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Soaking in the sun (Open) Dragon10
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Soaking in the sun (Open)

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Soaking in the sun (Open) Empty Soaking in the sun (Open)

Post by Sorrell on Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:09 pm

Stretching her maw in a yawn the dragoness walked across the Earthwing forest, her giant wings closed to not hit any tree's. Even if her wings were open she wouldnt hit any. The dragoness towered over most trees, giving her room to keeps her wings open, yet there where some, like the oak tree's that made her fold her wings. The dragoness shrugged and felt slight shuffling on her head. She chuckled as her hatchling moved on her head. She knew that most would think that would be dangerous to put such a small hatchling on her head but the two giant tree bark horns on her head where good handles to help the little on stay on. She wouldnt let anything happen to her hatchling on her watch.

Taking in a breath of fresh air she began flapping her wings, taking her hatchling from her head and into her claws. Looking down with her soft pink eyes she smiled, she loved this hatchling with all her heart. Quickly she began to fly at a slow pace, careful not to scare her hatchling. Going towards the large willow tree she loved the she dragon landed softly, setting her hatchling down on the ground while going over to the tree. Laying down the large dragon nuzzled her hatchling softly before waiting for something exciting to happen.

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Soaking in the sun (Open) Empty Re: Soaking in the sun (Open)

Post by Elaki on Mon Sep 15, 2014 8:31 pm

El laid down in a clearing and basked. He enjoyed the rays of the sun but kept his face hidden and more in the shade. Now he waited for someone to talk to.

(once again, short post, hiding)

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Soaking in the sun (Open) Empty Re: Soaking in the sun (Open)

Post by Dusk on Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:16 pm

Dusk rode a top his mothers head. His mother then rested somewhere and snuggled him. 5 years now Dusk had been a dragon. He'd nearly forgotten his old name or the fact that he had once been human at all. He'd gone from being a small fragile human to a powerful dragon. He was still a hatchling yes was several times larger than he had been as a human. Still though, Dusk learned that in the world of dragons he was still practically defenseless. Even with his tough scales which by dragon standered were still soft. Learning the dragon language was especially hard. It took Dusk a while to realize that since he couldn't talk back then he would have to cry if he needed something. He knew how to speak now though but if he ever got scared or worried he knew all he had to do was cry a little and his mother would comfort him.

Being a dragon was far better than being a human. At first it was overwhelming but Dusk could see and hear and especially smell things in ways not even imaginable as a human. Not to mention now he could fly! Actually he wasn't too good at it. He had to stay close to the ground and tired out easily from it. Dusk had gotten use to being around other dragons. As long as his mother was around he wasn't scared. Less and less though he relied on his mother. Even though he was just a hatchling he felt he needed to prove himself. He didn't have magic or special powers like any of the other dragons.

After sufficient snuggling Dusk took to the air to have a look around. In the distance Dusk found a dark shape on the ground so he got closer to it to investigate. He found it to be a NightWing. Landing next to the stranger Dusk spoke to it. "Whats a NightWing doing out here? Aren't you a little far from home? Mom says I'm a NightWing as well but I live here."
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Soaking in the sun (Open) Empty Re: Soaking in the sun (Open)

Post by Aakesh on Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:07 pm

(I am too lazy to switch accounts to btw this is Sorrell)

Sorrells pink gaze cast over Dusk. He had grown so much since the first time she had found him. It wasnt long till he wouldnt need her anymore but she didnt care. She would be with him until she died, which wasnt going to happen anytime soon. Resting her head on the ground she left her hatchling alone, thinking he knew better than to stray far away from her. Of course the she dragon was wrong. At the sound of flapping wing the she dragon snapped open her eyes and sniffed. Looking up she watched as he flew over to a dark shape.

A growl ripped through Sorrells throat, her ivories glinting in the sun. With a powerful leap she leaped into the sky and snapped her wings open. With a powerful push of her wings she was in the air. Reaching her hatchling and the strange male she landed behind her hatchling and spoke in an irritated tone. "Who is this Dusk"
Flaring her nostrils she glared at the male.

Though she didnt know him she knew any male could be dangerous. I mean who wouldnt want to steal her cute hatchling, he was just the cutest.

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Soaking in the sun (Open) Aakesh_by_ryat-d9x2t84
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Soaking in the sun (Open) Empty Re: Soaking in the sun (Open)

Post by Elaki on Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:18 pm

Snowflare yawned and sprawled out. Her glimmering scales catching the sun and sparkling prettily.

Elaki turned around in circles now and looked for someone to talk with again.

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