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Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link] Dragon10
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Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link]

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Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link] Empty Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link]

Post by Anissia Sanford on Mon Sep 29, 2014 9:06 pm

Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link] NDRAd_zpsf25a0ff6
Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link] NDRRulesButton_zpse0ad07f9Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link] NDRTraitsButton_zpsf96a67b5Natsu Dragneel Roleplay [First Link] NDRShopButton_zpsa45e7cfa

Natsu Dragneel Roleplay
You can stop searching. You've found us.

Set in an alternate Fairyverse, this roleplay takes you into a completely new world offering brand new experiences.

Discover Yourself
Character creation on NatsuDragneel.com is unique: designed to add a new aspect to the roleplay game. Starting on the forum will allow you to pick one of the four starter classes: Scavenger, Scout, Mystic and Cleric. Each class offers a passive bonus to your character and can be upgraded with jewels.
Every character is customized and balanced when members incorporate  the pre-established list of positive and negative characteristics into their character applications. These traits will influence your behavior and abilities during your roleplays: like wielding a weapon with the choice of the “zealot” trait.

Earn Your Keep
Members can select and undertake pre-made missions from the boards in their guildhalls to obtain jewels: our site’s currency. Jewels can be spent to upgrade your rank and class, start a spell training session, or improve your guild. But it doesn’t end there! For being active members  earn “points” as well, which can be traded in for jewel boosts, mana buffs and so much more!

Embrace Your Power
Join today and capitalize on our limited free-rank and magic opportunities in open guilds. We can’t tell you what to do with this new found power, but it will help you along your path of becoming the most praised or feared wizard in all of Fiore.

Anissia Sanford

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