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Important: Shutting StarWings Down

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Important: Shutting StarWings Down

Post by Phantom on Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:24 pm

Hello DRF!

So, Astral and I have been discussing this, but we have decided to put the unofficial StarWings group to an end. I mean, they basically have the abilities of the tribe put together. This group is clashing with the site lore, and causing conflicts that we don't want. It doesn't make sense that something can travel in space (because all of us would die of oxygen, or be crushed by the pressure, no matter how strong you are. Space is just that awesome powerful) or be faster than a SkyWing, because according to the preexisting lore, nothing can be faster than a SkyWing dragon, unless you don't count the gods, but only Astral is faster than a SkyWing out of all the current gods..... (unless you count Phantom's teleportation abilities). Also, the idea of any living organisim surviving in space and moving around in it with their own natural power isn't logical and doesn't make much sense. Not to mention that this site is focused on one single planet (Earth), so there really is no need for space traveling dragons.

We will not be accepting anymore applications for StarWings, but if you have already made a character sheet of a StarWing, you may keep it.

With best regards,


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