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Battle of Raging Continents! Dragon10
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Battle of Raging Continents!

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Battle of Raging Continents! Empty Battle of Raging Continents!

Post by Rayla on Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:03 pm

A brief description:

After the battle with Nightflare, Gemini banished her now-hated and battle-scarred cousin to a grotesque dimension, one the queen of nightmares was sure she'd never escape from. But she was wrong. Within that so called prison, the wounded and left-for-dead Nightflare found an ally: A Light Incubus dragon named Iverus. This dragon was a deadly demon, who could allure any female with just its looks. But he was Nightflare's ally from a previous run-in with the deadly demon. After finding her surrounded by a pack of Lxyexres -- Monkey-like demons --, Iverus helped Nightflare back to his den, where he healed her and let her rest, allowing her to silently plot her revenge upon her cousin Gemini.

After a while, Night got her hands on some parchment, in which she wrote a letter upon. The letters were sent to the far corners of the world, not just the continent of Pyyria. Each letter was an invitation. Night was using many different forbidden magic to see which dragons had burning grudges. Murderous grudges. And she was planning on sending these letters to those hateful ones. She used magic to teleport them. Her magic was growing, since Iverus brought her Lxyexres to drain of their power each day. The letters read:

Dear Guest,

I see you have a taste for blood and revenge. I've seen how to scowl in your cave, hoping to one day wrap your claws around the throat of the fool who thought they could dare to defy you. Or perhaps you are just the assassin type.... which is just as brilliant. If you wish to enact your revenge by torturing those who have brought you bad fortune, meet me at Calicsted Castle. You'll know where it is.

Sincerely, Queen of Pyyria

Night was indeed being cocky, claiming herself queen of Pyyria. There wasn't even a future in front of that. But there was a very good reason other then ignorance and arrogance she claimed this title. It was because of the power she was gaining from the dimension. She sucked dry the life force of any creature she found, causing her power to grow far more then it had been before. Soon she had demons bowing down before her. Since this was another dimension, her grandfather and uncle held no power over the demons who dwelled here, making it all the more brilliant.

:End of description

So yea. I know I know, that description sucked. Basically, this is about how Nightflare, along with any other evil characters you have, band together to take over Pyyria and any other continents out there. The basis of this would be that Nightflare has somehow managed to get enough magical energy to rival the gods of Pyyria. So yes, TECHNICALLY, like for the event that never happened involving Night, it would mean that Night would be op, being able to stand up to Gemini without nearly as much work as it had taken last time, and being able to rival Phantom herself.

Like the event involving humans, there will be many different parts. Now, demons and POWERFUL magic will be involved in this. And I mean REALLY powerful magic. Night is an extremely powerful wizard. If she pulls an attack on you your dragon can't just do something like "So and so dodged the attack quickly before it could hit them," or "using equally powerful magic, so and so blocked the attack". Remember, Night is SUPPOSE to be op for this event. Since she has an army of demons from another dimension, plus the help of your evil characters, there is no reason for anyone else to be op like her. The reason she's op is for plot purposes.

If you know of any other dragon worlds you might have based your characters on, Spyro or Skyrim for example, now is the time to tell me, since this event expands past Pyyria and extends to other continents as well. Now I'm not exactly sure if Phantom designed Pyyria so it was the world, or if its just a continent like in the book. Correct me if I'm wrong but for this event it's a continent.

There will be a total of three other continents besides Pyyria. One of them shall be named Drokvira, and the other Skyyrik, but you guys are free to chose the name of the last one.

So what do you say? Are you up to a battle like no other?


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Battle of Raging Continents! Empty Re: Battle of Raging Continents!

Post by Aquamarine on Sun Sep 07, 2014 4:09 pm

This is most certainly going to be awesome. It's an amazing way to leave, too. So, what exactly caused the battle between Gemini and Night?
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Battle of Raging Continents! Empty Re: Battle of Raging Continents!

Post by Atlantis on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:13 pm

First of all, I don't feel to give trust to Rayla (or Trinyah) anymore. She keeps abandoning the forum, then she comes back, and so on (even lying)... Also, Trinyah never tells us her plans and she tends to regret important decisions, constantly switching her mind, being disrespectful towards other people and their characters. I'm against this event because it can't be hold by a person that has showed to be so untrustworthy.

Second, this event would result in a total mess because it pretends so many characters to join it. (including also the evil ones.) it's always better to do subscriptions, so only the users interested are going to partecipate in the event. Hopefully to complete the event because majority of people tend to abandon topics. I believe there will be never the conditions to do titanic events like this.

Third, this stuff involves too much other dimensions, gods, super-powers. I believe we need to keep the major events in Pyyria and try to create stories in the current realm.

Also in the event, Rayla, you have decided on your own some major events that haven't actually happened (like Gemini has banished NightFlare in another dimension). In theory we should complete the previous event with NightFlare first.

I think the situation is kinda out of control with major events.

We need to do more balanced and smaller events like Corrode has already done. Minor plots that don't mess up the forum and they're enjoyable.

1. A simple situation of danger. (humans attacking a kingdom)

2. Subscriptions for joining.

3. The event starts.

Battle of Raging Continents! Atlas3

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Battle of Raging Continents! Empty Re: Battle of Raging Continents!

Post by Rayla on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:58 pm

I have to agree with Atlantis on this one, Ray. Honestly, why are you dumping this on me to clean up? If you are going to start something you need to finish it. Like he said, if you made something involving this Nightflare character, you're going to need to go and finish that. Secondly, a plot event is already taking place. The one involving humans, remember? It sounds unreasonable that there should be two different events.

Thirdly, you have to make up your mind. Start something and stick with it. Alright?

Now I have to agree, this idea does seem pretty interesting, but you have to remember, this isn't Drokvira. This is another forum. You have to follow their main alignment when it comes to plot. For example, their world takes place on Pyyria, with dragons of all sorts of stripes. They have gods that can come down to the planet, while we have gods so powerful it would be unreasonable for them to come down to a petty planet like ours. And you usually base our adventures in Nirn, the planet.

And another thing. Stop letting Darla on your computer. It isn't doing you any favors.

Also, magic is a forbidden art. To abuse it would be against our code. I will not allow you to participate in any event that involves magic not being used for the greater good.

That is all I have to say about this matter. I do not know very much of the lore of this website or what the creator refers to as lore, so I have no business interfering in such affairs. But these are just my opinions.

-Sincerely, Void.

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