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Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor

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Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor Empty Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor

Post by Aera on Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:49 pm

Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor Ftgakz

Personal Info
Name: Wisp
Alias: None. Many believe her name describes her better than anything else. A few have called her Vapor, jokingly, though.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Personality: ((I tend to describe my characters in a series of adjectives with descriptions afterward. I'm sorry if this causes anybody irritation.))
Outgoing: If there is one word that describes Wisp 90% of the time, it's outgoing. She's constantly talking, whether it be chatting to herself while she works, putting her input into a conversation, or complaining about how warm an area is. She's not afraid to stand out, and proves that many times over in her behavior. A strange part about this, though, is that she knew when she wants to be quiet, and can stay that way for a while if need be.

Wayward: While she usually follows orders quite easily, if she doesn't like or find what she's being told to do as harmful to someone or something else, she'll at least say something against it, and at worst she'll outright refuse to do it. This aspect of her personality has gotten her in trouble on more than one occasion, but she continues to keep it anyway.

Impish: Wisp absolutely loves to play pranks on other dragons, and is often in some stage of planning or or another. Most dragons are never completely at ease around her due to this, but she doesn't mind. She'd rather them be aware and skill pranked, than caught napping.

Skittish: Lastly, and in contrast to her other personality points, Wisp is very easily scared. She is very jumpy, and will probably get a bit angry if you try to scare her, as she will probably start in some way or another. Nobody knows why she is like this, she has been this way since she was very young.

Interests: Wisp loves climbing trees (ones that can hold her weight, anyway), as well as swimming in the coldest waters around. Don't be surprised to find her swimming in a frozen lake.  Lastly, she loves to play pranks on whomever happens to end up the butt of her most recent joke.
Dislikes: Other dragons jumping at her or trying to scare her.  She also dislikes fire, as most ice dragons would, and refuses to go anywhere near the FireWing territory. Lastly, she doesn't like it when jokes are made about her size. She's small, and she knows it. Wisp doesn't see why it has to be pointed out.
Fears: Linked to her dislike of fire, and her refusal to go near the FireWing territory is the fact that FireWing dragons scare her absolutely stiff. The worst part of it is that she can't remember why. All Wisp knows is that the few times she's met a FireWing, she was overcome with absolute terror. She's never told anybody about this fear, and never plans to.

General Appearance
Height: 35 ft
Scales: As seen in the picture, Wisp's scales are designed in a criss-cross pattern along her tail and stomach, while on her legs and neck there are interlocking scales similar to armor. The tips of her wings, including her wing claw, curve in slightly, and the spines along the sides of her face, back, and neck are razor sharp. The coloring of all of her scales is almost pure white, though if you focus hard you'll notice a light blue tinge.
Eyes: A sharp, minty green. Often the pnly part of her you can see I she's hiding in the snow.
Appearance: Wisp was named for two reasons, and the first and foremost is her size. She's nearly too small to be an IceWing. Her scales are described above, as well as her eyes. Her tail, however, is almost whiplike, and she often will wrap it around things. As a hatchling, she often slept with her tail wrapped around one of her mother's claws. Most points on her body are slightly hooked, from her claws, to her wing tips, to her horns, to her spines. Her horns are are almost leaf-like, with little spins along them, unlike the normal white, ivory horns. Lastly, every spine or horn on her body is covered in a thin layer of ice. When it begins to melt, she begins to panic, as the ice is there to help keep her cool.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: IceWings
Rank: Trainee
Family: Wisp, currently, is an orphan. She never knew her fatger, and her mother died when she was a hatchling.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Being stubborn, Wisp is very hard to move from her current thought or act. She's able to get into the air very quickly, and can move very quickly and quietly for her breed, though the latter is more her forte. She was named Wisp because of get silence, after all.
Special Abilities: Wisp's ability is one that is well-known, but not one she has met any others with. Wisp can communicate with others using her mind, otherwise known as telepathy.
Weaknesses: She's not very big, and can be easily overpowered in the strength department.
Combat Style: Wisp relies heavily on her speed in battle, due to her lack in strength. She tends to dart in, attack, and dart out again before the other dragon can react. As well as this, she uses her surroundings to hide and dart in from behind or above if she's starting the battle. She is convinced surprise helps a lot in combat.

History: At birth, Wisp was already halfway alone in the world. Her father had died while she was an egg, so she never knew him. Her mother, Diana, took care I her best she could, but ended up dieing of a rare disease. Wisp was only 4 when this occurred. Upon that moment, Wisp became more or less the IceWing orphan, she taught herself how to hit small animals, living alone in the cave where her mother and father had once lived. Upon being old enough to become a trainee, Wisp decided se wished to be a tracker, as the only thing she could teach herself while she was alone was hunting adeptly. Since then, she grew into her charismatic self, though every anniversary of her mother's death, she becomes very sullen and put-out. When the twenty four hours are up, she buries the sadness once more and becomes the happy-go-lucky Wisp everybody knows. ((Will edit as life goes on.))
RP Sample:
Tipping her head to the side, Wisp stepped back to admire her most recent set-up. It was one of her more simple pranks, only a section of ice she'd been thinning for a while, and covered with snow. The next to step on it would fall straight in. Wiggling a bit in glee, she turned, bounding through the snow. Great puffs rose up behind her with each bound, though her tail swept in an almost unaware action, sweeping out her tracks as they appeared. She ducked into a hole she'd made earlier, turning with some difficulty and settling down, reaching out with a claw and carefully dragging some snow back up around where she'd entered to cover tracks. She then settled down to wait, trusting her almost pure white coloring to hide her from any eyes that happened to be looking.

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Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor Empty Re: Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor

Post by Atlantis on Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:59 pm

Approved Very Happy Have fun ^^

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Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor Empty Re: Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor

Post by Phantom on Thu Oct 30, 2014 5:12 pm

She should team up with Frostbite some time! Frostbite absolutely LOVES pranks! She pranked just about everyone in the IceWing kingdom XD


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Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor Empty Re: Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor

Post by Aera on Sun Dec 14, 2014 1:29 pm

Done, seeking reacceptance

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Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor Empty Re: Wisp ~ The IceWing Vapor

Post by Shiningwater on Sun Dec 14, 2014 6:39 pm

Re-Accepted. :3

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