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Keroro! The newest invader!

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Keroro! The newest invader!

Post by Keroro on Sun Nov 30, 2014 1:03 pm

Personal Info
Name: Keroro
Alias: Kero, Sgt
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Keroro is very lazy and self centered. He doesn't care about anybody else unless they pay use for him. After a while though he will form strong bonds with certain drtagons. He loves cleaning and doing work for some odd reason, and likes to build things. He is energetic, and full of energy, so for one second he can't stay in the same spot unless he is really content.
Interests: building, getting what he wants, cleaning, doing work, sleeping, and moving around.
Dislikes: being bored, failing, not getting what he wants, staying in one place, and having nothing to do.
Fears: Keroro fears his dad General Kororo.

General Appearance
Height: 40 feet
Scales: Green with a white under belly and some yellow stars.
Eyes: Dark green
Appearance: Keroro is a green dragon with a white underbelly. He has a large yellow star with some smaller yellow stars inbetween his chest and stomach. He has a yellow star "charm" on the tip of his tail and yellow main that goes from right above his forehead down his neck. Off of his main to the sides shapes off two oval shaped ears that are the same color. Right on his forehead is a red star.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Earthwing?
Rank: Trainee or Vulcan, one of the two.
Family: General Kororo
Mate: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Keroro has many strengths such as good leadership skills, determination, smart, is fast, a good sense of sight and smell, and last but not least he is good at puzzles and tricks.
Special Abilities:
Steam Breath
A unique frog like dragon such as Keroro as the ability to spit mist out of his mouth. This mist can work as a smoke screen or to slighly heal him.
Misty Heal
Gets slightly healed by the mist that he spits out of his mouth.
Clash of the Stars
Keroro can use the multiple smaller stars on his belly to make tempoary copies of himself to confuse the enemy. These copies can not cause harm to the enemy, but only a distraction.
Weaknesses: He can not stand fire or any great heat. Nor can he stand extream cold! Heat though straigh up sucks the life out of him!
Combat Style: Keroro fights.. LIKE A NINJA!

History: Keroro is an alien from another planet. Originally a frog, but when he passed through the atmoshphere of this planet he strangly became a dragon.
RP Sample: You all by now should know that I'm an alt.
EarthWing Vulcan
EarthWing Vulcan

Male Capricorn Dragon
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Re: Keroro! The newest invader!

Post by Celestia on Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:18 pm

APPROVED Making you a Vulcan since 23 is way over the age for a trainee


[15:53:21] Apolis : Yes, semi gods shall be treated with the uttermost respect of course!
[00:33:27] Abyss : Happy coming outta yer mum day~
[01:31:17] XaJjang : 90% of this site's "Metagaming" or "Powerplaying" is the opposite.
[01:31:26] XaJjang : It's jsut really badly worded posted, or jsut bad posts in general.
NightWing Hatchling
NightWing Hatchling

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Re: Keroro! The newest invader!

Post by Keroro on Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:21 pm

Kero! Yay! Now I have stuff in life!
EarthWing Vulcan
EarthWing Vulcan

Male Capricorn Dragon
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Age : 16

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Re: Keroro! The newest invader!

Post by Sponsored content

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