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Vision or Dream? What Shall Follow... Dragon10
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Vision or Dream? What Shall Follow...

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Vision or Dream? What Shall Follow... Empty Vision or Dream? What Shall Follow...

Post by Avian on Wed Oct 22, 2014 11:08 am

The sun.... the sun in the distant.... it was nothing more but a flash. Avian's neck was being crushed. He could feel the pain, the difficulty to breath, unable to move his head was if was locked in view. It was like a snake was choking him, wrapping around tighter every as moment went by. He could feel his body going limp, unable to retaliate quick enough. All he could see were dark figures watching him with glowing eyes, and the dark figure directly in front of him staring at a few silhouettes in the distance. Suddenly-


For a second, an intense pain followed... then darkness came the next.

Avian flailed in the tree he was resting, he shook himself too much and lost balance, rolling out of the tree and landing near his pack, making a loud thud on the ground as he recoiled upwards and rolled to his right. He jumped up in haste, panting with a sign of blood lust and anger on his face. He roared, and with one arm in the air, a spark was created, channeled through his arm towards his body and into his other arm, he fires a powerful bolt of lightning with the use of his magic into the sky. He repeated it again, and fired it at a tree's base, destroying it and leaving a few flames ignited by the energy he fired. The tree was blown off from the ground, landing into the branches of others as Avian calmed down slightly.

"No....NO! I'm not going to die!" Avian grabs the durable strap on his pack, dragging it along with his claws retracted as he walked off to an open area. He never took dreams seriously as he believed they may only result in trivial things, however for some reason, dreams about death, disappearance, and bloodshed meant to him something that couldn't be overlooked. He muttered to himself, still not at ease as the pain of the dream felt real. A few rocks, poorly made wooden targets and a large tree was in the open area, and behind them was a waterfall and a tall cliff. At least a few hundred meters tall, the spring mountain water fell far from the skies as if it were falling from the heavens itself. Avian dumped his pack against a tree far away from the targets, and instead walked towards the targets, swiping his claws against the rocks to test his combat affinity. He stood there in a combat stance, slashing through stone, oak wood and dirt, destroying the targets with an aggressive style of combat.

"Stick and stones my break your bones, but words will do even worse....." -a true fact of life....

"Friendships are more important than you think...."

"Ah! Yeah right! As if I'd ever betray my friends and comrades!"

"You may look like them, and may act like them, but one thing that I know; is that you will never replace them....."
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