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EarthWings: A Monarchy!

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EarthWings: A Monarchy!

Post by Cosmos on Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:34 am

Greetings, again, citizens of Pyyria! Today I bring you news and suggestive ideas about how the EarthWings rule!

I believe Earthwings should be more unique out of the 7 tribes, by replacing our current way of ruling with monarchy. How this will work? I'll explain.

  • Ruling- To make things fair, the monarchs won't have ALL the power, because in the end, that's dictatorship. And to make sure that monarch's reign isn't forever, the monarch must choose a new king/queen. So there are 3 ways to become a monarch/king/queen:

    -Be Chosen By the ruling king/queen to take their position.

    -Challenge and defeat the ruling monarch.

    -Children of that monarch have an opportunity to take their place, and the tribe will OOCly vote if they want to be ruled by them.

  • Rules- The current king/queen have the ability to make laws in their tribe, and these laws are absolute unless the dragons of the tribe dislike them. And these laws will stay put until then or the next king/queen gets rid of them, or the current king/queen does so as well. There will be categories/levels of laws. Let's say this one kid breaks a law in category 5 (lowest level per say), they will just get a warning or something. It is option to follow these rules.

  • Way of life- Things will be the same. Except things will be a tiny more strict. Depending of the monarch.

  • Advisory- Now, there can be more then 1 adviser, up to 3 actually. These advisers will be basically second-in-commands, they don't have as much power as the monarchs but they can overlook the tribe's troublemakers.

Now, this is idea I really want to go through since it seems fair. If you guys have anymore questions... well, self-explanatory (Just ask below.). If you guys want more equality, then let's talk about that and we'll make it happen. I like the idea and it seems very interesting. QwQ


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EarthWing Wise One

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Re: EarthWings: A Monarchy!

Post by Rylatha on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:53 am

i actually like the sound of that.

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