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Maybe Monsters??

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Maybe Monsters??

Post by Equinox on Sat Oct 25, 2014 8:40 pm

Sure, this is great, but I know something that might make it better:
Vampires! Werewolves, Zombies, and perhaps things that already exist: Dracula, Slenderman, and others.
For Dracula and/or Slender, I suggest real users playing as them. If you agree, just so you know, I would GLADLY make a Slendy account.
Anyway, I suggest that Dracula would be the first vampire, here ever since the Big Bang. He would be a NightWing, very powerful, maybe as powerful as the leaders themselves. He wouldn't live in a particular place, but he skulks in dark areas.
Slender(SlenderDRAKE, for I heard that a male dragon is called a drake) would be here even before the Big Bang. I am hesitant for this, because that would take Shardas' place, and I would hate to steal his title of the first Dragon to ever exist. Anyway, Slender would have no particular tribe or species. He would be found anywhere- mostly forests. I know his appearance would be confusing, but here it goes:
He is slender, pale with black splotches over his body. His neck will be lined with a red stripe, like a collar. His wings are black, but at times they will turn into tentacles, as with his tail. He is taller than the largest dragons, even EarthWings. Unlike the humanoid Slender, he has white eyes with silver pupils. He is oddly good with hatchlings.

Dracula: A black dragon with blood-shot eyes and huge fangs. He would be the usual size for a NightWing, only slightly larger. He has a white stripe starting from his head going all the way down his head to his spine.

There might be other suggestions; idk, maybe something like the One Ring from LOTR or a creature like the Ra'zaac from Eragon. I dunno.
*still note that if the administrators of this site agree to this, I would gladly play as Slenderman.*
Thank you for your time.
SkyWing Hatchling
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Re: Maybe Monsters??

Post by Celestia on Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:48 pm

I remember going to an avatar the last airbender site once and the rules and people were nice for the most part. But I quickly found out it wasn't an avatar site. It was set in the avatar universe but it had all sorts of other crazy things. Naruto bijuu, aliens, star wars sci-fi stuffs as well as stuff from a great many other places. I was super pissed off because I was there to rp Avatar not all this other crap and the other crap being around ruined the experience I didn't want to rp there with all that. I just wanted Avatar RP. Now there are lots of sites out there they let you be a dragon and be a bijuu and be all these different fandoms. For example our friend creative freedom or a fantasy geared site called spirits of the earth. (the site owner there hates my guts.)

There are many other sites that let you play as dragons like the two I mentioned above but we are titled as specifically a dragon rp site not to mention we have a monopoly on the subject, so wouldn't you think it would be best to stick with what we advertise and what we have a monopoly on.

Oh and just so you know the answers no.


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Re: Maybe Monsters??

Post by Equinox on Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:22 pm

Thanks for your answer
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SkyWing Hatchling

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Re: Maybe Monsters??

Post by Sponsored content

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