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Vehumet Stormbringer

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Vehumet Stormbringer Empty Vehumet Stormbringer

Post by Archaon on Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:12 pm

Personal Info
Name: Vehumet Stormbringer
Alias: The herald of the hurricane.
Age: 21 (210 human years)
Gender: Male
Personality:  His temperament could be compared to the storms he holds dominion over. He is a very unpredictable person, prone to violent outburst over relatively minor infractions. He is also very self-centered, often considering just about everyone to be beneath him. He often talks down to people as a result, often to the point of driving someone completely mad with annoyance. He has problems trusting people, fearful that they know of his past

Testing the limits of his powers, often with a disregard for the safety of those around him.
Studying the weather, as to understand the nature of his power better.
Flying freely in the skies, preferably in strong winds.
He dislikes being on solid ground and especially being underground. The inability to 'feel' the skies above causes him a great deal of discomfort.
He also dislikes clear weather as it leaves him without much leverage over the weather.
Finally, he does not appreciate being forced to follow the orders of someone else.
Fears: He fears the prospect of his past returning to haunt him. This is to the point where has literally cleared his home of all things that would even lightly hint at the truth of things

General Appearance
Height: 10 Meters in length. Wingspan of 8,5 from tip to tip.
Scales: Bright golden scales, glowing with static that eriodically discharges as small arcs of electricity.
Eyes: glowing White, occasionally releasing bright, blue sparks of electricity.
Appearance: He is a rather large skywing and has some unusual features, His tail and tailfins are larger than the average skywing. His horns are curved, shaed somewhat like lightning bolts. He prefers not to bear arms as he relies on his supernatural powers for the times he finds himself in a fight.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Skywing
Rank: Tracker
Family: He is of rather unremarkable heritage and has been out of touch with his family for years.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: A very able flyer, Vehumet is able to fly with ease even in the harshest of weathers He has a particular mastery with projecting lightning bolts from his mouth.
Special Abilities: As a deity of storms, Vehumet can exert his divine power to weave a great storm around him. The eye of this storm will always be centered on him, though even this normally relatively safe space will provide no sanctuary to the targets of Vehumet's meteorological wrath.

Furthermore, he posesses the curious ability to 'become one with the storm' In this state, his mind extends to beyond his corporeal form and infuses the storm with his conciousness, though he logically should not be able to sense anything in this state, he can still 'see' those that are in the storm through a sixht sense of sorts. His control over the storm is also greatly increased, alas, the process leaves him rather unaware of the going ons of his corporeal body and thus exposes it to any number of possible threats.
Weaknesses: He performs poorly at close-ranged encounters, And his extensive reliance on flight has left him rather sluggish when forced to the ground.
Combat Style: Vehumet prefers long-range aerial combat if anything. He prefers to stay at a distance and blast his opponents with his powerful lightning breath, further wearing them down with the storm he will in all likelyhood have created by that point. He will always try to avoid close-range engagements as he is rather lacking in claw-to-claw combat.

History: Vehumet was borne of relatively unremarkable parents in the stormwing tribe. Dring his incubation as an egg, no irregularities happened. It was on the day he hatched though, that a truly bizarre event took place. A great lightning storm swept the area, heavenly fire rained upon the land, setting fire to trees and unsettling even the most stoic of skywings. It was then that a single, improbable lightning strike struck Vehumet's egg. The furniture and floor around him were completely obliterated, and yet, in the ashes of the lightning strike, his egg lay still with nary a scratch. He hatched from that egg the very same day. For the year that followed this event, occasional but ever more destructive storms ravaged the lands and skies. As this continued, suspicions began to arise that they were caused by the 'hatchling branded by lightning' as the young Vehumet was being referred to by his fellow dragons.

Seeing this growing resentment and fear for their son, Vehumet's parents eventually agreed to have him examined examined by the healers of the tribe. What they found out was something that terrified some dragons, including Vehumet's family. Vehumet had been branded by divine power to become a god among dragons. A great deity, likely with an aspect related to the sky. The storms were involuntarely caused by young Vehumet's total ignorance on how to control his massive powers.

The news spread likje wildfire, soon the entire tribe knew of the newly-born godling among them. There was much debate on how to handle this development. Some voices spoke to isolate the hatchling from society, others of keeing him on a tight leash. Some radical elements even professed the best course of action be downright killing the young dragon.

One could imagine all this controversy around him had a profound effect on Vehumet, and it very much did. His parents, fearful that public appearance would only further ignite the raging debate, isolated the young dragon in their home, constantly cautioning him not to go outside. Never to talk to anyone. The rare times he did get to go outside, his fellow dragons would speak of him in hushed tones, his peers were kept away from him by their own parents. This mistreatment served to forge within the fate-tormented hatchling a storm of feelings, sometimes confusion from his young mind as to the reason he was treated at such, sometimes rage for the same reason, and sometimes sorrow and loneliness from the constant isolation from society. And as these mental storms raged in his mind and heart, Actual storms would rage all over the land.

Eventually, despite the great amount of debate and controversy, the decision was reached to allow Vehumet into everyday society, on the condition that he learned to control his powers. Now, the search was on for a dragon who knew of the nature of divine ower and could teach another how to handle it. After a few months, a viable candidate had stepped forward. Sif Muna, A Wise One and a hermit that lived secluded from  the noisiness of everyday life and who had dedicated his years in retirement to the study of the gods. He was initially reluctant to come out of his isolation but was quickly swayed when promised that one fo the beings he studied so diligently was walking among the tribe.

Sif Muna's arrival was like a break in the storm of torment that Vehumet's life had become the last few months. Though his demeanor was distant, he was one of the first dragons in a long time to regard him as an equal, something even his parents had stopped doing in their fear of their son's uncontrolled power. The sagely old dragon provided reason and advice, Not just to Vehumet, but to the dragons that regularly interacted with him too. Under Sif muna's guiding hand, Vehumet slowly but steadily improved his control over the destructive powers that up until then had been ravaging the tribe with regularity. By the end of the year, the freak storms had subsided.

Vehumet could finally continue the childhood that had been cut short by the controversy and general insanity of the last year. Still, he was occasionally regarded with fearful eyes and hushed tones. Other hatchlings were cautioned against playing with Him by their own parents and the tribe as a whole tried to mostly ignore his existence, still n his parents had resumed their role in raising him with the guidance of Sif Muna, who grew to be a close friend of Vehumet. Their daily sessions together were the times When vehumet could really talk to someone who actually listened. It was like this that his life went, until 8 years later.

It was the day that Vehumet was to formally come of age and pick his role in the tribe, he had grown into a fine example of a skywing in that time, though due to his divine power asserting itself, he had some irregular features that made him visibly stand out from his peers. Furthermore, he stood up and above from his peers in being very much better at just about anything,be it flying, martial training or the usage of dragonbreath, he was a peerless genius in it. This bred quite a bit of jealousy. And none showed this so openly as a wrathful dragon named Coriolis.

She was the daugther of a dragon that had, for the past 9 years, never stopped subscribing to the notion that Vehumet was still very much a threat to all of the skywing people. This hardline stance had been passed on to her and she had bery much embraced it. Whereas most of the tribe regarded Vehumet as little more than an irregularity by now, her family still campaigned for Vehumet to be dealt with in a more stict manner than simply assigning an old man to watch over him.

In any case, the ceremony of choosing a role in the tribe was that day. It was a stressful ceremony, with the representatives of all the roles being seated above the dragon coming of age, who in this case was Vehumet. They were all old and wizened men, far above the petty Bias that surrounded the promising young dragon before them. The ceremony was simple, the soon-to be-beyond hatchling would tell them of all their qualities and then they would advise him in what Role they would choose to comuit themselves to, although the final decision would always lay with the one that was to come of age.

Vehumet told of his talents, they were numerous and diverse, though his most notable skills were manouerability in the air and proficiency with dragonbreath. In this special case due to Vehumet's 'irregular' qualities, some debate arose as to whether he would fit more as a guardian or as a tracker. Apart from that hough, they were all in agreement Vehumet's talents certainly were suited for a miliary life. His ultimate decision was to become apprentice to the trackers, it was a decision motivated by his, up until then, rather sheltered life. There was a whole world out there, and Vehumet wanted to see it with his own eyes, not just in a picture book.

As the ceremony was finalized, Vehumet ade way for another dragon that was to choose a role that day. As a twist of fate would have it, the only other dragon that would choose a role that day was Coriolis, the dragon that had been his worst enemy all throughout his later childhood. It could ha ve been a sign from the stars, a warning that their fates would intertwine in the future. Regardless, Vehumet ignored the happenstance and moved on to tell of his comign fo age back at home.

His parents, grown accusomed to their son's nature, were somewhat proud as their son regaled them with the easi with which he had held his composure before the wise ones of the tribe. Sif Muna listened too, glad to see the young dragon he had guided for all these years did end up on the right track with his life after all.

In a happy story, all would be well after this, but Fate still had more twists in store for the tormented divine skywing. His period as a trainee of the trackers. It was an unfortunate happenstance due to the way trackers chose to train their apprentices. The standard was to take all trainees that joined them that year and split them up in different groups, all of which were then assigned a senior tracker as a teacher. Vehumet and Coriolis had been assigned to the same group in the misplaced hope that the resentment between them would evolve into a good natured rivalry under the tracker trainer regimen.

It did not, it excerberated the matter in fact. There was a rivalry between the two to be sure, but it was a bitter and hateful one. Punctuated by Coriolis's futile attempts at surpassing Vehumet's spotless performance. With each passing day, the rift between the two trainees grew ever wider. Vehumet mostly held his composure when dealing with her, in large part thanks to the counseling of Sif Muna. But the unexpected chain of events that was to would make it so even he would not be able to have prevented the coming tragedy.

It was the day before a training exercise by the trackers that would take all the trainees out into the wilderness.  The day before, Vehumet had been forced into listening to yet another of Coriolis's impotent rants against him. He had wanted to talk about the matter with Sif Muna, but he was away to the healers for a routine examination. His parents did talk with him, but they weren't the paragons of reason and calmness that Sif muna was. Vehumet went to sleep with a bad mood that night. One that he carried into the following morning as all the trainees gathered before the teacher.

It was to be a routine exercise that day, the trackers would have to venture into the wilderness to gather a random selection of items. It was mostly a test to see how well acquantanced the trainees where with the terrain. An ill fated twist on this particular instance tough, was that the teacher of Vehumet's group had decided to make a competition of sorts between the individual members of the group. It was a simple matter of putting all the members of the group in a numbered table to see which one would complete the objectives the fastest.

To vehumet, this exercise was an easy one. He often flew about the area in his spare time, exloring every nook and cranny and generally learning about the surrounding wilderness. Little did he know however, that his eternal rival, Coriolis, took the competition just a bit too serious, she saw it as her one chance to prove once and for all that she was superior to Vehumet. And with that, the starting signal was given and the scavenger hunt was on.

The large majority of the items that had to be obtained were of a very common variety, simple things like particular types of rock or specific wild plants. Thanks to this, Vehumet and Coriolis were able to stay far away from each other for the majority of the day. It was the final item on the list however, that would prove to be final piece in machinations of fate. It was a rare type of mountain fower that only grew on one single nearby mountain. Furthermore, reports had indicated there were only precious few of them that were in bloom, which was a stipulated requirement to prevent the trainees from picking the entire mountain clean.

In this final part, Vehumet raced towards the mountaintop, determined to win, he did not know that approaching from the opposite side of the mountain was Coriolis, equaly determined to win. They met each other at the very top of the mountain. Only a single blooming flower was left, the rest had been picked by trainees who had taken a route that led them to the mountain much sooner in the sequence of required items.

They clashed violently, Vehumet's superior speed saw him reach the flower first, however, this prompted Coriolis to, in a misguided attempt of preventing Vehumet from winninh from her once more, lashed out at him with dragonbreath. Vehumet only just barely avoided the lightning bolt she had projected at him. It was the final straw to him, his adamant composure which had up until now blocked out Coriolis's incessant whining and ridiculous complaints finally broke down. The argument quickly got heatet once more, with Vehumet deriding Coriolis's delusional beliefs that he was a threat th society while she hysterically screamed about how she saw him as a mistake of nature. The argument quickly flowed over to their families, and finally it became about the sagely wise Sif Muna.

Vehumet didn't know what snapped in him exactly when Coriolis called him a senile old fool, was it the fact that he had become like a secondary father figure to him? Was it because he had been the hearld of the end of a troubled time? It did not matter at this time, as Vehumet shouted a single word, a word oaded with rimal energies that spread out far further than sound could carry it. He told Coriolus to 'shut, up'! The outburst had fatal consequences, the control taht Vehumet contained over his divine owers for all these years faltered as rage overtook his common sense.

His mind was everywhere, it was in the clouds beneath them, it was in the winds around them, and it was converging these things. Into a familiar sight. Black clouds and heavy winds welled up around the mountain, and they were not meant to be there. Vehumet was venting years worth of petty annoyance and passing irritation with Coriolis that had, over time, balled up into a vitriolic ball of rage. Coriolis herself was mortified by this sudden going-on. All the nightmarish scenarios her father had always warned her about were unolding before her very eyes.

Then, as the storm began to pick up speed, she fled, she fled into the one place she should never have been. The one blind spot in Vehumet's sight through the storms. Into the eye of the storm. It would still be a long time until Vehumet's control over the winds was strong enough that could control the eye of the storm, so he retracted his mind back into his physical self and gave chase, still motivated by blind anger.

It was in this hole in the sea of destruction that Coriolis was fleeing, she did not look behind her, for all she knew the demon of her childhood was right behind her. She sought refuge in the one place were the storm didn't reach. The very middle of the storm. When she finally looked behind her, she could see Vehumet Divebombing her. Struck by bind panic, she missed a turn at the critical moment and hurtled into the storm winds.

Vehumet was shocked out of his anger, he had simply intended to pin her to the ground and give her a piece of his mind. And now he saw her dissappearing into the black sea of destruction that he himsef had wrought. He now started to panic too. What would the people think if something were to happen to her, It would shatter the relative peace he had enjoyed for the ast few years. In this depserate state, he dove into the black clouds, intending to rather ironically save his archrival from certain doom.

It was a very visceral experience for Vehumet, the storm raging around him felt like little more than an extension of his self. The moment the black clouds touched his scales, he knew the exact going ons within the devastation, nad thus instantly located Coriolis. She was still airborne, though it appeared she might soon be smashed into a mouintainside as she did not have Vehumet's sight beyond sight to guide her through the storm.

Vehumet closely followed Coriolis in her blind flight, trying to call out to her. His words were lost to the raging winds though, and she remained unaware of his presence. It was then that she was forced around by the storm winds, and collided headfirst with Vehumet, sending them both hurtling through the storm.

It is difficult to say what transpired next, there were memories in Vehumet's mind of Coriolis attempting to kill him as they both hurtled to their doom. What he did know was that he woke up on the base of the mountains, relatively unharmed. By now, a search party from the trackers had been dispatched to investigate the freak storm, which had dissapated as fast as it had come.

The search party found Vehumet first, they were told an improbable story that none could have ever survived to tell. And yet here they listened to a young dragon telling them how he was knocked unconcious in the drak heart of a storm. The chances of anyone surviving such an ordeal were utterly improbable.

It was not long after that Coriolis was found, her fate had not been so lucky, she had been thrown into the mountainside just as Vehumet had predicted. She never stood a chance. Everyone was shocked at how this routine training exercise went so horribly, horribly wrong.

The news sent a wave of disbelief throughout the entire tribe. All this time, the radical element had warned that this day would come, and now , the daugther of their figurehead lay dead in the mountains. Vehumet was quickly spirited away from the outraged masses by an entire squadron of protectors, which only served to fuel the intense anger that ruled the streets. At home, things weren't much better, the Trust Vehumet's parents had placed in him had been completely shattered. Even his mentor, Sif Muna, regarded him with a strong distrust now.

The people demanded justice though, and so, within mere days of the incident, Vehumet was put on trail and convicted for manslaughther. His sentence was 10 years of imprisonment, and he was thus carried off to a secluded prison far in the inhospitable mountain regions.

He had now reached the very rock bottom of his life. The prison walls around him were so high and smooth as to be unscalable, and all prisoners were bound to the ground with shackles to their wings. He was now more than ever, completely imprisoned.

The following 10 years were veyr harsh on Vehumet. He had little contact with the outside world, is parents had all but disowned him and even Sif Muna was reluctant to contact him. Furthermore, the prison was a very harsh enviroment. the weaker dragons were all but the slaves of the stronger ones. The guards knew of these atters but mostly ignored it, no one would care if the scum they ket inside fought amongst themselves was their justification for this.

It wasn't long until Vehumet was forced to show his worth to th other prisoners. they thought him an easy prey, a defenseless pretty boy to be made the slave to their every whim. it didn't take long for them to be roven horribly wrong. All that tried to challange Vehumet, be it on their own or in groups, were easily crushed by his overwhelming might. He did not ever fully take power however, as he wanted nothing to do with the outcasts of society that he had come to assoicate with everything he did not want to be. He instead meditated on his power, refining it to a level even he thought impossible.

It was the day of his release now. As the guard came to fetch Vehumet from his cell, he stepped down the cell block one last time. Every prisoner in sight bowed their heads down for him, be it in fear if not out of respect. It Angered Vehumet greatly how he had inadvertedly become a great paragon to the othe prisoners, but he could take solace in the fact that he would likely never see any of them ever again. As the guards released the shackles from his wings and his feet, he could already feel the call of freedom beckoning. And just like that, he was free.

A few days later, he arrived at the home of his youth, only to see it empty. His parents had loved far away from there not long after Vehumet's imprisonment it seemed, and he had no idea where Sif Muna went. he entered the home and found everything as he remembered it to be. Sif Muna's study even lay with the same scattered documents and research papers that Vehumet so fondly remembered. He then decided to claim this home as his own, it only seemed fitting for the prodigal son to return home after all.

Now, he faced an uncertain future, most dragons remembered him as little more than a distant memory, but there were sure to be those that still knew of what Vehumet's conciencs held. Still, all was better than to lock himself away in his own home, right?

RP Sample:  Vehumet quitly slinked around on the market. He didn't have to be too cautious, he just had to buy some groceries. He had long since memorized all the dragons and shopkeepers who knew his past, however passingly. It was quite easy to avoid having to talk about his past at all really, as long as he tried to stay away from certain dragons, the subject rarely if ever came up. Still, his unusual appearance did sometimes lead to staring eyes, though it was nothing like how it was back in the day.

As is thoughts wandeed like this, he came upon the first market stall on his route, Vehumet was slightly unnerved to see an unfamiliar fice standing behind the counter. He had no idea who this dragon was or how much she knew about him. He thus approached her with caution. "Hello Ma'am" He started a conversation with her. she seemed somewhat flabbergasted at first by Vehumet's iriscindent scales but quickly regained her composure. " What would you like sir?" She asked. Nothing in her behaviour seemed to suggest she knew his identity, so vehumet simply bought what he needed and moved on, he remembered the shopkeeper's face as one of those that did not know him.

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Vehumet Stormbringer Empty Re: Vehumet Stormbringer

Post by Atlantis on Sun Oct 05, 2014 1:40 pm

This card is amazing. And very nice (looooong) story Very Happy Approved.

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