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Lost heart cave Dragon10
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Lost heart cave

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Lost heart cave Empty Lost heart cave

Post by FeatherSongRp on Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:17 am

Welcome to lost heart cave!

FeatherSongRp: Star male unknown breed Lost heart cave Black_dragon_by_lordhannu-d4ekj79

Cave looks:
Lost heart cave Outside_the_cave__by_eren_akinci-d68zmsg
Entrance, looks normal right?

Lost heart cave Crystal_caves_by_josheiten-d5z8fes
Your getting there but you gotta find the under water entrance.. oops did I say to much?

Lost heart cave Crystal_cave_by_nerkin-d7g3jwa
Well I know your found the path into the Lost Heart area, but what about the Akitosh?

Lost heart cave Ice_Cavern_CG_FFIX_ArtIt's right up the corner, just keep walking.

Lost heart cave Dragonage3inquisition-art2
Well you made it, just ignore that human, I was going to eat him.

Lost heart cave Fantasy-art_00297854
What's an Akitosh? She's a beast that guards Lost heart cave, she was told to revive herself over and over again if you kill her. But no one has killed her yet so... idk.

Lost heart cave __chinese_dragon___by_dolfiy-d6cc0t5
elder kinkxis
What's going on:
Star is talking to elder kinkxis about the ever stone." />" />

Feather Song Rp

Lost heart cave Tribe_13

About me:
Name: Star
Age: 19 in dragon years
Type: A odd Icewing
Looks: Lost heart cave Dragon-of-wind-102939706558
Live: Lost Heart cave
Rank: Loner Guardian (not part of the kingdom)
Objects: Last Ever Stone
Power: Ice and walk in dreams
Skills: Stealth, swift, and strikes
Mate: wants
Young: wants
Friends: None
Foes: None

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Lost heart cave Empty Re: Lost heart cave

Post by Akreious on Mon Sep 22, 2014 10:29 am

I.... Dunno what to say about this xD it is unique? Funny? All of those tags

I don't know if this is a map topic or whatever but hey, it has humour and everyone knows I am up for that!

Prototype picture of Arcke by Shiningwater! Thank you for drawing Arcke-Kun!

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Lost heart cave Empty Re: Lost heart cave

Post by Frostflare on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:47 am

I reccomend that you make your chracter before you start to rp, but it was....in trestin and amusing. Just remeber to make your chracter sheet!

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