their minds cannot understand what they are seeing, which, to any other full-god/dess dragon would just be an image of where the portal leads, with the walls being the misty green or the lattice sheets.

However, once they arrive there, Anila's realm looks like another few planets lost in the outskirts of space. These are just the things which Anila has formed in the her realm, but they are far too large to bring them into the realm of the mortals, and Anila just uses her realm to relax and take it easy while she is there.

Her realm is actually inhabited by only a few creature, these beings are the ones who she can call upon to help her out with things in her NightWing aspect section. However, the only creatures which she allows to come through to help her are the small cat-like creatures, the others stay in her realm as creatures just somewhat wandering around to keep everything in check while Anila is tending to her, more important, mortal realm. That and she prefers to keep those creatures away from others as they are rather scary for mortals to see, but they are completely harmless and she would NEVER bring them to the mortal realm.

Her trees and such which the creatures tend to are incredibly large, around 120 feet in their height, and range from 20-130 feet in total. However, they are all the same plant as Anila hasn't really brought any other trees or seeds to her realm which she likes from the mortal realm aside from these.

Rules "All life is precious"
1.) Harm none in the Following of The Tree.
2.) To speak out against Anila, is to condemn thyself
3.) Don't be a twat.
4.) Kill no living
5.) All are equal

Temples: Every. Tree. Is. A Temple.

Connections to objects EVERYTHING.


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Re: The Dragon God and Goddesses Religions

Post by Sponsored content

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