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Apollo - Fiery Eclipse

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Apollo - Fiery Eclipse

Post by Apollo on Mon Nov 24, 2014 9:12 am


Personal info
Name: Apollo
Alias: Polly
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Personality: A sweet, kind and caring dragoness (if that's the right term) with a heart of gold and a caring, never say never attitude. She is well spoken and smart, and always brings a certain glow of happiness into a room. However. She is half NightWing, and the darker side of her family tree blossoms, and sweet Apollo turns evil. Murderous. Spiteful of everyone and everything. She becomes dangerous.

+ Eating Fish

+ Chasing fast things

+ Protecting her tribe

+ NightWings


- Rain

- Strangers

- LightWings

- IceWings

Fears: God of Death taking her prematurely. (Dying young)

General Appearance
Height: 25 feet tall. (A midget in terms of FireWings, please say if it is too small.)
Scales: The darkest black all over, except the glowing red markings all over her like stripes and raw red scars.
Eyes: Crimson
Appearance: Poll is very a small dragon, with large wings, a long tail and some would say stubby legs. She has a red glow that surrounds her, and took the FireWing side of the Gene Pool. On her tail is a large fin, adorned with many beautiful red marks, like her body is. Her jaws are filled with a fair few teeth, each one as sharp and dangerous as it's neighbour. She is very beautiful.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing
Rank: Tracker
Family: Scorpius the NightWing is brother
Mate: N/A (Hopefully to be updated)
Hatchlings: N/A (Hopefully to be updated)

Skills and Abilities

+ Incredibly fast.

+ Very clever.

+ Good at what she does.

Special Abilities: She breaths plasma, not fire as such.

- Hates things that are too cold.

- Anger can get her into sticky situations.

- Gets bored easily.

Combat Style: She is always at the top of the battle-field, occasionally diving in from the clouds, burning someone before disappearing.


History: Born to a run-away FireWing and a run away NightWing, before being captured and sent back to the FireWings with her mother, her father and brother sent to NightWings.
RP Sample: Alt of Delphin

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Re: Apollo - Fiery Eclipse

Post by Celestia on Mon Nov 24, 2014 11:56 am

pretty sure that pic is taken by someone else but don't remember who and their prolly long gone so no point worrying about it. Also knots is a measurement of speed over seas. Typically only boats use it and you didn't even give us a number you just said "before plummeting down at a rate of knots only pulling up at the last moment." Also you stuck thing in your General Appearance, Personality, Interests, and Dislikes that should have been repeated in the skills and abilities section. Things to keep in mind next time you make another character.



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