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Viktor, the Machine's Herald

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Viktor, the Machine's Herald

Post by Viktor on Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:40 pm

Personal Info
Name: Viktor
Alias: The Herald of the Machines
Age: Technically around 50-60
Gender: Male
Personality: Viktor himself is quite the cold character. He looks down on all those who aren't augmented like him and his followers. However, as soon as someone wants to join his "Glorious Evolution", he'll show his real interest as he starts thinking about how to improve every little aspect of that dragon's body. He is very cautious about his surroundings and tends to do nothing that "wastes energy". For himself, turning into a machine was the best that could happen to anyone as he lives for the motto "Steel over Flesh". He analyzes everyone he meets and tends to already makes plans on "machinize" them.
Interests: If not meeting someone, he usually makes plans on how to improve either himself or others around him. Or, if he already has plans in his mind, he spends much time in his home, working on whoever he gets in his claws. Other than that, he loves to take sunbaths or real baths to get himself clean and working smoothly.
Dislikes: On the other claw, Viktor is not really one who likes to do what most dragons do. He dislikes hunting other beings for food, even though it still is a necessity for him. He dislikes fighting, but will do if he has to. He also dislikes travelling through snowy regions as the snow could get stuck in some parts of him, which prevents him from performing perfectly. Because of the cold temperatures in such regions, he'd have to either wait or leave for the snow/ice to melt.
Fears: Ironically, the one true fear he has is the future in which he can't improve anymore. He always looks forward towards perfection and fears the day he can'T become better anymore.

General Appearance
Height: Viktor is around 120 ft tall
Scales: His "scales", if you could call it that, are of a dark-grey color while his wings are bronze.
Eyes: His eyes, one of the things he hasn't found a suitable mechanical replacement yet, are silver-grey and slitted, like most dragons' eyes.
Appearance: His general appearance is very unlikely for a dragon as not a single patch of "skin" can be seen. He is a metal/steel dragon who replaced his entire exterior, from the limbs to the tail, wings and the scales/skin. Even the talons and the teeth he has are made of metal. The "muscles" of his metal limbs are not organic, as that would be, from his point's view, ineffective. Instead, they are metal fibers, able to move the limbs more efficiently as well as being more durable.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Earthwings
Rank: Technically Vulcan
Family: No, he does not have any living family
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: As a Fullmetal Dragon, he is almost fireproof and is able to withstand much more than most dragons could. Since he built his own body himself, he can replace lost limbs if needed at a later date. He is a great tactician, making plans for everyone and everything.
Special Abilities: As his body is made of metal, so are his weapons, meaning that they are durable. He can also swing his claws, releasing the nails and turning those into projectiles. Same also can happen to the tail and all of the parts are reattachable as long as they're not deformed.
Weaknesses: Turning himself into a machine has taken some weaknesses, but in return gave him some complete new ones. For one, if something is stuck in some parts of him, he is not able to function perfectly and will slow down to some degree. Turning himself into steel made him quite heavy. He can't swim and would just sink onto the ground, preventing him to be able to fight underwater and resulting in him drowning in the end as he couldn't replace his lungs yet. On top of that, he is not the best fighter in the air. He won't be able to dodge very much because of the great weight he carries around himself.
Combat Style: Viktor's combat style is a mix of close range with his metal teeth and claws and long range with the nails of his claws and tail turned projectile. The big problem that arises with this is that he is almost defenseless in the time before he reattached his nails. On top of that, he can't fight anyone who's skin is too hard to pierce through.

History: Viktor's history wasn't much entertaining or special for the first part. He came from a  family of Vulcans who were using metal ores to create weapons and armor. Soon, he saw that metal was stronger than scales as he saw other getting hurt by it if they weren't wearing some sort of protection made out of metal as well.
So, as he was old enough to leave his family, he lived a life of solitude, starting to work on himself. At first, it hurt of course, but soon enough he turned parts of himself into metal. After quite some time, he managed to replace his exterior, limbs, wings, tail, skull, teeth with metal...however, he did not manage to replace his organs or eyes. Taking that as a little throwback, he went out into the world, looking for dragons who would follow him to the path of machinery, shouting "This is the Glorious Evolution"

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Re: Viktor, the Machine's Herald

Post by Cosmos on Mon Oct 27, 2014 4:45 pm

Hm.. I don't see anything wrong here..

Approved By The Great and Might Cosmos!


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Re: Viktor, the Machine's Herald

Post by Atlantis on Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:51 pm

I have talked with Astral, one of the admins, that has explained me the rule.

This sheet is declined because we're trying to emphatize medievale times. So technological devices and metal dragons aren't allowed anymore. Armours, weapons and primitive inventions are ok.

That means you can't neither bring metal parts to other dragons.


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Re: Viktor, the Machine's Herald

Post by Sponsored content

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