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Two Souls  (Now in short and easy to read parts.) Dragon10
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Two Souls (Now in short and easy to read parts.)

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Two Souls  (Now in short and easy to read parts.) Empty Two Souls (Now in short and easy to read parts.)

Post by Grima on Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:46 am

If you read/were a part of the Korosu: Destroyer of worlds roleplay, (I made that, by the way. I'm not stealing Frost's idea. I just used her account at the time, because I didn't want my own.) you'll have a little idea of what the back story is like. This is a Fireemblem Awakening Fanfiction, which is where Grima's looks/name and inspiration her back story came from. Even if you haven't played the game, you should still be able to read it with out difficulty with the story. Pretty much everything that's happening in the game's storyline and in my fanfiction's storyline is explained well enough. Also, beware updates will probably be slow, because right now I'm way overwhelmed by homework. (I do have the first few chapters written so they shouldn't be a problem.) Normally I try to upload one every other week on the weekends. I hope you enjoy! (Time for the actual summary/ description!)
Minea has entered the world of Fire Emblem Awakening, and must do everything in her power to ensure that all the events that happen in the game come to pass. But will she be able to stop Korosu, the evil spirit sealed inside of her, from possessing her and using her body to destroy the timeline?

Chapter 1
Part 1

I’m surrounded. My hands fall to my sword, or at least where it should be. It lays on the ground a few feet outside of the circle. It was only recently torn from my grasp. I still have my pouch of throwing knifes, but even if I hit one of them the rest will still get me so it’s pointless.
The people surrounding me step closer. I wonder if I could try to use the throwing knife as a dagger or something. It’s worth a shot. I grab one of the throwing knifes and lunge at the person directly in front of me. They block it with their sword and push me back into the person behind me, who shoves something over my face and forces me to the ground. “You’re a stubborn one aren't you?” I hear from somewhere in front of me. I feel a sudden pain in my stomach. The kind you get when someone kicks you really hard.
They haven't tied up my hands yet, so I pull another throwing knife out from my pouch and stab in the general area where I think the arm of the person who blinded me is. I feel the knife hit something hard, and then someone scream. I roll behind me, going either between a gap I created, or the person’s legs whom I stabbed.
I quickly get back on my feet as I pull whatever was put onto my face off. I now see at least six people running towards me. I turn and run towards the forest, hoping I can loose them in the confusing twists and turns of trees. I turn back right before I hit the forest, grab a throwing knife to occupy each hand, and throw them at the two people nearest to me. I hit one of them in the leg, causing them to stumble and slow down, while the other one dodges it. I turn back to the forest and run as fast as I can into its underbrush.
I hear the crunch of leaves behind me as the people dive into the forest. I look behind me and see that I lost the one I stabbed in the leg, but the others are still on my trail. I quickly scan the area around me to see if there’s any cave or dimly lit area I can run into. The best thing I find is a really shady area beneath some thick trees and underbrush. I grab some more throwing knives and throw them at some vines that are holding up a few fallen branches. They land in front of the group of people, and allow me to slip into a bush in the thick underbrush, unseen. I hope this hiding place will suffice. It’s not ideal, but it’ll have to do.
I check around for any signs that will tell me if I managed to shake them off or not. After a few second my eyes settle on a group of people who are standing by the branches that fell. I notice that one of the got squashed underneath one of the bigger ones. The only thing visible of them from where I’m crouching is the person’s outstretched arms and their face-down head. At least I managed to kill one of them.
The rest of the group seems to finish up a short conversation and split up. So it seems I did lose them, but I’m not out of the woods yet. One of them just happens to run straight toward me. What if I didn’t actually lose them and they just split up so they could surround me again. I’ll just have to hope that isn’t the case, even though hope can be a recipe for despair.
I hold my breath as the person comes closer to my hiding spot. As they enter the shady underbrush they slow down to a walking pace. They know I’m here. They saw me run over here didn’t they? They first check the bushes on the other side of the darkness, and slowly work their way closer to me. I begin to panic and almost jump right at her, but at the last second I decide that I should wait to do that until I know she’s found me. I pull one of my throwing knifes out and prepare for the worst. If I do have to kill her I have to make sure I’m quick, precise, and silent just like an assassin.

That's the first part of the fist chapter! Yay! If you made it this far could you please post a comment or something so I can tell how many poeple are reading this and if I should continue to post it to this site. Thank you for reading and commenting!

Last edited by Grima on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:27 pm; edited 2 times in total

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Two Souls  (Now in short and easy to read parts.) Empty Re: Two Souls (Now in short and easy to read parts.)

Post by Grima on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:29 pm

Is anybody even reading this? I'm seriously starting to think I'm the only one who's been on this topic.

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Two Souls  (Now in short and easy to read parts.) Empty Re: Two Souls (Now in short and easy to read parts.)

Post by Frostflare on Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:35 pm

I'm reading it, you just have to give people some time. Anyways I think it is really good! I didn't see anything wrong with spelling or anything, well, at least in the fan fic. I thought it was very intresting and integing. PLEASE release more.

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