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The Dimensional Rocket

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The Dimensional Rocket

Post by Rayla on Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:55 am

Chapter 1

All was peaceful in the Forest of Night Whispers. The trees bristled noiselessly, birds tweeted carelessly, rabbits darted across the land, and deer feasted on the rich grass. Yep, everything was peaceful-


-Except for, well, that.

Void facepalmed when he heard Darla's voice from the kitchen. For an unholy protector of a magically forest who was the offspring of a god, Darla sure did act like a human.

"It's pronounced "Milk" Darla!" Void shouted back at her.

"NUH UH! THE INTERNET CLAIMS OTHERWISE!" she shouted back, and suddenly an orange sped out of the room and almost smacked Void in the face, but he used his lightning quick reflexes to catch it and set it down. Sighing, he walked into the room. As usual, Sea was lying on the top of the fridge barking at Darla while the snake demon tried to find the milk.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. The Protectors of the Forest of Night Whispers were all demi-god demons. Void was the son of Nosoi, the greek god of disease. He could turn into a wolf and could control diseases. Sea was the daughter of Poseidon. She, like her name suggests, could control water. She could also turn into a wolf. Darla was the daughter of Serqet, the Egyptian poison goddess, and Apep, the snake god. She could turn into a snake and controlled poison.

Darla whipped her snake tail back and forth as she dug through the fridge. As she scrambled through the mess of food she threw away anything that wasn't milk, saying "Nope! Nope..! Nope! Oh that's definitely not it!"

Void dodged them and grabbed Darla's shoulder. She hissed at him.

"What took you so long? I might die of thirst!" she exclaimed.

"You're immortal, you couldn't die of thirst if you wanted to," said Jara, daughter of Thoth and Athena. She was the smartest in the group, which could easily be recognized by the fact she was reading a book about the different types of probiotic bacteria.

"NOBODY ASKED YOU NERD!" shouted Darla before folding her arms and letting out a huff of annoyance. Void quickly found the milk, sitting right in front of Darla's face, and gave it to her. Sighing he said, "There, you happy now?"

She glared at him and took the milk, before walking away without saying a word.

Void looked up. He noticed Sea was gone from the refridgerator. He hoped she wasn't getting herself into trouble again. Letting out a sigh, Void walked back over to where Jara was, flopping down on the couch.

Look down from her book, Jara sighed, "Are you sure it is an intelligent idea to let Sea roam the tower freely?" she asked.

"No," was Void's only answer, staring blankly at the wall. Sea was his sister, which was why she could also turn into a wolf. She had been insane for a long time and since they were all infected with insanity that hadn't been a problem. But she was a problem when left unattended. She was responsible for all the unnessicery deaths that had accured within the forest of night whispers.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, and Void and Jara both looked up. Smoke was coming from the engine room. That was bad. First thought that came to both their heads: Sea.

They quickly made their way over to the engine room, covering their mouths so the toxins wouldn't enter their body. As they walked, Jara's hands suddenly became wings, and she beat the smoke away. It was a good thing Jara's animal was an owl. She controlled wind.

As the smoke cleared, they spotted Sea and Darla bouncing around a large transportation vehicle. Void's eyes widened when he realized what it was. Darla spun around. When she spotted them, she waved her hands in the air, making exciting giggling noises as she did so.

"I DIDN'T KNOW WE HAD A ROCKET!" she exclaimed, gesturing toward the large structure with dazzling eyes.




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