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Post by Cosmos on Fri Oct 03, 2014 8:23 pm

There was a time when Freedom was a dirty word. Where stating your opinion was a hard choice. Where the gates closed to darkness, those who dared to seek the light were only giving a unpleasant sight. This is a world where it's every man for himself. They can plead and cry, but it was wrong to help them. But, what if restrain was a dirty word too? What if we had a voice, constantly screaming at those who are deaf of this world's words? What if we had the eyes that could find the light, no matter how dark it is. What if we could live by a different saying? It's been more then one hundred years since mankind decided to start anew, it's 3023 and One boy believed this these words. And his name was..

"..Eric Tindel. Age seventeen, transferring from district four. American, and no criminal record. I believe that is that correct, kid?" In a small room there was one bright light shining down on a desk covered in paperwork. A rather weary, muscular man in a military suit leaned back in his chair, gnawing on the joint of a dimly lit cigar. He had droopy, brown eyes and short hair. The ground tiled with slick stone. Holding a pen in his hand, he tried to write down with it but barely any ink appeared on the pale yellow document with information on it.  He crunched the joint of his cigar each time the pen failed to write, a frustrated expression revealed on his face, "Damn pen! They expect me to document this crap all day and doesn't even give proper supplies!" he grumbled loudly before looking across from his desk towards a young man with dark copper brown hair, golden yellow eyes and a rather small body build. He was looking down at the ground sheepishly, his arms and hands firmly placed on his lap. His legs were tightly close together as he shifted every few moments shyly. The man in the military suit, slammed his fist onto the desk in impatience and and frustration. "Well are 'ya or aren't 'ya?! I don't have all day, kid! I got countless other people to register!" The young man across him shifted even more before replying seconds after the man spoke, "Y-yes! I am Eric Tindel! All your information is correct.." He sheepishly asked, making eye contact only a couple times. The man, who unfolded his finger from his palm and rested his hand on the desk sighed, "Well, whatever you say kid. Your assigned room is... uh..," he gazed down at the documents, his eyes going back in forth, skimming the words until he found what he was looking for, "uh.. oh, it's room 219. And heads up, your roommate was raised in district nine!" He laughed as if he had said the funniest thing in the world. He was almost in tears, his slapped his arm on the desk, banging it in laughter. "Just.. haha! How unlucky are you, to share a room with the infected! Just... Just get lost kid! Haha..!"

The infected. A deadly sickness had spread in district nine. There wasn't a name for it, but it killed a lot of people. More then half of the people in district nine died to it. Those who survived it were called, Infected. They were feared, scowled upon, and teased by other people. Mainly because they believe they bring bad fortune; but it's not like anyone knows what caused the sickness. District nine isn't deserted, but it sure isn't packed. In the meantime, Eric nodded slowly, a bit disturbed at the man's laughter, he got up, with his bags and valuables in his palms just hanging down, he bowed formally without saying a farewell and rushed out of the door. "Hey! Kid, all the rooms are up and down the stairs! Hahahaha! Dis.. District nine, those infecte-!" His words were cut off by the sound of a door closing. Eric looked down the two hallways. One leading to right, and one leading to the left. Chatter echoed through each one though. There was a sign, labeled 'Stairs and Dormitories'. Eric assumed this is where he'd search for his room, "Room 219.. 219.. 219.." He mumbled to himself, trying to remember his new room. Bang. Bang. Bang. The banging sounds of Eric walking up the the metallic echoed throughout the hallways. More walking, turns, and cross sections. It was only a matter of time when he reached hallway B, in the two hundreds. Room, by room Eric passed. "219.. 219.. 2..19! Ah! I found it!" He confidently said aloud. Just when he was reaching out towards the door knob, he froze, and started to shift again. "He did say I had a roommate, I wonder what they're like.. how should I introduce myself?! Ah..uh..er.., Oh c'mon Eric! Man up! This is why you got picked on!" He lightly slapped his cheeks and wince when he did, he shook his head and furrowed his brows as he turned the door knob. The door creaked open and Eric immediately went into action. "Hello! My Name is Eric Tindel, and starting today I'll be your roommate!" He formally bowed, wincing doubtfully. After a few seconds, he opened an eye and looked up. It was a man in a black tank top and bulky, army green kackies. He was unbagging his stuff, on he top half of a bunk bed. He didn't even look at Eric, nor acknowledged him. Eric stood up straight, and just stared in confusion, "Umm..-", "I'm taking the top bunk if you don't mind." The man's forward words cut off Eric's. Eric just watched, "Yeah.. yeah, sure. I don't.. mind." His golden yellow eyes followed the man's movements. The white haired man paused, and looked over glanced over at Eric with a twitching brow and a rather annoyed expression, "Can you not just stare at me like that? It's weird. Tch.." Eric, felt a shiver up his spine, this guy was more talkative then he looked. Eric stuttered, "Yeah, sure! Mister..?" He extended his words at the end of his response, giving a hint he wanted his name. This is my chance to learn his name! I wonder what it is.. Eric thought to himself as he impatiently but lightly bit his lower lip in eagerness. The assumed albino man crossed his arms and looked over at Eric, with a relatively irritated scowl. This guy sure didn't know how to smile. Sighing, the man winced in irritation. "Levi.. Levi Sperring. It hasn't been a pleasure meeting you, Eric Tindel." After unpacking the majority of his stuff, he gently overhanded the bag onto the top bunk by the handle. Only grabbing a army green hoodie, he tossed it over his shoulder and exposed his wrist as he lightly clinged to the hoodie with the tips of his fingers and began to walk over to the door. Just realizing Levi was exiting, Eric shifted and interrupted him. "Where are you going! Everyone has to report to their dorms when they register, right?" Levi turned his head around as his body kept position, "What? You dumbass, after we're unpack our stuff we're supposed to report to the training room. You have a map right?" Levi pointed at the door. "A map? No.." Eric sheepishly said as he revealed such a confused but shocked expression on his face. Levi sighed hopelessly, "Here, you can have mine. I've already memorized it anyway. But see 'ya, I'm heading their right now. So let's just keep it at that and go our separate ways for now. Besides, I gave you a map, you should have no trouble getting here and bac-" BUD-UMP! The door slammed open and there leaped a muscular man, tall, he stood about six foot. He wore and black tank top with a hoodie wrapped and tied around his waist. He wore brown kackies and a necklace with a charm attached to in the shape of a knife. He found himself jumping on Eric, hugging him. "Eric! Yo! Long time no see!" He grinned.

Eric twitched. He averted his eyes trying to figure out what just happened and decided to find out who was hugging him. After taking a second or to to inspect him, he widened his eyes with a smile. "Clay.. Darson? Clay!"


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