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behemoth the juggernaut

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behemoth the juggernaut

Post by behemoth on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:02 pm

name" Behemoth
Alias: Bahamu
age: 70
gender: Male
personality: Behemoth is has the personality of a sleeping titan. He is very lazy and is mistaken for a giant crystal sized mountain. He only gets up when he is spoken to, hungry, or being attacked.
interests: sleeping, eating, and being large
dislikes: dragons trying to steal his crystals on his back and dragons being a prick (he will crush you)
size: 140 feet tall and 100 feet long
scales: dust colored but with small highlights of other colors
eyes: golden yellow
appearance: giant ankylosaur kaiju dragon with crystals all over him and being a knuckle dragger

tribe: earth wing

strengths: he is extremely huge and can crush you with just a stomp. His crystals fuel his breath attack and he breaths out a spiral of energy.
weaknesses: you can out run him if he is not going berserk and you could remove enough of his crystals, but you need ALOT of force to do so
special abilities: the ultimate berserk (which is when he goes all angry and starts to attack everything in sight) and the earth quake (which is when he brings all his weight down causing a mini earthquake)
history: Behemoth was first a normal sized dragon that was  only 17 feet long. He got killed in a avalanche when he was practicing some flying moves. He was brought back to live by a spirit of ancient times and gave him the powers of the terrible lizards of old. He now looks like a gigantic mountain and has many features of the terrible lizards, such as the clubbed tail, giant jaws, and thick rock like scales on his body.


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Re: behemoth the juggernaut

Post by Ashley on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:04 pm

You forgot your rank and the mate stuffs.


I play Luna on this account. Daughter of Astral and Nimbus, sibling to Celestia.

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Re: behemoth the juggernaut

Post by Corrode on Tue Sep 30, 2014 9:05 pm

if you elaborate a bit on the appearance and add those missing categories, I can approve this.
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