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A Victim of a Dreadful God (Private: Xan)

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A Victim of a Dreadful God (Private: Xan)

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Xangor wasn't surprised to hear that Solstice was indeed a Goddess. A creature that looked so powerful could only be a Godddess. The Goddess of IceWing. He smiled at her. A smile that she would interpret as a sign of friendliness. However his smile has a different meaning. Xangor was aware to have found one of the best victims around. Solstice has already took a place in Xangor's evil plans. He wanted to kidnap Solstice, bring her inside a cave and then dreadfully torture her until she would die for desperation. No, Xangor wasn't thinking to kill her. It would be a shame to murder such a beatiful creature. Xangor could leave her almost dead, but alive. While a lot of diabolic plans were crossing his mind, Xangor knew she was probably going to be a very hard target. She was a Goddess like him afterall. He couldn't underestimate her. For now he decided to take the friendly approach and appear as a very cool dragon at her eyes. Xangor was going to use a fake personality, but perfectly recited. "I'm Xangor, the God of Night and Darkness. It's a pleasure to meet another Goddess." He presented himself, his voice showing respect and admiration. He was looking to gain her trust and impress her, but inside him he had completely different thoughts. He had no real interest towards Solstice. She was only a item to use at his advantage. His body was naturally emanating a powerful and fascinating black aura. It was pure darkness, a power that went beyond the ordinary. Xangor was really what he wanted to claim: a God.


Solstice smiled back. She was attempting to be polite. Solstice had never dealt with many NightWings before, but she knew very well of the darkness that some dragons can hold within them. "Hello, Xangor. What brings you here?" She asked and stood up to stretch, spreading her wings out and beating them a couple times before sitting back down with a yawn. Solstice was quite a regal dragoness. She had icy blue scales, grey-blue feathers on her chest, tailtip and wings. Bright, intelligent blue eyes. The dragoness had no idea of Xangor's intentions, only that he was a seemingly kind god of a terrifying element. She had left home for a moment to get fresh air, make a.new friend and hunt. She was getting herself into something of a terrible side. She had seven children to return to, a tribe to assist in healing.


Characters: Solstice, Sora, Peitaa, Ariki
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Goddess of Ice

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Re: A Victim of a Dreadful God (Private: Xan)

Post by Xangor on Tue Nov 04, 2014 12:40 pm

// I'd like to conclude this one. Next topic would be Volcanis mind-enslaved, with the order to attack Solstice? //

Xangor carefully listened her. There was nothing much else to say. His powers were a lot based around magic. Xangor also had to steal her necklace. He could attempt to do that while she was sleeping. Or he could simply mind-enslave another dragon and order to steal the necklace for him. Both dragons eventually crossed the borders that separated the rogue lands from NightWings territories. "I'm arrived. Thank you for everything." He smiled. "I hope to meet you again." He friendly looked into her eyes, faking to be happy to have met her.
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NightWing Officer

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Re: A Victim of a Dreadful God (Private: Xan)

Post by SolsticeEquinox on Tue Nov 04, 2014 1:52 pm

Solstice smiled and nodded. "You too. Stay safe!" She cried, smirking. Her aura expanded and then contracted around her, and she was gone in a flurry of snow and blue light.

(Sure, you start it?)


Characters: Solstice, Sora, Peitaa, Ariki
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Goddess of Ice

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